10 Best Waist Trainers Reviews

For those, especially women, who want to obtain small waist, waist training probably becomes a familiar method. Over the past centuries, waist training has been considered an effective and popular way to make your waist thin and small by women all over the world. In addition, this method is also used to improve your natural shape as well as make your curve sexier and more attractive.

Maybe you are not alone if you are wondering to find out how to trim your waist down or possess an hourglass body.

Well, so you don’t have to worry about that because the best waist trainer introduced below will help solve your problem.

What is a Waist Trainer?

What is the first thing you think of when Kim Kardashian is mentioned? It is certainly attractive curves and a sexy figure. So, if those things are what you are expecting, then let the best waist trainer help you.

As a new and sensational product on the market, a waist training corset contributes to reducing the excess fat, making your waist smaller and more attractive. A noticeable feature is that a portable sauna will be created surrounding your waist, helping reduce the amount of toxins in your body.

You also won’t have to worry about any health problem when using this product because it doesn’t cause a lot of pressure on the inside parts of your body. Such a corset will definitely encourage you to sweat a lot during the workout and make you sexier when going out. Besides, a cincher will support your back better and make you comfortable at many different postures.

If you are new to this product, then it is highly recommended that you should use it only two hours daily. Depending on your own ability, you can expand the training time little by little but remember that 9-10 hours per day is maximum.

However, you have to notice that if you are suffering skin burns, fresh scars, gastrointestinal or kidney diseases, it is better not to use this product.

If you have already registered at a gym, then a high-quality bag and a sports water bottle are what you deserve to receive.

5 best waist cinchers


Waist Trainer And Shaper - By Ann Chery

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THE ONLY ORIGINAL Fajastec Women's Beauty Classic Latex Waist Cincher 3 Hook



Ann Chery Women's Faja Clasica Waist Cincher



Lush Moda Waist Trainer - Fajas Reductoras y Moldeadoras Three Rows of Hooks



Squeem Firm Compression Miracle Vest Shapewear



Charmian Women's Latex Underbust Waist Training Steel Boned Shapewear Corset

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Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Sport Workout Body Shaper Tummy Fat Burner



Camellias Women's 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset Shaper



Alivila. Y Fashion Womens Sexy Satin Vintage Underbust Waist Training Corset



PLAYGIRL LABEL Strong Steel Boned Waist Reducing Trainer Underbust Shaper Corset


Why Are Waist Trainers Popular?

Becoming prevalent among the public in Europe in the 1900s, waist training, also called waist cinching, has spread to America. This is even more popular when the corset was invented, but the girdle gradually replaces it later.

During the period when waistline modification is new, women usually wear the corset outside, which is considered fashionable. When waist cinching has become more and more popular, women decide to see cinchers and girdles as underwear because they want to have a youthful and boyish figure.

Although appearing under the Spanx’s form regularly that helps both create thinner figure and trim body down, shapewear is still a familiar product nowadays. Again, waist trainers have been attracting more and more attention, especially from models and celebrities who have used this product recently.

If you use waist trainers regularly and properly, you can surely achieve expected results. However, results are also affected by many factors including the time and the frequency you use it, or whether you take part in an exercise program or follow a special regimen. Besides, its wrapping around the waist and sometimes even your makeup also contribute to the result.

In addition to gaining a firmer and smaller waist, waist trainers also bring about many other benefits.

  • If you use a corset or something like that during a long period, the cinching and binding effect will help you improve posture control and back support.
  • The material of waist cincher is also an important factor. If it is rubber, elastic or boning, your abdominal organs will be supported too. This prompts you to sit up straight all the time or not to take in so much food.
  • It can bring about an immediate result and make you slimmer during a short time. You can use it as your underwear for formal and special occasions or events.
  • It is highly recommended for women with new babies. For those who are disappointed with their shape after giving birth, it is a good solution to their problem. This product provides the exclusive exercises for such women to gain a smooth figure quickly.
  • With the help of the waist trainer, your posture will be improved because you always sit up straight until getting used to it without a waist trainer.
  • With a good-looking appearance thanks to a waist trainer, you will feel more confident. This inspires you to have a healthy diet and practice regularly.
  • It also limits the amount of food you take in. When you wear a waist trainer, your stomach may feel compressed. Thus, you don’t feel hungry anymore and consume less food than usual as a result.

With a waist trainer with high quality, you can make a great difference to your body. So, take into consideration all options of waist trainer thoroughly before making a decision to enjoy a sensational and sexy figure.

How to choose The Best Waist Trainer

Type and Material

Waist trainer is becoming popular with women all around the world, however, in this review, I will narrow down two main types: Steel Boned Corsets and Latex Trainers

  • Steel Boned Corsets: they are regarded as “traditional” waist trainer on the grounds that they intensively compress your waist. Hence, Steel Boned Corsets is about reducing your natural waist size better than their latex counterparts. In spite of its advantage, because Steel Boned Corsets put pressure on your waist, it can do harm, cause discomfort in some circumstances.
  • Latex Trainers: compared to Steel Boned Corsets, latex trainers are more comfortable to put on as they do not tighten your waist. Therefore, you can wear Latex Trainers in daily life, from doing a workout or going to work. Here are some suggestions of the best Latex Trainers for you to choose.


The first important thing is the style of waist trainer. Depending on your comfort level, you will know how to choose the right corset style.

  • Over bust-not suitable for waist training as it causes inconvenience.
  • Under bust- more suitable for waist training
  • Both Long Line and Short style function well for waist training.
  • Rubber and Latex compress better if they are used while exercising.

The next part is quite difficult for women because corsets have a wide range of fabric and design, from taunting buckles and leather to sweet bows and ruffle. If you love shopping, I swear that you will want more and more corsets to satisfy your moods.


The fabric’s quality will directly affect the reaction of your skin to your current using trainer. There are 3 main types of material. Let’s begin with cotton, a type of fabric which causes no irritation to you while wearing. In contrast, Spandex can cause inconvenience, but it is very affordable. Satin seems to be the best fabric as it brings you both quality and comfort.

Sizing and Adjustment

As mentioned above, choosing a trainer with a right size is very important. You must be sure that the waist trainer is not too tight or loose, which cannot show how well the boning action works. In addition, most of waist trainers are attached with hook and eye closure, which assists in altering the fit or the pressure.

These are steps for you to discover your most appropriate size:

  • Firstly, measure your waist right above your belly button. Notice to measure where your waist usually bends so that the bend of the corset can match with your waist. It is advised to buy a corset smaller than your waist about 3-4 inches if you use waist training to work.
  • Secondly, as opposed to step 1, you need to measure your upper hip. As you know, corsets reach up to the upper hip. Hence this measurement cannot be ignored.
  • Thirdly, measure right below your chest. Remember just to pull the tape measure in a taunt way.
  • Last but not least, measure full part of your bust if you would like to purchase an over the chest corset.

Numbers you gain through these measurements will determine the size of your corset. In reality, the right length is based on your torso length instead of your height

These steps of measurement are absolutely correct for corsets. A short person does not mean he/she will choose short corsets because he/ she maybe “long-waisted.” Similarly, a tall person maybe “short-waisted,” so be careful before ordering.

With some people, their torso length is not a matter because they can feel comfortable in all length. Therefore, we can conclude that length is dependent on your personal selection and convenience.


In the past, bones were made from flexible material and whalebone-rigid. However, nowadays, producers have changed into using steel or plastic.

Bones play an important role in supporting the corset and tightening your waist, as well as assisting posture and preventing back pain.

Owing to its agility and elasticity, people usually prefer using a latex waist trainer to wearing a steel boning corset for a gym or doing workout.

Strict adherence to these rules, your corset will gradually adapt to your body without doing harm or forcing it to reshape. Remember to wear in a right way provided that there will be no room at the bottom or top of the corset. Tighten the laces if you desire to have the best shape.

Best Waist Trainer Reviews

What is the difference between waist training cincher and wait training corset?

Cinchers are quite similar to waist training corset in many points. Therefore, we usually make mistake cincher for corset, which is proven by a fact that a person may use a corset although she intends to use cincher.

However, we can still differentiate cincher from corset. For instance, cinchers are more elastic than the waist training corsets, while the waist training corsets are more rigid with metallic bones. Waist training corsets are made with a latex core and hook-and-eye closures in the front.

Waist Training Corsets are made from flexible textile (satin/cotton/leather/mesh). Nonetheless, they are still strong enough to accentuate the curve of your bustline and hips because they are supported by steel boning.

Waist corset emphasizes on its strength and stiffness, which is tightened by laces. Thus it can reduce your waist from 6 inches to 8 inches, compared to waist cincher, which can only give you waist reduction from 2 to 3 inches. However, as everything has two edges, waist training corset is not stretchable, while waist cincher is in reverse.

So now I don’t waste your time anymore. Let’s begin to look at 5 best waist cinchers first.

5 best waist cinchers reviews

1. Waist Trainer And Shaper - By Ann Chery

Waist Trainer And Shaper is a great product suitable for workout and sport activities. The body shapewear like Waist Trainer And Shaper are used for mainly two purposes. One is to look great fabulous and slim perfect figure. The second reason for using these best shapers is to support your bone both on front and back.

Waist Trainer And Shaper By Ann Chery

The main material of the inner layer is highly durable material latex.People highly appreciate Waist Trainer And Shaper as it can be washed by hand easily.

Waist Trainer And Shaper claims that it can reduce your waist by 6 inches instantly, about 5 to 7 weeks. It achieves this straight away putting your midsection into an excellent shape quickly by stimulating fat dilution. Moreover, thanks to increasing sweats, it also helps to eliminate toxin from your skin. As a result, this product is suggested for everybody, especially those who regularly go to the gym or run daily.

Ann Chery wants to give consumer a product that makes you feel confident in yourself. If you wear it patiently and correctly, this garment will shrink your tummy and reduce your waist level by three inches.


  • Have all sizes suitable for all people.
  • Three rows of hooks and eye cloture, which can be adjusted.
  • Ideal for almost all types of doing exercise.
  • Don’t have to worry about its fixed position because this clincher does not roll up or fall down when you do workout.
  • Can assist you to lose weight and have a slimmer look.


  • Results are not compromised.
  • Some people may be confused the garment with an alternative to their usual workout process.

2. THE ONLY ORIGINAL Fajastec Women's Beauty Classic Latex Waist Cincher 3 Hook

Fajastec Classic Latex Waist Cincher is common with many women for two reasons. First, it has a reasonable cost so that almost consumers are able to purchase. Second, you can be sure that this is a product of high quality. The producer offers you multiple choices, from sizes to colors.

THE ONLY ORIGINAL Fajastec Beauty Classic Latex Waist Cincher 3 Hook

The cincher features 3 hooks for you to adjust, depending on your body type. This cincher assists you to lose weight and have a perfect body through perspiration by generating heat. In addition, sweat also plays an important role in removing toxins. To lengthen its life span, remember to wash it by hand according to guidelines.

This Fajastec latex waist corset is made from 100{c8a9f8f1d59407b2e38d86f17e491be553aa0e8aeba6d6b803d7ab08b39d5241} cotton. Thus it gives you comfortable feeling when you wear it.

A bonus point for Fajastec Classic Latex Waist Cincher is it has double adjustable boning rods on the front and back. These two bonings rods functions as allowing your body to freely move if you like, adding comfort, as well as ensuring that the clincher keeps its position.

Many people love this product because it is extremely easy to wear. However, you need to be careful in choosing the correct size before making a purchase so that it will fit you.

This waist cincher is, for sure, a worthy investment. If you wear the waist cincher when doing exercise or at home, at work, you will have a slimmer look with a toned abdomen.


  • It's perfect fit shapes your body and corrects posture.
  • The inner latex layer of the clincher guarantees perspiration for a maximum effect.
  • It can reduce your waist by about 2 sizes. Thus you will have a slimmer look.
  • The boning rods help the clincher to stay in place, whereas their flexibility let your body freely move.


  • People allergic to latex cannot wear this waist cincher.
  • Your clothes may have smell of latex, which has the origin of waist trainer.

3. Ann Chery Women's Faja Clasica Waist Cincher

This waist cincher not only helps you to shape the torso, hug your midsection in order to create a nice hourglass shape at the same time improving your posture by strengthening your spine. Besides, the more you use this cincher, the more benefits you get such as controlling, slimming your abdomen and waistline, which builds a skinnier look as well as a charming silhouette in your outfits.

Owing to eye cloture and hooks’ two columns, the corset can easily be adjusted so that it can meet your demand of squeeze anytime. Moreover, Felix boning structure of this cincher helps support your body and the corset as well. Therefore, once you take it on, there will be feeling of well protected and squeezed. Moreover, there is no worry about getting injured in working out anymore.

A cotton layer is used to line the inside and outside with the garment, which creates comfortableness and make the material absorptive. This means the cotton layer will absorb your sweat under the garment.

What you need to do is quite simple. While you are in the gymnasium, it is necessary to have the cincher wrapped tightly around your midsection, then running or doing your habitual activities. During the time this cincher helps get rid of toxins and impurities out of your body and enhance perspiration, core compression is created.

This cincher completely pairs function and form. Moreover, you can use it every day or even on special occasions. An impeccable figure and comfort are what you count on once you wear The Ann Chery Faja Clasica Waist. If you want to have a slim look and perfect hourglass figure, it is suggested that this waist cincher is the best option. However, it is also significant that you should be careful when buying it to get the right size.


  • A supplier who is reputable.
  • Eye cloture and hooks’ two columns can adjust the level of tightness and comfort.
  • Convenient for most kinds of workouts.
  • Do not add to or cut down when you wear it to work out.
  • The cotton and latex lining makes this waist cincher comparably more flexible and thinner than others.
  • All sizes are available.


  • Other Ann Chery goods come with a little smell of latex, so does the Faja Clasica.
  • Leads to sweating like any other Latex cinchers.

4. Lush Moda Waist Trainer - Fajas Reductoras y Moldeadoras Three Rows of Hooks

The Lush Moda Waist Trainer, which is designed to both offer the best flexibility and comfort and lower the size of your belly, is the latest one on the market.

The finest latex material is used to make LMB waist training corset that supplies unparallel midsection comfort and controls simultaneously. Two main differences of this waist cincher from others are assisting in reshaping our bodies with prolonged application and supplying enough pressure, which creates the hourglass silhouette immediately.

This waist is particularly designed for people with long torsos. There must be differences. You still find your waist smaller than regular ones, but it neither makes your hips sexier nor lifts your breast up. Thanks to 12 ¾ inches in length, long-back girls will no more ponder on how to lose inches and have an hourglass silhouette in a short while.

Hooks’ three rows consider the adjustment of size for the becoming-smaller midsection. Besides, longer torso supplies slimming through the lower abdomen as well as the lower back. This means that wearing this waist training when working out or even a night to lose inches always makes you comfortable.

Its material is durable and thick. Furthermore, the boning rods’ position and the fabric’s firmness will make sure the garment fix in place as well as keep your back from being slouched.

The more you wear LMB, the faster you will get the shape of the pre-pregnancy period because of not only its firmness which can hold in the tummy tissue after baby but also its flexibility and stretchiness for comfort of movement.

Its waist cincher is drawn up to stay up, which will push up the bust area additionally. It is a great choice for women who have had c-sections. Do you feel awesome when it can cover the little bulge?

The waist cincher will be kept stay in place due to flexible boning in the front and the back of the garment. Moreover, it is designed with flexible rods which will help your body move freely and comfortably.

Let’s try to feel the instant loss of inches, posture support and bust lift with Lush Moda Waist Trainer. The LMB Waist Cincher – the Ultimate tool for our new hourglass figure will make you love your body.


  • Its material is the best-qualified latex
  • Can be considered as shape wear for daily use or particular occasions.
  • Wear while working out to improve thermal activity and burn fat cells.
  • Extremely fast delivery service.
  • Longer torso makes the lower back as well as lower abdomen slimmer


  • Very tight. However, that is what makes it work.
  • More effective for long torso

5. Squeem Firm Compression Miracle Vest Shapewear

This product is a kind of nude corset designed to support your bra. It can perfectly highlight your great waistline and natural curves.

The materials which it uses comprise of 75{c8a9f8f1d59407b2e38d86f17e491be553aa0e8aeba6d6b803d7ab08b39d5241} Natural Rubber and 25{c8a9f8f1d59407b2e38d86f17e491be553aa0e8aeba6d6b803d7ab08b39d5241} Cotton. This product is warmly-welcomed by most of the women because of its ability to flatten your midsection, lift your breasts as well as perfectly support your back. Moreover, it can also improve your posture well.

Another big advantage is that it uses cotton fabric which can be triple filtered because it does a good job of absorbing sweat, correcting your posture as well as giving you a compact and firm body for a long time.

The Squeem Firm Miracle Vest Shapewear is relatively flexible and designed with a double hook-and-eye closure; bra straps which are adjustable; underarm spandex which supports you the comfortable feeling and material bringing to you the soft feeling which can also absorb humidity. It will surely give you the most comfortable experience during over ten hours.

If you are slightly overweight, for example, 5’4″ with the weight of 155, don’t worry about roll or your back fat will be showed out as any other popular waist cinchers do. Squeem Vest-style features with details that are small but exquisite such as underarm Spandex and adjustable bra straps. They will surely let you in a comfortable status and total control by the way that you like. Because its position is high in the back, the bulge of your back fat will not be shown out at the top of the back close your arm.

In addition to functions, for example, losing inches from your waistline, flattening the midsection as well as lifting your breasts. It's other purposes are to alleviate back pain and correct posture. The shape of your body will dramatically change after wearing this vest for one week. You might not reduce considerable inches but certainly get the curve. Your body gets gradually accustomed to the shape in which you will no longer feel it relatively tight to wear and really appears pretty natural.

One of the best things this trainer brings about is that it does not bunch up in any places and stays fixed in its place, make sure to give you a smooth and flat middle.

This trainer is perfectly suitable for you while working out. You can also use it every day to keep your figure in control. However, like a vest style, it will limit you from choosing clothes in case you want to wear it daily. Not mention to that, it does a great job and offers a wide range of sizes for choosing, even for a larger woman.

One drawback is that this vest does not specifically go with sleeveless tops. Because of the big traps, you may get a dig unless you get them adjusted exactly. Its longest length might make you feel more comfortable, just by adjusting them.


  • It uses light material which is really comfortable.
  • Besides the function of losing off considerable inches from your waistline size, this waist cincher can also help you correct your posture, particularly for people doing office tasks.
  • There is a wide range of sizes for you to choose.
  • Specially designed for smoothing midsection and emphasizing your natural curves.
  • Offering excellent support for your back.


  • It is not appropriate for people doing lots of physical tasks because it is really stiff and uncomfortable when it bends.
  • This product seems relatively more expensive than any products of competitors.

5 best Waist Training Corsets

1. Charmian Women's Latex Underbust Waist Training Steel Boned Shapewear Corset

This product is a sexy corset which is suitable for your workouts. It increases the temperature of your core while you are working out and helps to stimulate the process of sweating.

Charmian Womens Latex Underbust Waist Training Steel Boned Shapewear Corset

The spandex core can absorb any pressure which is exerted on it; therefore, its original size and shape can be retained.

It is steel-boned and spiral to keep you in best posture. Its steel is really soft as well as can bend with no trouble, then return to the default state. It is especially important during workouts. This flexible inner boning will help your corset avoid rolling downwards and upwards when wearing.

Its eye-and-hook closures have three columns that easily for you to adjust to fit perfectly to your body, even if you lose dramatic weight. This product of Charmin is very strong as well as can not be easily damaged or deformed.

High compression of latex shapewear is excellent for a pregnant woman to control tummy after having a baby. It also works well as a gym outfit for running sport whether you are short torso or long torso. Take this product as your clothes to shape your body under your T-shirt, so it will help to reduce your waist at least two inches.

This product has an amazing array of patterns and colors. It has a wide range of sizes from XS to 6X. One small suggestion for buyers is to purchase the one having one size smaller compared to your normal size.


  • It is a helpful corset giving you an Hourglass Body Shape and a Slim Figure
  • The corset is very strong and can not be easily deformed or damaged
  • Easily wear under any clothes
  • This corset is flexible, comfortable and durable compared to the others.
  • The corset doesn’t roll down or up when you wear it.


  • One downside is that one side of this arm trap is not adjustable.
  • Its range of sizes is relatively confusing because it only gives the size of the corset but not the one of the wearer.

2. Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Sport Workout Body Shaper Tummy Fat Burner

This product uses a special material called polyamide as a main material which has more advantages than any other syntactic ones. This fabric is comfortable to touch, breathable has a good looking and does a good job of holding shape. It doesn’t wrinkle and can resist any damage well.

Waist Trainer Corset for Weight Loss Sport Workout Body Shaper Tummy Fat Burner

Factually, the thickness of a thread made of polyamide is double the one of human hair; However, it can bear the weight more than 2 lbs. Because of all these advantages, this material is extremely light and can contour perfectly to most of the body shapes.

We’d like to inform you that this product need’t too much special maintenance. Especially, with its wonderful water-repellent feature, the corset made of polyamide can dry 3 times faster compared to the one produced from cotton. This material does not fade and shrink so it can be dried under the sunlight directly.

Like any other waist trainers, this product is a perfect-supporting objective for your belly while working out. However, what makes it different from other products is that it can flexibly provide girls with fantastic comfort and maximize the freedom of your movement.

It only has four steel bones, two at the back and two in the front, which gives excellent support and it does not limit your motion (particularly vital for doing side bend exercise with your belly).

This corset has three hook and eye closures to make sure a tight fit to your waist. Therefore, with the lost inches from your waist, you can easily adjust it to make your body become a charming shape.

This product is a kind of lingerie having no seams that make girls look curvier and slimmer. It is invisible under clothes, so this corset makes sure a body-hugging fit around your waist, making the shape of your body become an appealing hourglass.

Now, there’s no need for you to wait for a long time to lose weight. Let wear the little black clothes and look beautiful. This product will surely slim down your waist, flatten your belly, support the back and highlight your boobs. That sounds so great? If you feel that, let’s have a go and purchase one.


  • Using material of high quality
  • It doesn’t roll up & down when wearing
  • Featuring 3 rows of hooks and eye closures easily for adjusting.
  • Helping you lose your weight.


  • Its results are not sure.
  • In danger of abandoning your workout routine.

3. Camellias Women's 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer Corset Shaper

This product is certainly heavy duty. It has 26 bones made of steel (2 in the front, 20 through the corset, 4 in the back) helping you lose off four inches or more from your waistline and keeping your posture poised and straight.

This corset is regarded as the best trainer one because it can perfectly fit your body, makes your body slimmer as well as accentuates your hips and bust. It has 4 layers made of fabrics; in which 2 inner layers of well-qualified cotton and 1 middle one laminating to the outside one for additional strength.

It will be a perfect choice for people who are searching for any heavy duty product coupled with flexible bones made of steel to have a great fit. It is good for you to wear it as the top or under your clothes to support your outfits. (because the material of the outside layer is satin).

No matter which way you choose to wear this corset, it will surely help to lose off considerable inches from your waist as well as help your body become an excellent hourglass shape.

However, you shouldn’t tie your corset too tightly if you are bew to this one. You should minimize the tightness when wearing. This will help you mold it gradually to the body. After one and two weeks, you can tie it more tightly. This will help the corset more comfortable for you to wear during a long time.


  • This corset is a really heavy duty just in some days. Its steel-bones make sure to help you lose off four or more inches from your waist
  • It accentuates your hips and bust
  • It has laced ribbon on the back perfect for a tight fit and tight cinching.
  • 2 of its 4 layers use cotton material which is well-qualified for a comfortable tight.


  • This product might not fit completely with taller people; a spillage may be shown out in their lower belly.
  • It is crucial to know clearly about your waist size before purchasing to avoid taking the one having a size bigger or smaller than yours. The size of your waist may be 3 or 4 inches bigger than the right one of the product.

4. Alivila. Y Fashion Womens Sexy Satin Vintage Underbust Waist Training Corset

Alivila.Y Fashion Corset is one of the most popular corsets with many features that satisfy almost consumers. If you want to have a great body, just wear it as a normal waist training corset. However, owing to its Gothic nature and vintage, you can also use it as a fashion corset. The producer claims that this corset is suitable for costume parties, for example, Halloween costume.

Alivila.Y Fashion’s under bust waist training corset features to instantly reduce your waistline and generate firm muscle. Thus you will have a figure like an hourglass. This is thanks to two-front steel bones and twelve plastic supporting bones.

Additionally, this waist trainer corset has lace in the back, which helps you to tighten your waist. If you are patient to tighten your waist, it will assist you to reduce your waistline several inches. That sounds wonderful for those who dream of owning a flawless and slimmer figure.

A strong point of this product is its material. This corset is made of cotton and satin for longer life span and to preserve the exterior textile. If you want to have a waist trainer multifunctional, this product is a worthy investment. You can use it as an effective waist training corset or as lingerie for special days.

As mentioned above, because the corset is made of satin and cotton, it gives you a comfortable feeling. Furthermore, people cannot recognize that you are wearing corset. As a result, if you want to reduce your waistline and show off your beautiful corset, let’s turn this product into a must-have accessory in your closet.


  • If it fits your waist, it can reduce your waistline twice times.
  • It gives you an hourglass figure by lifting your under bust
  • When you use it with a G-string, this combination can be regarded as an accessory.


  • Although the plastic boning is comfortable, it still causes problem in some cases. If you wear it too long, the plastic will become hot and curl, even dig into your body.
  • It seems not to have big sizes.

5. PLAYGIRL LABEL Strong Steel Boned Waist Reducing Trainer Underbust Shaper Corset

PLAYGIRL LABEL is the best choice for those who just begin to use waist training corset. Different from other corsets, this corset claims to be able to be matched with other clothes, regarding a bra or a shirt.

Playgirl Label’s Under Shaper Corset Waist Reducing Trainer is designed to have three layers. The taffeta exterior layer is constructed from fused cloth stuck together and lined with strong cotton. The function of this is to boost strength and reinforce, thus gives you a quicker reduction in your love handles around your waist.

You must be surprised at the fact that the three garment layers are added with an impressive hourglass figure to improve your posture. This hourglass figure is designed to work for a variety of body heights and shapes. In addition, high-density bones in the three layers also help you to reduce your waistline.

A bonus point for playgirl label is that it does not roll up or down easily in any cases owing to the straps and six suspender loops.

This corset is very versatile; you can wear it whenever you like, especially on special occasions. Besides, we cannot deny that it is regarded as the best waist training corset. It is suggested for women who desire to have a straight corset, and more important, a curvy waist.


  • Lace up back with a strong lace.
  • The straps play an important role in keeping the corset in its first position.
  • The three layers of cloth are responsible for adding strength and giving comfort while you wear the corset.
  • This waist trainer is crafted by a corsetiere with many skills.
  • Made from 100{c8a9f8f1d59407b2e38d86f17e491be553aa0e8aeba6d6b803d7ab08b39d5241} cotton


  • If you do not work in properly or pull too tightly, the steel busk front closure can break.
  • The front is 13 inches, so it is more suitable for “long-waisted” women.

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How to Start Waist Training​

First time getting down to waist training may sound a little bit intimidating if you are new to it. Many customers send questions to us, asking what they should prepare and whether their garments are worn correctly. Therefore, we draw up these short guidelines for waist training beginners. Even though you’re no longer a novice, these tips may still come in handy for you.

Selecting the right size

Before getting started, make sure the waist trainer you’re using fits you well. You can read this post to find some important tips on sizing. In general, the greater slimming power you desire, the bigger size you may want to go for. Instead, select a waist training garment that provides a high compression level.

Start slow

Try to keep your competitiveness not too high, whether with others or with yourself. In fact, nobody wants to stay near a sanctimonious person, especially when it comes to body issues. Don’t care too much on how to beat your previous performances or else all you receive in the long run is only frustration and no motivation whatsoever.

Bear in mind this fact: There are natural cycles inside your body, follow them in order to get the results you desire.

Never train yourself too hard

For beginners, take everything easily and slowly first. Be sure you integrate corset, slowly but steadily, into your lifestyle. By this way, you will stay motivated in the long run rather than just temporarily get obsessed with it.

When you first get started, you should wear your corset only as long as several hours. Don’t set it so tightly. As you get used to it, you can extend the wearing hours. Also, you should keep in mind that full control is only achieved over the course of time.

Any change is only accepted gracefully when you make sure to keep your body relaxed. Thus, you’d better not lace your corset excessively at first since that only puts unwanted pressure on your body and the garment.

Remove it occasionally

Some people do love wearing corsets to such an extent that they don’t want to take off any more, even when it’s bedtime. However, remember that on certain occasions, it’s necessary for you to remove the garment. Those occasions are showering time and exercising time.

Corset helps condition the core muscle groups of your body, which is vital for achieving the figure you desire. Nevertheless, wearing corset all the time can enervate you for the long term, too. So, to prevent that bad thing from happening, you need to let your body relax by occasionally taking off your corset on some important occasions.

Try to be dedicated

Stick to it every day for some months if you want to get the best results fro waist training. Make sure you are wearing a perfectly-fitting corset, too. You can make use of a reliable sizing chart to pick out your ideal corset size for better results. By such doing, you can commit more highly to waist training over time.

Train your core muscle groups

For beginners, this tip is also among the best ones. Training your core muscle groups brings you closer to your desired figure. There are even waist trainers whose designs are perfect for exercising, thus maximizing the effectiveness your workout brings.

What are the best Exercises for Waist Training

When you’re wearing a waist trainer, there are some exercises you may want to have a go. However, my advice is you should keep yourself away from whatever types of crunching. If you still insist on crunches or similar moves to bend your torso, remember to remove your waist trainer during those workout sessions.

It relies on your own preferences to combine a minimum of 3-day-per-week all over training exercises together with high or medium-intensity cardio training for half to one hour per day, 5 days per week.

While some people go for stretching different groups of muscle for more than 5 days, others prefer higher-intensity strength training exercises on 3 days and cardio for the remaining days. Whatever you do, avoid training the same muscles for two consecutive days (except for cardio).

The list below includes exercises with the highest effectiveness you can try with your waist trainer at home.

  • For core strengthening, go for posture-improving exercises like hip flexors, side leg raises, plank, back bridges, and extensions.
  • To strengthen lower parts of your body, try fire hydrants, squats, heel bridges, kicks, and pointed butt lifts.
  • For all-over cardio strengthening, you can try high-intensity exercises. You should bear in mind this fact: exercising can never do you wonders if you are eating unhealthily. So, to achieve amazing results from waist training, it’s essential to pair regular exercises with a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet.
  • You can make the best out of your waist trainer by taking any types of cardio such as walking, biking, running or working out on your favorite fitness equipment.

Although easing yourself into waist training exercises may take some time, it plays an important role in elevating your heart rate and core temperature. Despite making your workout sessions more effective, remember to keep yourself hydrated and practice at your appropriate pace without exhausting yourself.

Lastly, be sure you do all-over stretching on a regular basis in order for your muscle groups to heal and be toned up. Depending on your preferences, yoga or other relaxing routines are worth trying.


What is the right way to put on a waist trainer?

It can be quite challenging for you to put on your waist trainer. First, make sure to have its curvy area facing downwards since that’s the place at which your hips connect to your waist. Next, put the corset behind the back then stretch it out from both sides. Finally, you hook the corset from the bottom upwards in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

How should my waist trainer feel while I’m wearing it?

Your waist trainer, if worn correctly, should fit your body while still giving slight compression. If you are feeling choked or sick in your corset, then you’d better take it off and stop using the garment. In this case, you may have bought a too small corset.

Can I wear my waist training garment during my sleep?

Sleeping while still wearing a waist trainer is not a good idea. As what we’ve always emphasized, excessive waist training is not warmly welcomed. So, just stay in your own lane.

Does waist training do harm to my organs and my well-being?

The answer is absolutely not. Waist training has been criticized for negatively affecting your health. However, this isn’t true. In fact, the media has mixed up modern-day waist trainer made of latex with corsets of the old days. These two garments are very different. Latex waist trainers give you no trace of negative impacts whereas corsets leave a mass of evidence on their harmful effects.I have problems with my spinal/back.

Is waist trainer still suitable for me?

A waist trainer can cope with back issues, scoliosis as well as spinal problems. You can consult a doctor for advice and more information if you’re concerned.

I just had a baby! so what is the best time for me to start wearing a waist trainer?

Our advice is before starting waist training; you should wait for about two to three weeks after you gave birth. If you’ve undergone caesarean, it’s necessary for you to wait till your body completely heals since the garment can sit on your incision.

How to take care of or wash the waist trainer?
  • Lay the waist training garment on some flat surface
  • Use warm damp sponge/cloth and mild soap to clean its inside liner lightly
  • Turn over the waist trainer to the latex side then wipe gently
  • Let it air dry on some flat surface
  • When it is dried, fold it to maintain the structure
  • Don’t soak, iron, twist, bleach or put it in a washer or dryer.
How to select the correct size for me?

In order to pick up your correct size, you’d better use some measuring tape then get the measurements of your waist, hips, and bust. After that, you can look at our sizing guide and choose the right size for yourself.

waist size


I have just introduced to you 10 best waist trainers in the market with very detailed reviews. I hope that it helps you to save your time and choose the best one that fits your demand and budget.

However, you must be fully aware that it’s not a perfect method to have a perfect body. In conjunction with the cincher, doing exercise will give you the appearance you dream of. For some people, the waist cincher is not effective instantly, so just be patient, and you will get an amazing and sexy figure.

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