10 Best Lava Lamps On The Market 2020 Reviewed- Amazingly Cool Lava Lamp To Light Up Your Space

Are you having a lava lamp at your home? If not, then you may have seen one on the television or at your friend’s house or even in a movie. There is just something so mesmerizing about seeing these globs floating around in the colorful liquid.

The colorful lights seem to have the power to turn a dull room into an energizing and vibrant space! Now, let’s have a look at our review so that you can find the best lava lamps, which perfectly fit the interior of your house, to light up your space and set the mood for any theme party and intimate gathering!

What is a lava lamp?

The lava lamp is a decorative light fixture in a tube shape. It features an oily and colored fluid, which flows down and up through the lamp’s chamber in such a manner similar as the molten lava.

When the fluid sinks and rises in the chamber, it changes its shape and then breaks into droplets of different sizes, providing an ethereal effect of continuously shifting patterns.

In 1963, the first lava lamp was created in Britain by Edward Craven-Walker. In early times, it was called as the Astro lamp by its creator.

The lava lamp was popular with the youth as well as those who loved counterculture movements, like the hippies. Nowadays, they are still popular items with the youth. Moreover, they can also be seen in a lot of dorm rooms on the college campuses.

How to make the lava lamp?

Are you hypnotized by the lava lamp? When you hold it in your hand and slightly move it, you can see the liquid trembles and separates to various colors and shapes. However, you may put it back when seeing its price tag. A good news is that you can make a beautiful lava lamp on your own with some household ingredients. All you need to do is to follow those instructions and have a look at the following video:

Materials for a lava lamp:

  • Tools
  • Plywood
  • Dimmer switch
  • Tin can
  • Glass bottle
  • Oil-soluble marker
  • Glass container
  • 40-60 Watt light bulb
  • 4.8% saline solution
  • Benzyl alcohol

How to make a lava lamp?

  1. Break open a pen or an oil-soluble marker and put the inked felt into the benzyl alcohol container. Its color will be darker if you leave it for a longer time. However, this will also raise the probability of bleeding into the brine.
  2. You had better leave the inked felt into the alcohol for a few minutes. In fact, a Sharpie can bleed too much in the brine. Therefore, you should choose another kind of marker.
  3. Benzyl alcohol, of which specific gravity is 1.043 g/ml, as well as 4,8% salt water (including brine, of which specific gravity is 1.032 g/ml) will go to a glass container. It is recommended that a 10-inch-high bottle is good enough for this experiment.
  4. Then, you have to build a base by using plywood and a tin can so that the bottle can be held. Using a dimmer to control the heat.
  5. You’ll have to experiment to find the best and the most effective distance between the glass container and the heat source (the light).
  6. A liquid including the remainder of the brine-to-be and 150 ml of benzyl alcohol is required. Then, seal the bottle; however, air space is allowed.
  7. You can first try one inch of the air space at the bottle’s top for the fluids’ expansion. The bubble size will be affected by the amount of air.
  8. Notice: the supervision of adult is required because of the toxic materials and flammability hazard. Therefore, this project is not appropriate for inexperienced and young investors.

Useful tips for successful lava lamp:

  1. Alternatives to the benzyl alcohol consist of nitrobenzene, ethyl salicylate, diethyl phthalate, or cinnamyl alcohol.
  2. An oil-based ink can be used in place of a marker.
  3. The benzyl alcohol may float to the top and stay there, if this happens, you can add more water. On the other hand, you can add more salt such as NaCl if the benzyl alcohol floats and stays at the bottle’s bottom.
  4. In case you want to increase contrast and add more color to the liquid, the antioxidant like BHT or BHA is an excellent addition.

How to use the lava lamps?

The retro appearance of the lava lamp gives a lively touch to the decoration of your room. They come with a liquid-filled sphere with colorful lava globs bubbling and flowing inside. A bulb will heat the coil in lamp base, which makes the lava flow. A lava lamp requires special care to prevent the adherence and breakage to the basic safety rules. It can even last for a long time if you treat it well.

  • Set a lava lamp in a certain area, where you can view it easily but this area should not disturb you. You had better avoid shaking your lava lamp too many times as well as avoid moving it when it is warm.
  • Place the lava lamp away from the direct sunlight, and don’t place it near the brightly lit window because the sunlight can cause color fading.
  • Operate your lamp in less than 8-10 hours each time as leaving it for too long can lead to overheating, which ruins the lamp itself and prevents the lava from flowing properly.
  • You should store the lava lamp in particular area, in which the temperature remains above the freezing. You can keep it indoor because the temperature here remains fairly constant.
  • Avoid removing the lava globes or unscrewing the cap from the lamp. Just only access its interior through its bulb hatch and just for bulb replacement.
  • Just replace the lamp’s bulb when it fails to circulate and heat the lava or if it burns out. Most of the lava lamps utilize small appliance bulbs. However, you should check the recommendation of the lamp’s manufacturer for a suitable bulb, which is appropriate for your model.
  • You should monitor the lava lamp regularly when it is in operation. Also, keep the flammable materials, like fabric and paper away from the lava lamp.

#Things that you will need

· The replacement bulbs


The lava in your lamp must be warmed up before beginning to circulate. The coil needs some time to heat. The lava will not flow if your lamp is cool. However, it will separate into tiny balls or create big ball in the bottom if the lamp is too hot. In this case, you can unplug the hot lamp for allowing it to cool down.


Don’t move or touch the hot lava lamp since this can cause bump and damage your lamp

10 Best Lava Lamps

1. Lava Lite 6851 27-Inch Lava Grande Lava Lamp


Lava Lite 6851 Lava Grande Lava Lamp

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If you’re planning to buy an ideal lava lamp to brighten your décor or to put the finishing touches to the home interior, the size is the first thing you should take into account. Here, you can run your eyes over this model: Lava Lite 6851 Lava Grande Lava Lamp, offered by a well-known manufacturer whose name is recognizable - Lava Lite.

This grand lamp brims with many fantastic features: impressively 27 inches high, roomy glass housing containing bubbling wax and clear liquid, as well as a powerful 100-watt incandescent bulb. Hence, this Lava Lite is a perfect choice even for the most capacious and largest living rooms.

In addition, I’m sure the lamp will evoke your mood and raise your spirit by endowing you with a delightful play performed by iridescent lights throughout all rainbow colors.

Being among the most favored and recognizable brands since 60s and 70s, Lava Lite brings back to life the groovy gadget and makes it the most up-to-date home décor. The shape of this iconic lamp resembles the geometric design of the original version. However, there is one deviation: the mesmerizing splendor behind its glass is bubbling to create an entire new generation.

We also think you’ll probably favor some other lighting types, for example the magical salt lamp. This type of lamp is a uniquely handmade product, which is rigorously carved out of stiff blocks of crystal salt in full purity. Salt lamps have gained widespread popularity since they not only serve as an elegant trendy décor but can efficiently purify the room air as well.

These lamps are proved to be a wonderful air purifier since they help emit negative irons and neutralize electromagnetic radiation. If you want to send a radical, trendy gift to your family members or your friends who go after the retro trend, then this Lava Lamp is an ideal option. To liven up your party, you can add a disco ball or several hip records. Also, the lamp offers a warranty of 90 days.


  • Traditional and iconic shaped lava lamp that has glass housing, suitable for dorm room, office and home use.
  • Enchanting bubbles moving slowly
  • Soft and cozy light
  • A powerful light bulb of 100 watts
  • Suitable for roomy and large living space


  • One customer got disappointed because his lava lamp that its liquid turned clear after 2 days using. Maybe he got the defective one.
  • Spray paint job is less than stellar

This lamp is a wonderful present to give your family members or friends. It is an elegant element not only to accentuate your home interior but also warm up your living space throughout the dark and frozen winter evenings.

2. Aurora Borealis Star Projector Lava Lamp Night Light

The Northern Lights are well-known for its beauty. There are many legends and myths about them; however, it is commonly said that they represent for the happiness of the Nordic gods and goddesses who bring about good things to people in the north. No matter what they are, the Northern Lights will definitely make your home an attractive and glorious place.

Aurora Borealis Star Projector Lava Lamp Night Light

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Based on its name, it can be seen that the Aurora is not truly a lava motion lamp but is a unique item to acquire.

Normally, you will feel asleep after about an hour, so this light is designed to turn off automatically after 60 minutes to help you sleep soundly. It can be used as a speaker if you want. Besides, it comes with an audible cable to help connect with your smartphone or anything else. If you turn off the lights, the speaker will be automatically off. A USB cord is included, so you can charge the light by using a power adapter or a spot for batteries.

You can choose what kinds of setting you like from 8 different settings. However, the settings of lights can be changed if you replace the jewel lid, so the number of settings can reach 16. You can put the lights in many different directions because of its tilt head.

Designed with 12 different LED colors, the Aurora Borealis will certainly bring you interesting experiences about light. You can easily see the light effects on the ceiling or the wall. In addition, a combination of functions including 45 degrees tilt, automatic shutoff after an hour and connection with your favorite devices promises to bring about a novelty feeling of light.

This product may make you relaxing while swimming or taking a bath because it is resistant to water.

Thanks to AC Power Adapter, every potential problem can be handled quickly and efficiently, so you do not have to worry about anything when buying Deneve products.


  • Favored by children, teens, girls and boys.
  • Make your home a peaceful and glorious place.
  • Designed with 12 different LED colors
  • You can connect it to your favorite devices such as the MP3 iPhone player.
  • An AC Power Adapter is included.
  • This product is favored by both kids and adults.
  • Also recommended for a nursery


  • This light is a little large.
  • The junk is not as efficient as advertised.
  • There are more psychedelic disco balls than expected.

With its novelty and unique design, the Aurora won’t let you down. If you intend to organize a party, it will be definitely a wonderful choice.

3. 16.3-Inch Silver Base Lava Lamp with Yellow Wax in Purple Liquid

If you are looking for a Lava Lite Lamp in large size, don’t hesitate to pick the 16.3-inch one because it has all features of the 11.5-Inch Silver Base Lava Lamp.

Lava Lite 16.3-Inch Silver Base Lava Lamp

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Featuring by yellow wax, purple liquid and a sleek chrome base and cap, the Lava Lite 16.3-Inch Lava Lamp will make you wallow in the dance. It is also a good choice for decorating, lightening or even relaxing. Produced by the same designer of the lava lamp, this lamp will bring about a retro-chic style to your room.

Compared to 50 years ago, the Lava Lamp made by Lava Lite is now still stylish. With the emergence of blobs in different shapes and sizes, it can invigorate and hypnotize you. Based on your mood, simply adjust it.

To reduce the tension and stress after working very hard, the image of colorful bubbles moving up and down may help you relax or bring about peace to your mind.

With special effects, the Lava Lamp may be a necessary addition to your living room, dorm room, party room, office, den, even study or simply a place to relax and gather. You can organize a small party or simply enjoy yourself by the slow motions of the lava or looking at the yellow wax globules on the background of the purple liquid. With the attention-grabbing Lava Lamp, some places such as dark corners, reading rooms and built-ins will become more unique and stylish.

You can use this lamp for both heating and creating sparkling light because it uses a 40-watt bulb. It is sophisticated to provide your modern home with this lava lamp Classic of the 1960s.

Moreover, with its unique style and elegance, it is listed among the cheapest lava lamps available on the market now. So, don’t hesitate to buy it right now!


  • Special Lighting Effects
  • Make you less stressful
  • Emit relaxing and soft light
  • Silver aluminum cap and base are included
  • Equipped with a 40-Watt light bulb
  • Having a good structure and made of high-quality materials
  • A reasonable price for such a good product.


  • You have to replace the light bulb if you want it to operate well.

With the design similar to the original one, the 16.3 inch Classic is also affordable for everyone.

4. Colormax Lava Lamp with Northern Lights Decal Base

With the 14.5-Inch ColormaxLava the Original Lamp with a Northern Lights Decal Base, you will a chance of enjoying novelty and unique experiences right at your home.

The glitter can automatically change its color when it move around the hand-painted, tri-colored glass globe with the help of the ColormaxTM technology. One distinctive feature of this lamp is the beautiful decal of a Northern Lights scene on the hand-spun aluminum base and cap.

Lava The Original Colormax Lava Lamp with Northern Lights

View price

Over the past 50 years, the iconic Lava the Original brand has been proving its pioneer role in creating unique lighting products. Nowadays, it is always maintained as one of the trusted, beloved and recognized brands of all time.

Although being a novelty and modern lamp, the Lava Lite 2160 Colormax is covered by the retro styling of the motion lamp in the 1960s. With the geometric structure and the style similar to the first one, a unique thing of the Colormax is the structure of the top and base.

Unlike other bases and tops covered with steel, the Colormax uses an aluminum cap and base coated with a light decal. That this new style combines with the silver glitter and the movement of the clear liquid will turn your chamber into a magnificent space.

Equipped with a 25-watt bulb, the Colormax is expected to bring you a wonderful 14.5-inch view. You do not have to worry about anything and simply relaxing.


  • The lamp itself is a wonderful item accompanied by a bulb. You can turn it on easily.
  • Silver glitter in clear liquid.
  • Instant motion
  • It comes with a 25-Watt light bulb.
  • Various and beautiful colors


  • It is packaged carelessly in an oversized box. There is no additional stuffing inside the box, so it can move freely.

If you are looking for a lamp for your modern office or home, the Lava Lite Colormax not only helps solve this problem but also sets your mind.

5. Lava Lamp, Black Base - Red Lava And Clear Fluid

Are you hunting for some lighting that suits your baby’s room? Something that gives soft, ambient lighting, brings coziness and can simultaneously captivate your restless kid? If the answer is yes, then there’s no need to look any further. This Red Lava with a rocket shape is definitely your choice.

Lava Lamp Black Base

View price

With its eye-catching original shape, I’m sure your child can’t take his eyes off this magical lamp! The lava colored in scarlet red bubbles behind the glass housing in an enchanting and mesmerizing way. Under the cover of darkness, this lamp emits a delightful and soothing light to send your child to the dreamland in no time.

On the other hand, it’s a great mistake not to mention how safe it is to use this lamp. Red Lava Lamp has passed all the safety tests successfully and been granted approval by the Underwriters Laboratories. Thus, casting any doubts over having this lamp installed in your baby’s room is just a useless thing to do.

For the lamp to start working, a source of power is a necessity. This lamp comes with an electrical cord to plug it in. There’s also an inline switch, which means you can easily switch the lamp on or off while still having it connected to the power socket.

Another noteworthy thing is you can use this lamp to complement various home interiors or to accentuate various décor. This is because the lamp has a trendy elongated shape and is colored in classic hues of scarlet red and black.

Undoubtedly, children run a higher risk of catching a flu, a cold or other types of illness caused by microorganisms in the air. Thus, we think you’re better off buying some air purifier. It can effectively prevent contaminants as well as bacteria from spreading, get rid of damaging bacterial particles and give your child’s room a trustworthy shield.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Original shape
  • Gives a fantastic look in the dark
  • Successfully passed all tests of safety and been approved of usage by the Underwriters Laboratories


  • Quite cloudy and the lava flows slowly
  • Leaks occur from the top

When the lamp is fully lightened up, it gives a mesmerizing show that will surely catch your eyes. The red light it emits is soft and gentle enough to soundly send your children to sleep. No doubt, your kids will fall in love with this lamp.

6. Lava Lite-14.5-Inch Silver Base Lava Lamp

A lava lamp is widely used to decorate the house. So, when you’re planning to buy your lamp, remember to choose one that can accentuate the vibe of your home interior. Here, it’s worth giving a closer look at this 2124 Classic Lamp model offered by Lava Lite.

Lava Lite-14.5-Inch Silver Base Lava Lamp

Lava Lite-14.5-Inch Silver Base Lava Lamp

The lamp has quite compact dimensions, in which the height measures 14.5” and the diameter 4”. However, it comes with a delightful range of color schemes and elegant combinations of housing, wax as well as liquid. For those who love groovy gizmo, such a plethora of hues will drive them to pick a lamp that suits their personal taste and put the finishing touches to their unique interior.

What’s more, this lamp features a classic artistic design which catch the eyes of not only grown-ups but teenagers and toddlers as well. All things considered, this Classic Lamp is a fantastic gift for your family and friends.

The lamp comes with an electrical cord and is powered by an incandescent bulb of 25 watts. Its glow is psychedelic, yet spectacularly soothing, and is capable of illuminating any places such as an office, a study room, a den or a bedroom. If you want to look further for some other types of lighting that can lend a unique vibe to your interior, our recommendation is to buy a magical wind chime. It fills your room with the delicate sound from nature and also brings you luck, positive energy and well-being and harmony to your dear family as well.


  • Wide range of colors
  • Bubbles flowing slowly and soothingly, together with gentle and relaxing light
  • Powered by a light bulb of 25 watts
  • Suitable for dorm room, office or home use


  • A little bit cloudiness after use
  • It can be heated excessively during use

-For more than 50 years, the iconic brand Lava Lite has been the trend-setter for novel and classic lighting products. To date, it is among the brands that gain the most recognition, trust, and love from users. With a plethora of color schemes, it can suit any tastes.

7. Lava The Original 14.5-Inch Lava Lamp with Chalkboard Base

This version of the timeless Lava the Original lamp will encourage your creativity and help enjoy the motion. You can create your own view thanks to the 14.5-Inch Lava the Original Lamp with a Chalkboard Base. With the help of the Chalkboard paint, you can do anything you like such as erasing, writing notes, drawing pictures and repeating for hours on end of fun.

Lava The Original 14.5-Inch Lava Lamp with Chalkboard Base

View price

This product is designed for not only teens and kids but also adults. Therefore, it is necessary to add the Lava Lite Chalkboard to your room if you are the person who loves the art.

To create a high stability and balance, the cap and base are made of high-quality aluminum.

A distinctive feature is that this lamp is decorated with decals of a chalkboard containing drawings and doodles. You can see a beautiful view when there is a mixture between the liquid in pink and countless small silver glitters.

With the traditional features of the lava lamp during the 1960-1970 period, the Chalkboard promises to bring about a new and unique experience for you. Although it is not one of the leading lava lamps on the market, it certainly makes your room, especially teens and kids’ rooms, more colorful and exciting.


  • Silver glitter wax in pink liquid
  • It comes with white chalk
  • You can use dry cloth to erase everything on black base
  • It can work effectively for many hours without overheating thanks to its only 25 watt bulb.
  • Highly recommended for a girl's room


  • The chalk may not work well on the base.

The Chalkboard is designed with the classic features and some elements similar to the original; however, its cap and base intend to be friendly to children.

8. Lava Lite 14.5-Inch Electroplasma Lightning Arcs Lava Lamp

With a very unique design, the Electroplasma basically still operates on the same thermo and fluid dynamic principles that have been applied on many well-known items in the sixties.

Lava Lite Electroplasma Lightning Arcs Lava Lamp

View price

The Electroplasma uses the same electrical storm complete with forking and branching lights to create a chaotic lightning condition.

With the same height of 16.3 inches as the Classic, the Electroplasma becomes the focus of interest in your home.

Using a 25-watt incandescent bulb to lighten and a standard electrical cord to charge, the lamp will create the psychedelic but soothing light that suits any office, den, study or bedroom.

Although a lot of light is not expected to emit but it is relaxing and cool. It is difficult for you to see the plasma activity in a well-lit room but the Electroplasma is really awesome in a dimly lit room. This helps for your computing job.

There are three settings to choose from, including On, Off and On with sound sensitivity. Although the last setting comes with sound effects but it is not recommended because you may feel annoyed. Therefore, it is advised to use it without the audio option.

The lamp’s dimensions are 14.5 inches in height and about 4 inches in diameter. It is becoming popular thanks to smart structure and light weight with the warranty up to 90 days.


  • As an alternative light source, the Electroplasma Lava Light can suit any space.
  • With unique effects, game rooms, offices, teen rooms, or even living rooms will become more beautiful.
  • Likely to emit a lightning storm, the lamp is seen as a great conversation piece.
  • With 16 inches in height, it can be installed on any surface.
  • An unusual and fun gift idea


  • The package box is larger than needed.
  • Compared to a traditional full size Lava Lamp, its height is shorter a few inches.

What are waiting for without adding the Electroplasma to your living room, bedroom or parties? Simply press the button and enjoy it.

9. Lightahead 13" Glitter Glow Lamp

If your plan is to hold a throwback party dating back to the 1960s or 1970s or to organize a theme night, then you definitely should go for this cool and groovy Glitter Glow Lamp. I’m sure it will create a wonderful atmosphere, raise your spirit and thus bring you all back to the good old days.

Lightahead 13 Glitter Glow Lamp

View price

This magnificent Lightahead Lamp resembles an iconic lava lamp. Yet, there is one difference: It is designed with a cylinder shape and has alternative filling. Instead of using heavy wax that flows slowly, this lamp is filled with sparkling silver splendor. Since this new filling is very light, it gives an incredibly effortless flow in an orange liquid behind the glass globe. Such mesmerizing movement will definitely catch the eyes you’re your guests while giving your room a play of enchanting splendor and shimmering lights.

If you want to drum up a dynamite party, how about following this simple recipe? Just couple the lamp with some disco ball and vintage vinyl then spice it up with memorable hip retro rhythms. I’m sure the theme night you’re holding will be an unforgettable night!

Also, bear in mind that this lamp is not only an awesome décor for your living space but also a wonderful gizmo that makes your life more positive and energetic. And, the lamp can be a nice nightlight to sit on the table near your bedside.


  • The glitter behind the glass globe is heated up and starts flowing in a mesmerizing way.
  • A trendy motion lamp and a fantastic décor for your throwback party
  • Glitter Lamp gives an enchanting and retro vibe to any types of room
  • A great gift for your family or friend and an elegant décor
  • An impossible-to-find spotlight bulb of 20 watts
  • Very cool, including its price


  • There is no bulb replacements available

This Glitter Glow Lamp is sure to bring you back to the good old days with its mesmerizing soft lights. Also, it’s a great décor to add to your dynamite party and help you to have a whale of a time.

10. 11.5-Inch Silver Base Lava Lamp

In search of an elegant and gentle element of décor for your small-sized room? If yes, then this Lava Lamp with a size of 11.5 inches will definitely suit your need. This Lava Lamp 1953 model from Lava Lite brand can act as a trendy décor for a room that is not spacious such as a dorm room, a study room and an office. It also gives a wonderful nightlight if put on the table near your bed.

Lava Lite 11.5-Inch Silver Base

View price

Although this lamp has limited dimensions, there’s no difference in terms of design and hue schemes compared to other bigger-sized models. Its base is made of aluminum, with a symmetrical matching top and is colored in classic silver, giving the lamp a stout foundation. The globe is made of glass that can resist heat and shock, and behind this globe quaintly flows a sky-blue liquid heated from white wax.

According to its manufacturer, you’d better stay calm and give the lamp enough time (6 hours at most) to heat up at the first-time use. During this time, you can see the way its white wax is heated up and forms the pillars that looks very much like a stalagmite.

In due course, you will see that the patience you paid is worth it. If the wax is heated thoroughly, it will form bubbles that will quaintly flow, collide then ooze in fantastic patterns.

For individuals who would love to have a trendy décor for their rooms as well as a gizmo to warm up their houses during cool evenings in the autumn, an oil heater is worth their purchase. This heater can be moved easily to the place where they need it most.


  • Nice compact-dimension lamp for a small room
  • Manufactured in the US or Imported
  • White wax flows in sky-blue liquid
  • Gives soft and soothing light
  • Base made of silver aluminum with a matching cap


  • It is too small to be used as a nightlight
  • A lava lamp used for the first time needs several hours to fully operate
  • After you turn the lamp off, wait for six to eight hours for it to cool down

The 11.5-inch Lava Lamp gives a fantastic show of quaint movement and elegant colored light to your living space. This lamp is an ideal option for a small-sized room.

How can we choose an amazingly cool lava lamp in the list?

It is not easy when coming up with the cool lava lamps to consist of in this list since the technology itself is super cool already. Therefore, it is like selecting from a group of beauties from the pageant Miss Universe or other competitions.

Because the lava lamp is a big decorative piece, so it is important for you to contemplate its aesthetic value. Is it possible to bring out a genuinely artistic quality for any room in your office or even your home? This is the major question that you seek for the answer.

The safety features of a product are what you are usually looking for, especially, if it is made of glass and run on electricity as the lava lamp. The risk of fires and electrical short circuits is real, and so is the danger of tipping. We have to evaluate intrinsic product features, which can point to the overall safety profile of the item.

You really cannot put the value on the rate of satisfaction with those products due to the subjective inherent of a decorative piece. However, you still need to read reviews of other customers to have a better and clearer idea of your future product and how to justify your decisions in excluding and including some products from the list.


The lava lamp is not only very cool and retro to look at but also helps you relax and find peace in your lovely room. With top 10 best lava lamps in 2018, we hope that you can now promote the aesthetics and decoration of your house and provide it a more comfortable and relaxing evening for your bedroom as well as offer yourself another method to fight stress.

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