Top 14 Best shampoo for oily hair

Oily hair is a problem that causes lots of annoyance which make many people complain about it, but luckily there are many feasible solutions to completely get rid of it. Lots of shampoo companies promise they can help you treat your greasy hair but not many can really do what they claim to do, in the same way. So, you should learn to choose the most suitable shampoo because choosing the wrong shampoo is much more harmful than you expected.

Luckily, we can help you with that. We asked the readers to suggest which products can keep oily hair from getting greasier and greasier. They talked about everything from shampoos which help to thicken mousse, make their thin and oily hair much fuller. After reading this article you can choose many styles for your hair without thinking and worrying too much about combusting when you step outside.

After you see this Top 14 Best anti-oily hair Shampoos, you’ll surely want to give it a try, shampoo, and bum, go.

Top 14 Best anti-oily hair Shampoos

1. Degrease Moisture Control Shampoo

With a tiny bottle of magic; that’s what this Degrease Moisture Control Shampoo is capable of. This is the best kind of shampoo suitable for oily hair which is unique for being formulated with many right ingredients. It will not merely cover-up the grease as well as oil problems from the day you start to use it, but also eradicate your problem. They’ve integrated the shampoo with many special ingredients which consist of lemon, rosemary, basil and French cypress, which can help to make sure your hair will look squeaky clean, also fresh. It has revealed itself as an exceptional beauty product for oily, greasy, itchy hair; those who always seek for the hair product have spoken highly about the smooth as well as the luxurious look of hair that this shampoo brings to their hair. 


  • Effective
  • Gentle yet powerful
  • Ready for everyday using
  • Moisturize, cleanse as well as degrease hair
  • Natural smell that doesn’t affect lots of perfume smells from your hair
  • Natural components
  • Safe for colored hair


  • May not erase dandruff because of scalp conditions
  • It is a bit pricey
  • The bottle isn’t so compatible with the price

2. Desert Essence Organics Hair Care Shampoo, Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo

It is indubitable that this brand name is among the best choices for greasy hair. But how is that? You might easily have seen the phrase of “tea tree” on man beauty products, so you reckon that it is too common, you can be wrong in this matter. This shampoo does not just offer this strong, long-lasting oil of tea tree, which is compulsory ingredients to make shampoos for clean and gorgeous hair, it also has oil of leptospermum peperoni, which is extracted from a kind of tea. This special oil provides a fantastic smell of lemon together with antiseptic characteristics. Combined with coconut oil as well as other cleansers, this shampoo will give you gentle, soft and clean yet effective hair product, which can help your hair manageable and ungreasy.


  • When diluted, it lathers pretty well
  • Gently cleanses
  • Do not Contain EDTA
  • Do not have SLS
  • Balancing PH
  • This shampoo can last very long


  • Pretty expensive.

3. Neutrogena Shampoo Anti-Residue

The name reveals it all! This kind of anti-residue shampoo will treat in the combat of constant sebum you feel in hair; making it real as well as feeling thoroughly clean. Remember this product cannot be used daily because it can cause your scalp to dry; just use it once per week for anyone that intend to use this shampoo.


  • Clean thoroughly
  • Smell good
  • Improve hair significantly
  • Good lather


  • Neutrogena does not release this product in large scale.

4. Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two

This range of shampoo is specially designed for those who have oily hair. This special shampoo can gently clean oil and dirt in your hair. Spring this to clean your hair anytime available with this lemony-smell, fresh as well as deep cleansing shampoo. This shampoo allows you to get up to one rich lather on the scalp. Once you start to rinse, you’ll see beautifully squeaky hair shining. Its special properties remove the accumulative components that can help dull as well as flatten the hair, leaving it much bouncier and also full of life. For a deeper clean you should gently leave the scalp tingling, also other products you should try from this brand are Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree extract Special shampoo and its conditioner


  • Cheaper than many
  • Good at cleaning oily as well as greasy hair
  • Favorable lemon fragrance
  • Rinses to have a squeaky clean


  • Can sometimes be too dry for many
  • Made much more weekly rather than daily use
  • It can cause strip hair

5. Aubrey Organics Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo for oily hair

Many people love this special shampoo since it lathers very well and also extremely lightly scented. The bonus point of this shampoo is lying in the way the mild sent spread around your hair.

Aubrey Organics Green Tea shampoo is recognized as a kind of natural shampoo for those who have oily hairs; it brings a powerful alcohol scent as well as deep golden color. A small quantity of shampoo combined with water properly can make good leather. This shampoo is suitable for those who suffer from oily hair as well as scalp. It adds more moisture and also removes oiliness.​


  • Rich nutrient
  • Protect hair from oiliness
  • Having hair strengthens component
  • Make your hair full
  • Hair manageability


  • Expensive

6. Head & Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo

This is the most prevalent shampoo for curing oily hair. This shampoo is capable of controlling oil in hair as well as scalp. It provides hydration together with moisture. The smell of citrus is very long lasting and it also makes your hair silky as well as refresh during the day.


  • 2 in 1 combined Shampoo: Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Suitable for dandruff
  • Can deal with oiliness
  • Best results for thin hair
  • Can relieve irritation


  • Conditioner not so great

7. Tresemme Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Tresemme shampoo is the famous anti-oil shampoo. It provides Vitamin C that can make your hair shiny, oil free and silky. It is the most popular shampoo which is being used in many big hair salons. It effectively removes oil, dirt from your hair and makes it fresh, silky and shiny during all day.


  • Suitable for daily use
  • Contain lots of Vitamin C
  • Deep cleansing
  • Remove oiliness effectively from hair + scalp
  • Help refresh oily hair
  • Provide shine and also silky look
  • Great smell


8. PHYTO Phytheol Oily Hair Purifying Shampoo

Created specifically to cure oily hair, at the same time addressing the dandruff flakes, PHYTO Phytheol, a perfect shampoo created to reduce excessive sebum production as well as remove dandruff flakes. It offers lightness, also overall beauty to your hair. It is absolutely drug-free, organic shampoo for strong hair, scalp. To enhance the benefits, you should apply it to the scalp part and then dry to massage in. Then wet your hair again, lather it and rinse, this way you can have a super clean, very shiny hair


  • Effectively reduce scalp oiliness
  • Leave hair lighter and bouncier
  • Drug-free, also natural
  • Reduce dandruff


  • Can cause scalp to be dry or tight
  • Overusing can make your hair drier than expected
  • Fairly pricey for that small amount

9. Leonor Greyl Paris Huile Germe De Ble

Are you having trouble with your oily hair, devitalized scalp? This shampoo created by Leonor Greyl can be exactly what you’re seeking for. This healing shampoo makes your hair shiner, more brilliant and balance. It can also work as a foundation for oily, dry, thin, falling, and also limp hair. Made from the oil of wheat germ, which is extremely rich in vitamins such as Vitamins A, F, E, it will certainly improve your hair. It can also deeply cleanse in order to purify your scalp as well as prevents aging.


  • Before washing, remember to massage to use the shampoo more effectively
  • Contain many natural ingredients
  • Great fragrance
  • Deeply cleanse for oily hair


  • Can sometimes be too dry
  • Best result when combining with conditioner
  • Very pricey

10. Wen by Chaz Dean Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner

Wen Conditioner is by far a totally different notion in hair products. With its specialty, five-in-one formula, Wen conditioner can take place of your conditioner, detangler, deep conditioner, also a leave-in conditioner. It makes your hair so clean, with sheen, moisturizing, manageable and better colored dying. Because it’s perfect for almost all of hair types, you can buy it for your family.


  • Don’t make your hair strip
  • Work perfectly for long, wavy and thick hair
  • Increase the softness and shininess
  • Smell great


  • Quite pricey compared to other brands
  • No lather
  • You have to use many products for each time washing
  • Can make your hair dry

11. Philip B Scent of Santa Fe Balancing Shampoo

This shampoo can soothe, nourish, more importantly, cleanse your hair as well as the body. It is a blend of herbaceous ingredients such as shea butter, panthenol (vitamin B5) combined with 10% pure pinon extracts, sage and lastly, juniper berry. The spiritually-enriching fragrance from this shampoo is planned to be gentle for daily using and it works well in normalizing your oily scalp. Its organic ingredients are also perfect for dry scalp. It helps silken, softens, making it softer and smoother. It can also function dual duty in the shower/bath since you can apply it from head-to-toe for anti-bacterial washing.


  • Suitable for normalizing an oily scalp
  • Delicious smell
  • Many quality organic ingredients
  • Leave hair softer and silkier


  • Much more expensive compared to other brands
  • Smell sometimes is overpowering

12. Tru Moroccan Clarifying Shampoo

This kind of shampoo is created from organic oils as well as herbs. It’s able to combat oily, itchy scalp, greasy hair, dandruff. It is made from plant-based ingredients which can help you improve your hair health dramatically. It is suitable for daily using, but strong enough to help you get rid of oily hair and/or dandruff. Tru Moroccan hair products are extremely rich in nutrition and free of deteriorated chemicals which are a great choice for colored or processed hair. This shampoo can strengthen, restructure the entire shaft as well as cuticles of the hair and not leaving it stripping, and effectively cure oily hair whereas still maintaining moisture.


  • More affordable priced than most other shampoos
  • Excellent for colored hair
  • Great fragrance
  • Effective at combating oily hair


  • Doesn’t lather so well
  • Can irritate slightly the scalp
  • May cause you to feel itching and flaking on the scalp
  • Best used when combining with conditioner

13. Root Awakening Shampoo by John Frieda

John Frieda’s shampoo for those who have oily hair increase your hair’s shininess and moisture, making it lighter, fuller to do more manageable styles. With great lather, it helps clean and nourish your scalp to its roots but also gentle on hair.


  • Affordable than many other
  • Fresh and delicious scent
  • Best use for dry hair in oily scalp
  • Good lather


  • Not work so well on fine hair
  • Can sometimes be irritating for scalping
  • Extreme cleansing formula can cause tangles
  • Best results when combining with conditioner

14. Matrix Biolage Normalizing Shampoo

Matrix Biolage shampoo is known as an effective cure for those who have oily hair because it makes your hair clean without drying. So many brands of shampoos claiming to help you completely get rid of oily hair but it sometimes strip, even damage your hair and scalp. Matrix Biolage can be gentle and effective, bring to you beautiful, silky and smooth hair. It helps to normalize the scalp to enhance your hair health


  • Effective cure for oily scalp
  • Cleans but not making your hair dry
  • Suitable for fine hair
  • Great fragrance


  • Herbal smell may be strong for some people
  • Not all effective for everybody
  • More expensive than some

How To Select The Best Shampoo For Your Oily Hair

A person who has oily hair most of the time has issues with these brands which tend to release an excessive quantity of sebum, causing the hair to look greasy. Sadly, there is almost no way to cure this problem immediately; however, there are many solutions to help keep oily hair from being tangled or greasy.

The most effective way is to regularly wash as well as to proper shampoos on your hair. But the big question is: which shampoo is best suitable for your hair? Here, we will provide you a few tips to answer this question and moreover, to get rid of oily hair forever.

1) Do not use shampoos and additional conditioners

If you want your hair not to be greasy again, you cannot use any hair conditioners available in the market. Similarly, when buying shampoo for oily hair, you should check whether the ingredients contain conditioners or not. It tends to raise the sebum secretion which will lead to worse and worse.

2) Learn more about your scalp

It’s very important to learn that a suitable shampoo impacts on your hair just as on your scalp. When you wash your hair, a suitable shampoo will clean all the dirt and dead cell on the scalp. That is the reason why you need to choose a hair product that brings strength, volume, as well as balance for the hair because they remove oil effectively.

3) Buy clarifying shampoos

Clarifying shampoos are defined as ones that can clean waxes, mousses, gels, hairsprays or any common chemicals turning your hair into heavy and greasy. They will help you clean unexpected deposits as well as restore shine.

This is recognized as the most effective method to cure greasy hair, but it is highly recommended you should not take advantage of it too often since it can you’re your scalp dry which will add more to sebum secretion. This type of shampoo can be used for colored hair, but, similarly, overusing can lead to color fading. The best use is once a month.

4) Buy only famous brands

Shampoo is listed as a beauty product and therefore you must be completely certain and know what you are buying. So it’s advisable not to solely believe TV commercials as well as not doing any research by yourself. If you love the smell as well as the look of that shampoo then checks its reviews on the Internet. Try to hear out from many other people’s using experience.

Also, learn its basic information, such as times using it in a week, ingredients as well as its effect, short and long term. Chances are there’s someone used this specific shampoo and can share their experience with you.

Greasy hair is very common, very annoying issue. But if you care for your hair in the right way, using the most suitable shampoo for your hair then the greasy hair will no longer your problem.

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FAQ about shampoo for oily hair

What causes your hair to get greasy?

Answer: Oily hair is the result of many factors combined, but the primary reason is depending on its maintenance. Our hair really need much more of maintenance as well as care than we would know. It has to be washed regularly to avoid grease. Hair needs to be clean, refreshed as well as hydrated to shine its beauty.

Can oily hair be treated?

Answer: Using high-quality shampoo for oily hair will help you treat oily hair, add more softness as well as vibrant for your hair that every woman dream of. Oily hair is very easy to cure, as long as you take care of it properly.

Can shampoos for oily hair be bad for my hair?

Answer: Thankfully, many good shampoos have been made up from many different types of ingredients that do very least harm on your scalp and hair. For example, shampoos typically for those who have oily hair are all made from organic ingredients: citrus extracts and also herbs. So rather than damaging your scalp, these shampoos can safely treat your greasiness.

How to use it for the best outcome?


  • Wash regularly but not so much because it can lose moisture and become dry and all will turn into hair loss. It is advisable for us just to wash it two or three times a week to get the best outcome, in case for those who were born with naturally oily hair.
  • Be extremely careful when using conditioners: To prevent over-moisturizing, you should only use conditioner once a week.
  • Rinse with both warm/ cold water: hot temperature can actually damage oily hair

To conclude, I want to thank my readers for spending time reading this article. It may seem quite difficult to decide which shampoos will be suitable to your hair, spend time researching and reading reviews as well as remarks from friends to have the best choice. If you love this article then share with friends

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