All You Need To Know About Hair Toner

A lot of women are making appointments with the hair stylists for toning blonde hair and having to wait for the wonderful moment when the salon chair whirls around … just to see bars running along the top of their head? Oh no, that is not what you are hoping for, right?

Well, I have seen the tears and heard the stories. I have tried to fix this tragedy a lot of times, and now, I come up with a great solution. I call it as the hair toner! Yeah, this wonderful product will be your beloved fairy godmother. Therefore, let’s discover why I tell you so!

What is a hair toner?

The hair toner is a sweet and little product, which neutralizes brassy orange and yellow tones on your bleached hair. It’s often purple-blue tinted. When applying the toner to the bleached hair, you will cover it in platinum, dusty or ashy color. It means that your hair tone is much more natural than ever! Moreover, the hair toner can even help your bleached hair healthier and shinier.

The toner is a definition used for the product that is intended to tone your hair. However, you can use other kinds of products to tone the hair, such as purple shampoo or hair dye.

Necessary things that you should know when using the toner:

  • The hair toners change the hair color’s undertone but don’t lift the hair’s shade. They are supposed to be applied on the toning blonde hair, but they don’t work on darker hair.
  • The toner may help you operate the blond hair’s shade to make it ashier, dingier, cooler, or even in different colors such as purple or pink.
  • The toner can be used all over your bleached hair or in particular parts, in which you need to change your hair’s shade. For instance, it is able to tone down a particular part of your dyed hair with the highlights, or at the roots to help them much more natural.
  • You will have to tone your hair more frequent if you usually wash it. You can both tone your bleached hair at the salon and home for touch-ups.
  • Three different kinds of products can be used to tone including dye, ammonia toners, and purple shampoo. I will debate the detail about them in the following parts.

Types of hair toner

There’re four basic kinds of hair toner including temporary and permanent, demi-permanent, and semi-permanent rinse.

  • Temporary rinses

The temporary rinse offers you the comfort and convenience of in-shower applications. They just last a shampoo only, therefore, they are best utilized for the areas with toning problems. They can also be used to cool down the warmth temporarily when you are between application of a much more permanent color.

​Firstly, you need to apply the shampoo on your bleached hair, then, you squirt a certain amount of product on the hair, and massage gently. It is useful if you get out of the bath and watch your hair in front of mirror to make sure it does not over-process. When you reach your desired tone, you can rinse and condition the hair.

  • Semi-permanent toners

The semi-permanent is used in the cream or liquids form. After applying them, you can wash, dry your hair and then, leave to process till you get your desired color. Those toners do not include any developer or ammonia. Therefore, they will not cause any damage to your hair and can last for a few times of shampooing before fading out. Those dyes can actually condition the hair and help it look nicer than ever.

The liquid semi-permanent dye needs to be squeezed on your hair evenly, gently. You should massage it thoroughly. Your results are much better even if you apply the dyes quickly. The cream dyes will be more suitable to the application with the help of a beautiful tinting brush relying on the consistency’s thickness.

After reaching your desired tone, now you can easily wash it out. However, you shouldn’t shampoo after rinsing. Nonetheless, you also can condition the hair in case you have to do so.

  • Demi-permanent toner and Permanent toners

The permanent and demi-permanent toners are at the bottom of the long-lasting category. The big difference between two of them is that the demi-permanent color does not penetrate your hair shafts to the extension, which the permanent toner does.

Moreover, the demi-permanent toners are also mixed with such a little volume of developer. Both of those toners usually incorporate certain direct ingredients in dyeing along with the oxidative dye that acts similar to the semi-permanent color.

Due to the small volumes of ammonia and developer used and the weaker penetration, the demi-permanent toner is not very damaging. It can last for many weeks, and you can even apply it again when it noticeably fades.

In case you are utilizing the blonde shampoo with the aim of reducing fading, the chances are that you’ll only have to utilize a permanent or demi-permanent toner one time within 6 weeks. Because it will happen at the same time with the needed time for the regrowth of your hair that needs touch-ups.


For a better result, demi-permanent toner is the best option for toning blonde hair since it offers the best durability while causing no damage to your hair, which has already been bleached. This is very important as after dyeing the hair blonde; you will need to limit the damaged amount it has to sustain hereafter to stay blonde and help your hair look great.

How Do I Choose the Best product for toning blonde hair?

If you are attempting to remove brassy from your blonde hair, you might need to try a kind of toner rather than try to brighten and highlight your darker hair with auburn pigments, for example. Sooner or later, you may find out which toner is suitable for you that is sold at any pharmacies or beauty supplies or you can even get it at any salon supply stores.

If you feel the options relatively confusing or maybe you do not know exactly what you want, considering professional opinions would be a great idea.

  • Research Your Color

The most difficult part of this process is usually choosing the color that is right for you.Therefore, it maybe rather confusing due to the fact that it is completely different from deciding on any colors for dyeing your hair.

In case that you like your hair color deep-auburn, it would be normal for you to choose a dye belonging to its color rang. However, with regard to toners, you almost certainly need something belonging to the purple or green family, which appears counter-intuitive from the first.

Although the most popular toners are green, purple, red, beige and blue, they are accessible in a wide range of color formulas. After all, their last purpose is to counterbalance complementary colors through the process of counteracting and balancing coloration at a particular chemical level.

For instance, a hair toner which is red-based will neutralize tinges of green that occasionally become visible during the process of bleaching; whereas with the green one, tinges of red which sometimes become visible while dyeing your hair brown will be corrected.

One of the most popular toners used to make bright or very warm hair colors softer is beige one. Successively, purple toners will correct the hair turned yellow, whereas blue is especially designed for removing overly brassy tinges from your hair.

  • Decide on Permanency

After you have chosen a suitable color, it would also be crucial for you to decide which kind of product that you need: a demi-permanent, semi-permanent or permanent one. It depends on your need of how long that toner’s effects last.

Permanent toners are general choice for those who want to dye their hair permanently because of their longest and strongest lasting property. Partial color and temporary, like lowlights or highlights, might be greatly suitable with demi- or semi- permanent toners.

The best effect of semi-permanent products is that they can last for about six to twelve washes while with demi-permanent toners, the lasting time of these toner’s effect can increase to 12-24 washes.

It is also vital to know that toners make best of balancing color as soon as they are first applied; therefore, the decision is generally about the needed time for the toner’s effects lasting so as to remain a well-maintained and polish look.

There aren’t many special suggestions for those trying to correct errors of coloring by using toners than if they want to counterbalance appropriately pigmented and applied color.

For example, if you are trying to correct artificial color like orange, the best option for you would be usually permanent toner due to the fact that you will want the coloration actually bind to your hair and modify the color.

Using of demi- and semi- permanent can lead to the decrease in the process of correcting severe mishaps. It maybe because of at the time when the toners fade, the underlying color most likely will have, in turn.

  • Consider the Ingredients

Another crucial thing to consider is which ingredients are in the toners. Most of the commercial products are usually chemical-based, and many of them contain ammonia.

People who do not want to use severe additives for their hair or are relatively sensitive to liquid ammonia usually choose “natural based” or “chemical free” toners. However, they are not effective all the time, and many of them are a little bit expensive. Despite that, they are usually gentler and might not be harmful if they contact with your skin.

Your scalp can be injured if you leave the regular toner on your hair for a long time. You might also face with rash if it contacts your skin.

  • Think About Application

Most of the toners are designed to specifically apply to the head entirely with applicator bottle or a tube. Many products are particularly designed for highlighting as well as for hair loss after time; others might require a wide variety of applications, frequently every day or a week.

It may be a good idea to mix your conditioner or regular shampoo with a little-prepared toner to maximize the benefit of the toner. This is a conventional method when using demi- or semi-permanent toners but mostly depends on formulation and brand.

It is extremely important to carefully read the usage guidelines and instructions before buying and using so that you will know how to use the toner properly.

  • Consider a Salon Application

Getting a colorist to choose the product suitable for you is actually a simple way, and you should do the coloration in a beauty salon to make sure its effects. People who have their hair skillfully dyed frequently have toner applied simultaneously if the colorist is professional enough. They can also exactly know how to compose the initial color.

If you face any serious problems with coloring when you dye for yourself, asking professional help would be a great idea. It is also a good way for you if you intend to try new thing, but you don’t know how to do or are not confident as well as skillful to carry it out.

How to take care of toned hair?

Don’t wash your hair frequently

Depending on how often you wash your hair, you might have your hair re-toned after at least 2 weeks or at most 8 weeks. Remember not to have any hair wash right after toning since this can cause color slip out.

If you wash your hair less frequently, the color is more likely to stay with you longer. No doubt, avoid having daily hair wash is a must-do to save your hair from losing its natural oils and being dried out. Washing your hair everyday is indeed a bad idea, especially when you have just bleached and toned your tresses!

Use water as cold as possible for hair washing

You should wash your hair in cold water not only once after toning, but keep on doing for long. Don’t use hot water since it will dry out and dull your hair as well as your skin. Instead, go for cold water (as coldest as you can stand) to preserve your hair color and at the same time, make your hair always healthy and shiny.

Avoid washing your hair with chemicals (particularly chlorine), harsh soaps or any other shampoos specializing in “cleaning” hair

Stay away from these vampires since they will suck up all your hair dye. If you’re having tresses in unnatural vibrancy such as bright reds, greens, purples, pinks, blues and so on, try not to stay under direct sunlight or in water for so long. Because sunlight is known to be a culprit for hair bleach, you’d better be careful when you’re on any extended trips to the beach or having life guarding trips as planned.

Keep Conditioning!

Whenever you have your hair bleached or treated with ammonia, you are better off giving your hair some tender loving care. Let some leave-in hair conditioner or hair masks do the job on a regular basis. Simply enough, you can have a nourishing home-made mask or conditioner for your hair using some ingredients available in your own kitchen.

As for me, I love using extra virgin oil by heating it up till it is warm enough for use. Then, you sit near the tub and lean over in a way that your head is between your knees. After that, flip your hair upside down and apply the heated oil onto your hair scalp and massage gently. By this way, your hair is given enough moisture, and the hair follicles are activated.

Also, this can enable your hair to grow longer. Let the oil sit in your hair for at least half an hour, or longer provided that you still feel comfortable. Then, use clean water and some shampoo that contains no sulfate to wash the oil out of your hair.

You can use coconut oil instead since it’s a wonderful alternative for hair moisturizing. There are innumerable ways for hair caring, so feel free to apply them in order to keep your hair healthy and shiny!

How to tone down blonde hair?

Blonde is no doubt among the most “cantankerous” colors to preserve, whether this color is your God-send gift or what you’ve got after coloring. Over the course of time, even hair in natural blonde can also turn brassy.

However, don’t worry because there’s still light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some simple steps you can follow for toning brassy hair into cool blonde, which saves you piles of money for visiting a hair salon.

Use shampoo specifically designed for blonde hair

If your hair is in blonde, don’t leave it to chances by just using any kinds of shampoo or conditioner. If you are having blonde hair turning into brassy blocks, the likelihood is that you have used a wrong shampoo you bought from a get-go.

A shampoo with specific formulas for blonde hair will contain a toner which helps offset the brassy blocks and allow subtle blondeness to make its way into your hair as you desire.

A shampoo specifically designed fro blonde hair will usually have purple color. The reason is this purple tone is indeed an effective brassiness down-toner. Shampoos for blondes should be used everyday to bring about the desired shade of blonde for your hair.

Try semi-permanent or permanent toners

Don’t get put off if the blonde-hair conditioner or shampoo you’re using do not give desired results. You can instead go for a semi-permanent toner or a permanent one. If you are looking to preserve your hair with a silver blonde or an ash blonde, I highly recommend you use these products. You cannot get such a shade of blonde by using some toning shampoo only.

To have a short-term effect, a semi-permanent toner is worth your try. This hair-care product works the same way as the dying color you’re using at home, except that it covers only the shaft of your hair and doesn’t penetrate to the hair cuticle. Not to mention, such semi-permanent toners are simple to use but their results can last even after you’ve washed your hair several times.

On the other hand, for those favoring a toner with longer-term effects, you can choose permanent toning products. These work in a similar manner to regular hair colors, yet the toner is absorbed and stays in the hair cuticle, thus lasting for a longer period of time.

Use temporary rinses in between treatments

For those searching for some quick fix at several intervals of toning treatments, you may want to opt for a temporary rinse. Typically, you’d better apply this product when taking a shower before or after you shampoo. Just gently massage it into your hair then rinse.

This rinse only gives a temporary result since everything will wash out after your next hair wash. However, this temporary rinse is really a good option if you are indeed at a pinch, busy preparing for some special event to come and having no time for hair toning.

Use demi-permanent hair color

Finally, if you’re in search of some wonderful choices to tone your blonde blocks but don’t want to use ammonia, you’d better go for a demi-permanent hair color. This option can help you get your desired shade of blonde and save you from damaging threats brought about by harsh chemicals for hair toning.

How to prevent your hair from fading

When your hair is blonde, do you both want your tone to last longer and your hair's nice color to be maintained longer? These are the easiest ways that you can follow to lessen the fading.

  • Wash your hair by tinted shampoos only when necessary.
  • Make sparing use of heated styling tool.
  • Use smoothing serum or similar products to seal your hair.
  • Stay away from the sun when unessential.
  • Condition- conditioner close the cuticle all the time.

Blonde hair not only makes you look great but also is what makes you proud of your appearance. Toning blonde hair will make it stay in the best condition and increase your confidence as well. It seems that feeling good and looking good are two dissimilar concepts, but both of which play an important role in affecting your feelings about yourself.

When is the best time for toning blonde hair?

It is clearly advised that you utilize it after getting your hair bleached. However, when is the best time?

If you purchase a toner, what you have to do is waiting until the tone of your hair is very bright yellow.

If not, you put yourself at risk of wasting the product as well as not achieving the results you desire. So, as long as your hair tone is very light yellow, you are free to color your hair.

Generally, you want to be certain that the blonde level of your hair is as what you have wanted, and the place in which the more treatment can be taken (is not too harmed).


Blonde hair is beautiful, but it is one of the harder colors to maintain, necessitating a little extra effort to keep it looking its best. If you don't tone blonde hair regularly, it can begin to turn an unappealing brassy shade. Toning your blonde hair is easy though, and it won't add much more time to your regular morning routine, whilst the results will speak for themselves.

Although blonde hair is so beautiful, it is one of the hardest colors to keep. It requires a little additional effort to make sure that it looks best. Unless you usually tone blonde hair, it can start to turn an unattractive brassy shade. Not only is toning your hair easy, but it does not take much of your habitual morning routine.

If you have any questions about toning blonde hair or need some assistance to tone blonde hair, please give comments to get essential advice or share your problems with other readers.

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