15 Best Shampoo For Color Treated Hair

After spending a lot of money and time at the salons, you do not want to watch your valuable hair color fade away because you used an appropriate shampoo, which takes it off its hue. It is important to use the shampoo that is meant for dye hair to keep your appearance look healthy, vibrant and fresh.

Here are top 15 best shampoos for color treated hair that is affordable for your budget. Those shampoos are reviewed by actual researchers and users by our experienced beauty writer team.

How to protect your color-treated hair?

With a little creativity and proper care, you can always keep the color-treated hair look vibrant and shiny. That is such good news as 70% of U.S. women color their hair! To protect the color of your hair and keep it looking lovely at all time, here are 26 useful tips to help you in caring for your color treated hair:

#1: Use protective product

The current popularity of hair dyes has led to the development of products, which can protect your hair color. Therefore, you should ensure to wash your hair with conditioners and shampoos, which are supposed to be safe for color-treated hair.

General shampoos can help you retain certain shades of your hair color. It is advisable to avoid using styling products such as mousse and gel, or particularly those, which include sulfate and alcohol that are supposed to take the color away from your hair.

Avoid products, which include:

  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (S.L.S)
  • Ammonia
  • Parabens

Those ingredients will create many problems for your hair and affect your scalp and skin. Therefore, you had better avoid trying shampoos, which consist of those elements.

#2: Shampoo less frequently

The color of your hair will go down the drains. Ensure that you wash your hair with water less than 3 times per week. In case you don’t get used to this, it’s time for you to invest in the dry shampoo.

#3: Condition each time you shampoo your color treated hair

When doing shampoo, just make sure to condition the hair with the color-protecting conditioner. Conditioning your hair will help its color look more even and shinier. Even if your hair is fine, you should condition its tips – the oldest hairs and the most damaged one on your head. Begin from your ears and then work down to the end.

#4: Cold rinse

Although some color may lose with each time you wash your hair, changing your way of showering can reduce this loss. Do not wash the dyed hair with hot water and try letting your head under a shower for a little time and remember to wear the shower cap for your remainder.

The minerals such as calcium carbonate and iron that are present in such a significant quantities in the tap water can contribute to the loss of your hair color. Installing the showerhead filter, nevertheless, can notably lower the number of those minerals in the shower water.

#5: Use wide-toothed combs

Your colored hair is notably drier and weaker than the natural hair and therefore, much more sensitive to breakage. You should treat your color treated hair with much more caution as well as prevent unexpected damage by avoiding vigorous towel, heat, and fine bristled hairbrushes. A wide-toothed comb will be an ideal choice for you. In case you have to use the hair dryer, just ensure to make use of the cold setting.

#6: Avoid the sulfates in your color-treated hair

Sulfates can remove the color from your hair. Therefore, you should seek for the shampoo without sulfate. Sulfates include salt that can strip away the moisture of your hair and it is the main cause of color fading.

#7: Apply leave-in treatments for protecting your color-treated hair

Using a leave-in condition treatment will help detangle the hair as well as protect it from the elements, heat tools, and other damaging reasons. Seek for the leave-in conditioner, which is formulated to protect the color-treated hair. It is vital if you commonly use the straightening or curling irons, blow dryers or if you often use a lot of time in the sun or near a heater.

#8: Apply the hot oil treatment to add shine to your color-treated hair

The hot oil treatment, which helps your hair become shinier, is so simple that you can do it at your home. All you need to do is to apply treatment oils to clean your hair, towel-dried hair and then use a plastic wrap or a shower cap to cover it. Using a blow dryer, a hot towel or even sitting in the sunshine to apply heat. After you heat the oil, you should allow your hair to cool down to suit the room temperature and wash with the cool water.

#9: Prepare your color-treated hair for the hot tool usage with the heat-protecting products

In case you use irons and blow dryers on the hair, ensure that your hair is dry before using the heat so that it will not cook from inside out. You should prepare your hair with a strengthening leave-in conditioner and finally, finish with a hairspray.

#10: Maintain a nutritious and healthy diet to retain the good looking of your hair

The foods and drinks you consume every day have a high impact on the appearance and health of your hair. Nutrients from healthy diets will provide energy, which fuels hair luster and growth. Foods including iron-rich protein can feed your hair and scalp by building keratin – a protein helps strengthen your hair, stimulate growth and improve texture.

Consuming soy, spinach, egg whites, low-fat cheeses, fish, and lean meat can keep the appearance of your color-treated hair at its best. Between the meals, you can eat grains, vegetables, nuts, and fruits as your snack.

#11: Supplements help with your hair’s health

The vitamins are also an essential key to keep your color-treated hair shiny and healthy. Vitamin C can keep your scalp’s blood vessels healthy through supporting hair follicles. It also promotes the iron absorption from the plant proteins. Biotin, which is a vital B vitamin, helps improve the hair texture and strengthen weak hair. This substance can be found in sardines, egg yolks, carrots, and salmon. When your diet lacks essential nutrition, you can take vitamin supplements to keep your hair and body strong and healthy.

#12: Use the heat on the hair as less as possible

Dyed hair is much more likable to damage. Therefore, you should avoid using straightening iron, curling irons or blow dryers as much as possible. Instead, you had better let your hair dry naturally.

In case you want to use the heat, then after using the conditioner and color-protecting shampoo, you can apply the heat-protecting styling products. In case you have to blow dry the color treated hair, you should choose the lowest heat mode. If the blow dryer has the cool blast mode, you can use it instead.

#13: Use the hair sunscreen

Protection from the ultraviolet radiation isn’t just vital for your skin. The sun’s rays may penetrate your hairs’ bleach and cuticle or oxidize your hair color. You can easily find a lot of spray-ion hair sunscreen in the marketplace. In case you are going to spend a whole day at the beautiful beaches, then wearing a hat will be a great idea as it can protect your hair and your skin at the same time.

#14: Avoid the chlorine on your color-treated hair

The chlorine, which is found in the swimming pools may take the color away from your hair, therefore, ensure to wear the swimming cap or apply olive oil, baby oil or strengthening conditioner before swimming. In case you discover that there is a greenish tint on your colored hair after going swimming, you can rinse the hair with the tomato juice to balance the chlorine.

#15: Do not color the hair usually

If you use a good thing too much, it may turn out the bad thing, and it is the same for your hair's color. Coloring the hair too frequent may cause damages, therefore, do not do this more than once within 5 to 6 weeks. When the roots start to show, there’re various products available on the marketplace can help you get through till the next coloring. Spray-on concealers, hair mascara, and touch-up kits can remove the zipper and hide grays between your hair-color treatments.

#16: Do not double-process your color-treated hair

Do not overuse the chemicals on your color-treated hair. In case you have to color, just try to avoid simultaneous relaxing or perming. In case you need to do both, just stagger your treatments and ask your stylists for botanical formulas, low-ammonia that can condition your hair while processing.

In case your color treated hair is damaged, do not skip frequent trims

If your dyed hair is frizzy, it may be damaged. In this case, an ideal method to keep its healthy look is to get regular trims or cuts. You need not get a short cut, only enough to keep the frayed end at bay.

How to buy the best shampoo for color treated hair?

When you are planning to have your hair colored, unfortunately, you choose a wrong shampoo, and as a result, your hair color will be stripped down to an unattractive and even insane hue. In reality, using the right shampoo for color-treated hair means that you’ll get much more life and wear out of your color-treated hair.

Therefore, we are willing to give you the list of 15 best shampoos for color treated hair. Below are several basic elements that you should carefully consider before purchasing shampoo to clear your color treated hair:


There is a fact that after a few times of washing, the hair color will become unattractive and even lifeless. It might even start to fade. In order to avoid this, the shampoo which is considered as the best product for colored hair must consist of an acidic additive like citric acid. In fact, citric acid will encourage to remove dirt from the hair, restore shine and bring life into it. It also takes an important responsibility for providing a healthy and attractive glow for your mane.

Common ingredients that are often found in most kinds of shampoos:

There are various basic ingredients found in the majority of shampoos for colored hair such as glycol, ammonium chloride, ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Moreover, aromas and additives are always available in every shampoo. In fact, the main functions of these ingredients are to clean pollutants, get rid of dry scalp and dandruff problems and remove dirt from hair. Most importantly, these ingredients also help to protect natural oils which take a hit due to the process of colored hair treatment.


It can be said that shampoos are an indispensable necessity for your daily life. Thus, the packaging must be easy and convenient for people to use. However, the packaging should be large enough, thanks to that; there is no need for you to run to a mall or a grocery to buy another one all the time. In reality, large packs are obviously much cheaper than small bottles. But if you are planning to have a holiday, you should buy a compact size, so it’s easier to carry.


The formula of the shampoo is an important factor that needs to be considered before purchasing the shampoo. It is recommended that the formula should be something that is easy to remove from the hair. This is because it will help to get rid of any residue accumulation in the scalp. Additionally, the consistency is also recommended to be creamy because color treated hair might be a little drier in comparison with natural hair. Also, the formula of the shampoo should not leave any residue accumulation as it will reduce hair growth as well as clog the pores in the scalp. Last but not least, the formula should also be gentle on the hair.

Moisturizing your hair:

It is undeniable that using different colors as well as chemicals to dye hair will definitely lose the natural moisture of hair. As a result, your hair will soon become dry and hard to restore. The dryness can easily be recognized around the ends which are excessively dry or even split. Thus, choosing a right shampoo that helps to maintain hair moisture is very important. If you can do that, maintaining and restoring the natural balance are no longer a matter. Let’s do a research for creamy shampoos consist of gentle cleaning ingredients such as tricedeth or sodium myreth.

Kind of hair:

Determine properly what kind of your hair is, then you can choose the best formula. If you have a clarifying shampoo to use every day, it is better to purchase a voluminous shampoo. However, if you own sensitive scalp and hair, you should not choose shampoo with fragrances or chemicals. Those who have wavy hair or frizzy hair should purchase a kind of shampoo which offers definition to the curls without making them unruly or rough.

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In general, the prices of shampoos can cost between 7$ and 40 $ depending on different brands. In fact, organic shampoos that are made from natural ingredients will be more expensive than other common products. However, you don’t need to choose a dramatically expensive shampoo because there are also many other good budget choices available on the market which work equally effectively and even much better. If you are using a good shampoo that works well on your hair but it is quite expensive, you can completely use alternatively between a gentle cleansing shampoo and your favorite shampoo to achieve the best results.

Ingredients that you need to avoid:

The two most basic ingredients – sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate – are dye stripping factors. Furthermore, man-made colors can even bring about allergic reactions, and the common function of cleaning the hair might not be performed well. Additionally, “natural” additives cannot give any benefit, they only make the price of the product higher. Also, formaldehyde should be considered to avoid.

Taming Frizz:

Colored hair becomes humectant and dry, which shows that it absorbs and attracts all of the humidity from the air around it. As a result, it becomes curly and puffy. In reality, the more heat equipment used on the hair, the curlier it becomes. In order to tame the flyaways or the frizzy hair, Cocamidopropyl Betaine is an indispensable ingredient in shampoo.

Customer Reviews:

Let’s read customer reviews to make a proper decision on the shampoo you are going to purchase. Nowadays, there are various kinds of shampoos available online. Hence, these reviews will be very useful for you to select the proper one which can completely restore the color and the shine of the hair as well. Search for users who have achieved best results from the shampoo and own the same type of hair as yours. Nevertheless, there might be a possibility that the results you receive may be different because of many other reasons such as kind of hair, the extent of hair damage, usage, etc

15 best shampoo for color treated hair

1. Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo

Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo

This shampoo uses authentic oil extracted from grape seed to efficiently clear head skin without dimming the color. This shampoo’s rich method holds antioxidants which play a role in repairing hair from inside and keeping it safe from sun factor. It preserves the color and improves its lavishness so that you have a daily bright hair.

Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo is a very gentle shampoo for your hair. Your hair will look lustrous and healthy if you use it regularly. Without making hair slippery, it rubs well and clears away all the impurities and dirt.

The shampoo is also used for over-treated hair or synthetically straightened hair to reinforce the health and overturn the damage. Consumers can easily choose variable sizes, as well as there are a hair mask and a conditioner suitable for colored hair.

It is easy to use the packaging, and for each wash, you just need to use a little load of shampoo because it creates a lot of bubbles. The price is quite high. However, you will be surprised by what this shampoo brings to you.

2. Aquage Color Protecting Shampoo

Aquage Color Protecting Shampoo

It is composed of several different ingredients which are great for keeping hair from losing color. An extra feature of this good is a pleasant aroma. Moreover, this product aids in saving the molecules of hair color. It is also an extremely lightweight product.

This commodity consists of sea floral nutritions which play an important role in protecting the lusture and gleam of the hair.

In general, as far as we are concerned health for colored hair, it is a satisfying product. Its recipe of exclusive factors, method, and efficient qualities turn it into a worth shampoo.

3. Aveeno Living Color- Color Preserving Shampoo for fine hair

Aveeno Living Color Color Preserving Shampoo for fine hair

You can easily see that almost color-protecting shampoos are too soft, therefore leave hair too tough or dusty, as well as shed the strand’s color. But with Aveeno Living Color Shampoo, you don’t have to worry about this. It features oat formula that helps remove impurities from your hair but not fade your color treated hair.

Besides maintaining the color, this product assists to curb rough hair for apparently frizz-free form. That is the reason why this product is very popular and becomes an indispensable thing with color treated hair women

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Color Safe Shampoo

Being composed of nutritions extracted from rose, this product from Herbal Essences has an easy packaging. If we use this shampoo day by day, it can last for about 3 months. Additionally, the factor which makes the color of hair shiny and lively is extracts from passion fruits.

The herbal silk present in the ingredients creates a strong connection to enhance the hair and imitates the essential protein of the hair. Furthermore, it clear away all the oil and dirt on your head skin to bring you hygienic and fresh hair. At last, your hair has no residue.

The shampoo’s fragrance is so fresh that you can feel it all day long. The rose smell is also suitable for the sensitive head skin. This shampoo is suggested for fine hair because it contributes to adding amount to the hair.

The price is worth with the quality and quantity of shampoo. With the pump design, it is convenient for you to bring with when traveling.

L’ANZA Healing Colorcare Color-Preserving Trauma Treatment

L’ANZA Healing Colorcare Color-Preserving Trauma Treatment can particularly preserve and protect your hair for a long time. It has been proven and tested to keep color last longer 107% than other products.

It shields your hair from UVB and UVA rays. A good aspect of this shampoo which makes this product different from others is that it functions as a UV Protector. That means your hair is protected from rays of ultra violet. It also keeps your hair from contamination and “color fading.”

This shampoo keeps your hair safe from environment elements as it is regarded as a protector for spectrum color.

It also greatly combines with over-processed hair and is helpful for traumatized hair.

It does not hold any tough elements and it is a very airy shampoo.

OGX Shampoo Thick Full Biotin Collagen

This Organix Shampoo is uniquely formulated from biotin, amino acids and collagen. These ingredients altogether help thicken your limp hair and add moisture to your dry scalps. It's sulfate-free content makes this shampoo an ideal product for women who have their hair color treated. Thus, the magnificent pigment that gives their hair dimension, as well as vibrancy, cannot be stripped.

After using this once, you will easily notice your hair is getting thicker, stronger, brighter and suppler than when using other shampoos. Also, considering your health and well-being, this OGX shampoo is proved to be the smartest option.

Most importantly, you will feel relieved to know that for the sake of morality, this product is never tested on any defenseless animals. All in all, this shampoo is sure to be among the best shampoos for women with color-treated hair.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Multi Tone Revealing Moisturizing Shampoo

This John Frieda shampoo is formulated to add moisture to your brunette long hair, thus making it glossier and shinier. The hair-care product is sure to define the color of your hair or the highlights, and maintain its enchanting vibrancy.

It adds water and brings your limp, dry and dull hair to life. Plus, it makes your hair less frizzy and suppler.

John Frieda shampoo features a depositing formula with no color, thus helping with hair repair, especially for hair that is dry and has porous strands. As a result, you will have more manageable, healthy and silky tresses.

Moreover, you can find in the shampoo a low-PH formula containing extracts from cocoa beans, crushed pearls, an infusion of tea leaves along with almond oil. This formula makes your hair softer and healthier. You should have this two-pack as your companion on your way to have glossy and healthy tresses.

For those with red hair color, have a look at the John Frieda Radiant Red Color Protecting Shampoo. For those with blonde hair color, the John Frieda Everlasting Blonde Color Preserving Shampoo is worth your consideration.

Redken Color Extend Shampoo

If you have red hair, you must have strived hard to find an ideal shampoo to preserve that color. Now, there’s no need to worry anymore since this multi-use shampoo is a marvelous way to extend the life of color you have dyed. At the same time, it could save you mountains of money you may pay for salon visits.

The Color Extend Shampoo from Redken brand features a formula brimming with moisturizers to shield your hair from outside factors like fatal UV rays from sunlight, which are the main culprits for the rapid fading of your hair color.

If your tresses are dry, unmanageable and coarse, then this shampoo will definitely do you wonders.

Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner

External factors such as dry weather, scorching sunlight and also some hair-care products make your hair color fade away quickly. However, this won’t happen when you use this moisturizing shampoo because it will protect you from these color-draining culprits.

With a formulation of aloe coupled with UV protectants, this shampoo will help keep up the color of your hair.

In addition, since it rehydrates and makes your hair healthier, everyone falls in love with this product.

We have also found that to get the best results; you should use this brand with its conditioner.

L Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Color Care System Moisture Shampoo

If you’re searching for a shampoo with neither paraben nor sulfate content, this L’Oreal is the most favored choice you can have in this price bracket.

Thanks to its juniper as well as rosemary infusion, this shampoo helps clarify your dry scalps and make your hair healthy and glossy.

It also contains other ingredients from nature which do good to your hair and preserve your hair color even when you wash your hair quite often. By balancing the oils within your scalp, it gives your tresses moisture and a shiny look.

Moreover, L’Oreal shampoo features the anti-fading techno to make your hair shiny and glossy again.

Another wonderful feature which you’ll love is its UV-filter content, providing your hair a protective shield from the damaging sunlight. Without this, your shiny hair can easily be dulled and look aged.

Additionally, this shampoo gives out a fresh, light and enchanting fragrance. To achieve ideal results, you can use the shampoo together with L’Oreal conditioner and L’Oreal hair treatment designed for this product line. In fact, this hair-care product cost less than other shampoos you can find in today market.

11. Pureology Anti-Fade Complex Hydrate Condition

The very first thing that gives this shampoo a head start is its sulfate-free content. It’s a fantastic feature because as we all know, sulfate ingredient is the main culprit for the fast fading of your hair color.

This Pureology shampoo is chemically formulated to protect and maintain the color of your hair for such a long time, making it a good-quality shampoo for color-treated hair.

Despite containing no sulfate, this shampoo can still lather very well and thus cleanse the hair smoothly.

Also, thanks to its UV protectants, which is also another great feature, this product will surely give your hair a protective shield from any color-fading threats. Most of its ingredients are organic and very gentle for hair, which makes this shampoo stand out from other products.

12. Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo

According to many reviews, this shampoo is considered the best of all for colored hair. This Moroccan shampoo, together with its conditioner, does wonders when it comes to hair fortification, protection, and from-within nourishment.

If you use this product regularly, it also preserves your hair color so that it lasts longer and glossier.

Also, featuring argon oil, the shampoo from Moroccan helps brighten the dull locks and gives your hair a healthier shine.

If your hair is strong, it will hold on better and longer to color. For that reason, this shampoo is a worthwhile product you’d better add to your beauty regimen.

13. Dove Color Care Shampoo

Featuring the unique techno for color preservation, Dove Shampoo helps maintain the vibrant color of your hair. This shampoo is promised to keep the shine and gloss of your hair color for eight weeks at most.

Thanks to its micromoisture serum and fiber-active content, your hair will be strengthened and fully hydrated. Meanwhile, citric acid content gives the hair the enchanting shine and gloss. This shampoo comes with a mild fragrance.

If used on a regular basis, it makes your hair less frizzy and repairs the split-ends too. Besides, your hair will still feel clean and light even after 2 or 3 days since you have a hair wash.

A combination of this shampoo and a conditioner of this range will bring about best results. You can also use with some leave-in conditioner from the same range for your color, which is widely used by those with curly hair or split-end rough hair.

If you consider the good quality and wonderful results this shampoo gives, it is reasonably priced and is a worthwhile investment.

14. Paul Mitchell Color Protect Shampoo

The Paul Mitchell shampoo claims to maintain the vibrancy of your hair color for several weeks. It is a gentle cleanser that helps your hair get rid of buildup and makes it feel smooth, soft and clean. Plus, the shampoo can enhance the strength and gloss of your hair while still making it feel light.

With its powerful content of sunflower extract, conditioning ingredients as well as sunscreen, Paul Mitchell shampoo will fortify your hair’s structure and protect it from any UVA or UVB. Also, this shampoo comes with a mild odor.

It can control flyaways and hair frizz, which makes it too heavy to be used for those with fine hair. It is rated as a Top Total Beauty Product from the famous brand Paul Mitchell which is approved for salon use.

15. Wella Brilliance Shampoo for Fine To Normal Colored Hair for Unisex

This Wella shampoo comes in 2 different sizes and is uniquely designed for colored hair. Giving off a fresh and pleasant scent, this shampoo gives your hair the desired smoothness and softness while still preserving its color.

Most importantly, this product is ideal for all hair types and maintains the vibrancy and gloss of the color without making it look limp.

Wella shampoo is rated as an effective cleanser and color-preserver because it can make your hair color last for long and remove all the dirty buildup from your scalp. The bottle is sizeable and can be continuously used for three to four months.

Containing a creamy formula and nourishing ingredients is also another great feature that can make you fall in love with this brand. This helps rid your hair of all the annoying oil and dirt, thus giving your hair an effective cleanse.

A daily or regular use will bring you desired results. You can use this shampoo together with a conditioner designed for the same range of use to make your hair shiny and hydrated.

For women whose hair is fine or normal, this shampoo is an ideal option available at this price range.


So these are the best shampoo for color treated hair which cleanse the hair and maintain the shade effectively. Your hair will look healthier and more voluminous. With buyer guide above, hope that you can find the proper shampoo for your beautiful hair.

It cannot be deniable that color treated hair needs some extra preservation and gentle love so as to prevent the color from looking unattractive or even insane. And these kinds of shampoos can totally offer that extra dose of nourishment. Hence, it is necessary to select shampoo that has good and safe ingredients to your hair and is completely suitable for your requirements as well.

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