19 Health And Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

19 Health And Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is known to full of metabolism-boosting medium chain triglycerides and best kinds of saturated fat which is used not only for cooking but also for beauty with a vast of benefits. So what are benefits of coconut oil? In this article, I would like to tell some popular and amazing benefits that maybe you have never known before.

16 Health And Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

1. Soothe dry hands

Your hands are dry because of washing dish or clothes. Coconut oils can work well in soothing your dry hands at home. You should put a little organic extra virgin coconut oil on after washing your hands to keep them soft and moist. And whenever you cook with coconut oil, you can moisturize your hands with it too.

2. Used as shaving cream

Conventional shaving cream is an expensive with chemicals that you often use to get a nice clean shave on your underarms or legs. Now, you don’t have to spend too much money on expensive shaving cream with coconut oils, which are much cheaper and naturally antimicrobial. Moreover, its skin-soothing properties also make your legs look hydrated.

shaving cream with coconut oils

3. Used as a deep-conditioner

Many conditioners contain coconut oil because it has ability to penetrate hair than sunflower oil and mineral. At night, you can apply coconut oil to your hair, comb it, tie it into a loose bun and cover your hair by a soft towel or shower cap. In the morning, use a gentle cleanser to shampoo. Or after shampooing, apply the oil to your wet hair strands and twist it into a bun. Wait at least five minutes before washing.

4. The coconut oil cleans your makeup

The coconut oil cleans your makeup brushes and does a great job in breaking down inky, waxy eye makeup. Just need a little of Organic Coconut Oil for Beauty with a cotton ball, sweep it over your eyes and under-eyes gently or over all your face. Once you see your makeup removed, wash your face with warm water. Thanks to this, you don’t have to spend money on buying make-up remover or use unhealthy chemicals on your face.

5. Used as a body moisturizer

Coconut oils have been studied and reported to have ability to speed up wound healing when applied topically for skin and be to be effective in reducing water loss and increasing hydration in seriously dry skin. For me, it is a really good lotion. This leaves my skin feeling smooth and nourished.  You should apply it to your body skin after getting out of the shower in order that it can sink deeply into your skin.

6. Clean your facial skin

Many women use coconut oil as a nighttime moisturizer for their face because it is naturally antifungal, antibacterial, moisturizing and especially great for atopic dermatitis too. Simply rub the coconut oil in circular motions on your face and neck with a gentle massage for 5 to 10 minutes, and then wash off your face and neck with favorite cleanser. After time using, you will be amazed with the improvements on your facial skin. However, if you are adult-acne prone, don’t use this technique.

7. Add shine to your hair

Smooth a little organic coconut oil onto your ends of your hair that will make your hair shine. But remember that with this dab your hair may appear greasy.

8. Used in body scrub

With coconut oil, you don’t have to waste money on store-bought body scrub because you can make body scrub for yourself with ingredients in your kitchen. It’s wonderfully great for the skin, moisturizing and inexpensive without chemicals. Melting a half cup of coconut oil with very low heat, pour it into an equal amount of salt or brown sugar and stir well. If you want to make scrub fragrant, you can add into this mixture some pure vanilla extract or five drops of your favorite essential oil. Then rub this mixture over any rough patches of skin by your hands, it moisturizes and help remove dead skin cells.

9. Lip balm

Chapped lips will be treated by ultra-hydrating coconut oil. Put some coconut oil into small tube and throw it in your bag so you can dab it on your lips with finger throughout the day.

10. Soften cuticle

You can say goodbye to ragged cuticles thanks to coconut oil. Dab a small amount of the oil onto each of your cuticles by your finger, and allow it to sink in. The coconut oil will not only hydrate the delicate cuticle skin but also strengthen your nails and make your hands look more youthful.

11. Coconut oil improve under-eye skin

The skin under your eyes is delicate and thin, making it prone to puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles. Coconut oil will help you save money from buying expensive eye cream. But before patting coconut oil underneath your eyes, rub a pinch in between fingers to warm it up.

12. Highlighter

if you don’t have glow fresh skin, your face seems to be tired, simply sweep a small amount of organic coconut oil onto the tops of your cheekbones, cupid’s bow and just above eyebrows with hydrated skin. This makes your skin glowier. That why many natural makeup brands use coconut oil as a major ingredient in their products.

13. Breath Freshener

Coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Gargle for 20 minutes with a spoonful of oil to clear up germs in the mouth, make your breathe fresher, teeth whiter, and gums healthier.

14. Lice Remedy

Start this treatment with a rinse of apple cider vinegar. When this vinegar has dried, apply coconut oil to the whole your head and wait for 12 to 24 hours. Brush through hair and then shampoo as usual.

15. Stretch-Mark Cream

Expectant moms should have a jar of coconut oil to help reduce stretch marks. But everyone can use coconut oil as a topical treatment for their scars. Plus, it can also help prevent blisters and dark spots from forming.

16. Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff and dry scalp often go together. Let reduce your dandruff with a nightly coconut oil treatment. Just smooth coconut oil lightly on hair roots and massage. This will stimulate your hair growth too.

17. A New Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Taking coconut oil daily and within four days can help get rid of the symptoms that drinkers got from alcohol such as the hangover or the intoxication. Continue using the coconut oil will achieve a complete resolution of melancholy, the irritability, and mental anguish as well as dry drunk symptoms. Especially the cravings for alcohol will disappear.

18. Coconut oil help lose weight

Adding coconut oil to your diet can help you lose fat, especially the “dangerous” fat in your abdominal cavity. It also boost metabolism, make you burn more calories and reduce appetite that is good for someone who need to lose weight.

19. Soothe a Sore Throat

Swallow a spoonful of coconut oil and with its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties it can help you relieve the pain, get rid of your sore throat, fight off the cold, and support a strong immune system to avoid future illnesses.

Types of coconut oil

Coconuts grow very high up in the air. And therefore, it is safe for health without GMO varieties and pesticides used on coconut trees. Today, because of its huge benefits, coconut oil has been widely produced in different ways and people have a plenty of choices when purchasing coconut oil. Type of coconut oil you purchase should rely on what you plan to use it for. But in order to have right decision about type of coconut oil which suits best for your needs, you need to know what is currently on the market, and the difference between them.

The two popular broad categories of coconut oil are refined and unrefined

1. A refined coconut oil

A refined coconut oil (RBD coconut oil) is usually rather odorless and tasteless because it was refined. Refined coconut oils are excellent for cooking foods if you need lots of pure, clean and malleable fat without too much coconut flavor. This type of coconut oil does not offer the same health benefits as a virgin or completely raw coconut oil does, but it is still great sources of the beneficial fatty acids. However, not all refined coconut oils have the same refining process.

  • Expeller-pressed Coconut Oils: it is one type of refined coconut oils produced in tropical countries by mechanical “physical refining” from copra. This physical refining is cleaner than chemical refining which is said to use solvent extracts to refine coconut oil.
  • Hydrogenated Coconut Oil: This is the one refined coconut oil that you should avoid using it as edible oil. Because the small portion of unsaturated fatty acids hydrogenated often creates synthetic trans-fats.
  • Liquid Coconut Oil: It is fractionated coconut oil without lauric acid. lauric acid was removed and just left you with a liquid oil with a much lower melting point. Therefore this is coconut oil still stays liquid even in refrigerator. In the past, it has been used in skin care products, and recently it has been also used as a dietary supplement. In fact, Liquid Coconut Oil is a by-product from the lauric acid industry.

2. Unrefined coconut oil

An unrefined coconut oil is typically known as “virgin” or “extra-virgin. In fact, “virgin” and “extra-virgin” are not different. They are simply a marketing term. This type of coconut oil is consider to be better than refined coconut oils, because it is made from the first pressing of raw, fresh coconut without the addition of any chemicals. All Unrefined coconut oils has two broad methods of production

  • Virgin coconut oil is produced by pressing the oil out of dried coconut. In this method, makers dry fresh coconut meat first, and then press the oil out of the coconut. This method allows producing large amount of Virgin coconut oil more easily. This is the most common type of unrefined coconut oils because it is mass-produced and better than RBD coconut oil.
  • Virgin coconut oil is produced through a “wet-milling” process. In this method, the coconut meat isn’t dried as the first method. The oil is extracted from fresh coconut meat. “Coconut milk” is pressed out of the wet coconut meat. And then the oil is separated from the water through boiling, refrigeration, fermentation, enzymes, or mechanical centrifuge.

Coconut oils are creamy solid at room temperature, so before using, running the jar under the warm water to melt your coconut oil. Also, there are more benefits which we can get from coconut, but I only mentioned the most popular and useful benefits in our life. Besides, by providing necessary information of types of coconut oil, I hope that you can choose the best and suitable one for yourself.

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