Top Foods Highest in Vitamin E

You’ve probably heard of Vitamin E, right?  Well, did you know that it could do a lot for you?  The thing with vitamins is even though we all understand that we should take them because they’re good for us, but it’s hard to figure out how much to take, and where can get the natural vitamins we need.  After all, vitamin supplements are great and all, but they are often too much for our bodies, or they are expensive and it’s easy to forget to take them.  The list goes on.  Vitamin E is great for our bodies, though, and there are ways you can look at getting it for yourself.  Here’s all the information you need to make the right choice:

Top 10 Foods Highest in Vitamin E You Can’t Miss

As you can guess, taking Vitamin E regularly can help with your overall health.  This powerful vitamin is often forgotten when vitamins get discussed, but it helps keep your cells and brain cells healthy and happy.  Taking Vitamin E enough on a regular basis is linked to having better eyesight, balancing cholesterol, and better mental focus.  These are all reasons why finding natural sources of Vitamin should be encouraged.  Here are some sections of food that contain good amounts of it.

1. Snack foods

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds, a common snack food when mixed with other nuts and fruit to make trail mix, has a high level of Vitamin E, and you only need to have a handful of them to feel the effects of the Vitamin E.

sweet potato

Another snack food that is rich with Vitamin E is sweet potato.  This is a great option to pair with your meal, especially when you want something sweet and – seemingly – against the health rules.  This will help keep you healthy and taste great while eating it.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?

2. Greens

As you probably guessed, various kinds of greens are great sources to look for Vitamin E.  Greens – especially dark ones – are full of all sorts of nutrients, and Vitamin E is amongst them.  The best green to add to your salad for Vitamin E would be spinach.  Raw or cooked, this fantastic green is loaded with Vitamin E for all of your pleasure and taste.  Just half a cup will do it.


Avocado, while technically not a green, is another option.  This is said to be the best tasting way to get some Vitamin E for you.  Consider adding it to your salad, or using it for guacamole.  There are tons of ways to enjoy this green option.


Asparagus is another home run for Vitamin E.  It is easy to put into your mixed vegetables or sauté up with some other fantastic tasting vegetables for a crunchy side dish.


Last but not least, broccoli!  It’s rich with this fantastic vitamin and is easy enough to steam or boil so that you can just munch on a cup of it and get all of the benefits.  Lots of options in this whole category, it seems.

3. Nuts

Assuming you are not allergic, nuts are a great option for Vitamin E.  While you should eat them in small amounts to watch your fat intake, they make great snacks and will help you make sure you get the right amount of Vitamin E for your needs.  Peanuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts are all great types to consider.  You can put them in your salad, make your own homemade trail mix, or simply grab a handful whenever you need something to nibble on.


Thought it may surprise you, shrimp is a great source of Vitamin E.  It has great benefits such as it is very low in calories and fat, though many people feel that this delicacy is very high in cholesterol.  Have some with your meal can give you a great source of Vitamin E, and also helps make the medicine go down a little faster so that you can enjoy the benefits of the Vitamin E with a tasty flavor added in.  If you aren’t crazy about vegetables, this is a great option as long as you don’t survive off of it.


Cooking oil is a good source of Vitamin E, though you shouldn’t have a lot of it at once.  You can find it in coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, and Corn Oil oil.  These make great bases for salad dressings and you can make some great oil marinades with them too.  So, you’ll get a great taste and a fantastic blend of Vitamin E that will not only make you feel but look great also.  Remember that you don’t have to consume a lot of these things to see the benefits.  They’ll make themselves clear and you won’t have to change your diet very much.

Coconut oil and benefits for weight loss

Health Benefits of Vitamin E

There are many benefits of taking Vitamin E that you should be aware of.  Some of them we’ve already talked about, like low cholesterol and better eyesight.  Other ones include better hygiene and skin-related health.  Vitamin E can help repair damaged skin and thicken your hair.  Additionally, some users of Vitamin E find that they experience a healthier skin and scalp in general from taking this supplement.  The best benefit to taking Vitamin E is that you will be getting a lot of benefit to your health and body without changing much in your diet or routine.  That’s pretty hard to ignore when considering the vitamin in your life.

Vitamin E is not a “fix it all vitamin” like Vitamin C, but it is an important one that often gets ignored because it plays second fiddle to Vitamin D and C.  It’s just as important, though, and these are simple food options to get hold of it on your own so that you are able to experience a better quality of life and a healthy lifestyle.  Your health is your choice, is Vitamin E supplements are great for keeping you in good health so that you can love every moment of your life.

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