10 Best laser hair removal at home on the market reviews

"Laser" can be a scary word for some people, to such an extent that they would never think of using one in their house. Yet, in our opinion, the best laser hair removal at home is not dangerous at all due to the safe levels of a LHR appliance for home use.

Moreover, it is far less frightening than the hefty prices of other laser hair removal treatments charged by professionals. A good-quality home appliance only costs a few hundreds as opposed to several thousand dollars of professional hair treatments.

Laser hair removal technology is making its way to home use for permanent result. But, the question is which device is ideal for you and worth your trust? Now, spend some time reading this introduction information:

Does at home laser hair removal really work?

In fact, it is very time-consuming and costly for women to get rid of hair in differ parts of the body. Hence, the best laser hair removal at home comes in very handy and necessary, helping you save much time and money.

You may worry whether at home laser hair removal really work since this device is on the cutting edge and a newcomer compared to other technologies for hair removal.

Now, we will share with you all the necessary information about home hair removal appliance using laser techno. After that, we're sure you can make a final decision on your ideal device for hair removal treatment.

Why am I so confident?

Vigorous tests have been carried out by the FDA on nearly all popular laser appliances such as Silk'n Sensepil and the Tria home hair removal systems, none of which were found defective. These devices have high safety standards, so they are trustworthy enough to be used in all body parts, including the neck and head.

For the parts of the body we have mentioned, the option No-No hair removal that takes advantage of Thermicon techno. That is to say, this option employs heat to do away with those hair follicles where visible hair grows.

The high temperature has enough potency to shed you of the coarsest hairs. And don't get terrified, it has all the gentleness to protect your hair from getting burned. Moreover, this device ensures high safety and has gained approval for use.

You may get cold feet about this device, but believe me, it is neither a hoax nor a trick. Home hair removal machine using laser techno is proved to work efficiently.

10 best laser hair removal 2018

Important Facts Before Laser Treatment

Besides "zapping" unwelcomed hair, there's more to laser hair therapy than meets the eye. This medical procedure is potentially risky and requires qualified performers. So, before you get down to having your hair removed, make sure to check thoroughly whether your technician or doctor has credentials to carry out the task.

The laser used in this therapy aims at the roots of your hairs, but it's quite dangerous if these roots are previously removed by plucking or waxing. So, within 6 weeks before receiving the laser treatment, you'd better limit waxing, electrolysis, and plucking for best results.

Also, remember to distance yourself from direct sunlight for 6 weeks pre- and post-treatment. Sun exposure can offset the effect of laser hair therapy and increase the risk of post-treatment complications.

Laser Technology vs Intense Pulsed Light

Both laser hair therapy and intense pulsed light (IPL) increase the chance of keeping unwanted hairs away for long periods. Those two treatments bring similar effect and are closely comparable. However, there's still one obvious difference: Laser hair therapy employs a real laser whereas IPL doesn't. True to its name, IPL makes use of a light based gadget instead to get forever rid of hair follicles.

Laser hair removal technology is far more effective and gives considerably better outcome compared to IPL method. Most patients witness hair reduction for good after undergoing 6 to 12 sessions.

  • IPL Hair Therapy costs less but is not as effective as laser techno in shedding body hair.
  • Laser techno has higher precision level when selectively targeting coarse and dark hair follicles and keeping the nearby skin intact.
  • Each pulse of laser can destroy several hair areas altogether in less than a second.
  • Laser technology can be employed to deal with larger areas of body hairs.
  • Laser settings are adjustable to be suitable for different hair colors and skin tones.
  • Laser techno is safe for every skin color while IPL can only burn hair with dark skin tones

So what do I pick? IPL or Laser?

If I have to choose between those 2 methods, based on my experience, I will definitely pick laser hair treatment since it gains more popularity. Laser devices target heat at hair follicles more precisely than IPL machines do, thus bringing better outcome.

Since the hair follicle, not the surrounding skin, absorbs the heat, laser therapy reduces the risk of leaving burns. That also means laser has higher safety for those with darker skin tones.

How to choose the best Laser Hair Removal Device?

You need to take into consideration lots of factors to choose the best device for you. Here, I will share with you some tips that are useful for you to determine the ideal one.

Skin Tone

Technological advancements have enabled laser hair treatment machines to suit darker skinned individuals. Nonetheless, if your skin tone is olive-colored or darker, you'd better look for a device that is rated by the FDA for your specific skin tone.

There's no problem in choosing a laser machine for women with fair skin tone, since any device in the basket will perfectly suit them. All in all, you'd better consult a dermatologist to find out the best laser hair therapy machine for home use that works well on your skin tone.

Hair Color

Blonde hair might look attractive, but for laser hair removal, it is quite troublesome. It takes lasers long tough time to target the light pigmentation when it comes to red, blonde or white hair. Hence, laser systems seem less effective to remove hair of those colors.

For hair colors like black or brown, the story is quite different. The majority of laser home hair removal devices will surely bring amazing results.


The paid-in-advance price of a laser hair removal for home use may seem staggeringly high at first. However, in comparison with those visits you pay a doctor for hair therapy, the home device is worth your money.

It's a wise investment when you buy a high-quality device in order to protect yourself from any ineffective hair reduction or skin damage. You'd better choose one that costs $300 and above for a device of mid-range.

Ongoing Costs

Lastly, there are certain laser systems available in today market that cost relatively low to set up. However, for long term, they prove to have higher price since they need new cartridges for replacement every several months. Taking into accounts the usage frequency and the price of replacement cartridges, you’d better pay in advance a bit more for a system with free cartridges.

Top 10 best laser hair removal reviews

1. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

With innovative and advanced features, the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is a hair removal laser for use at home that brings about long-term and impressive results.

As the first, LHR system was recognized as effective and safe to use at home by the FDA, it applies to the laser diode technology. This encourages its use in the salons that require long-term laser treatments.

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

A feature that makes it favored is that the Tria machine is a cordless machine and easy to operate. With its compact design, just bigger a little than a mixed bag, it can treat some positions like the bikini line. However, this requires longer treatment for larger areas such as your leg.

The big LED screen helps use the features and settings more easily which are composed of lock feature, battery life, pulse counter, energy levels, comfort settings and skin sensor.

In my opinion, an outstanding feature of the Tria Laser is its own brain internal skin tone sensor. If you are supposed to be so dark that the sensor can’t recognize, the machine does not work on you. This helps you not have trouble in the process of skin tone as well as avoids damages caused by yourself.

Compared to other hair removal machines, this machine’s price is supposedly higher a little. However, it actually is not because the cost is stable and you also don’t have to replace laser hair removal cartridges constantly. Therefore, in fact, this machine may be even cheaper than the other ones.

However, the only disadvantage of this product in some cases is the battery. This does not matter to me because a rechargeable laser hair removal device for home use is certainly my priority instead of the one with bulky equipment and power cords.


  • This machine will lock automatically if skin tone is not light enough.
  • People can use the Digital Interface easily.
  • Ergonomic and Cordless.
  • You will get amazing results with the Permanent Hair Removal.
  • The treatment don’t require a long time.
  • You can get a refund in 90 days since you bought the product if the technical fault is revealed.


  • Finite Number of Flashes – No Replacement Cartridge
  • it requires charging.

With the Tria 4X, you don’t have to worry about your skin because this machine is compatible with most kinds of skin tone and it won’t definitely let you down. If you are still wondering, don’t hesitate to pick one of the best machines for yourself.

​​​​​​​​​​​​2. Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System

The iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body machine operates best on medium to darker colors of hair. Meanwhile, it becomes less efficient on lighter hair colors such as light red and blonde, and even stop working when the color hair is light like grey and white.

The Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System makes use of pulses of light energy to prevent hair from developing from the root in the long term.

Compared to the Tria, the laser head is bigger, which is very useful to treat larger parts like the back or the leg.

Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System

An outstanding feature of this device over the Tria is that its battery can use for longer time. So, you don’t have to worry about this problem whenever using. It is reported to prolong over 2 hours every single use.

A good news is that you can lift the rate of hair reduction to 94 percent and this positive result can be maintained for a long time. Moreover, with the upgraded version, hair on both your face and body can be cleared.

The iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body machine not only applies advanced technologies to bring about the best results for customers but is also affordable to many people.

It features an ultra-fast flash rate which helps treat some positions like your bikini line or underarms just in a minute. A majority of users express their satisfaction with the product because it makes them comfortable while treating and can operate for hours on end without charging.

The iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body device is designed to make sure that it suits your skin, so you have to read Who can use and Where to use carefully before using it. Although this IPL machine is upgraded, the laser machine seems to be more favored because of its advantages. Therefore, to acquire expected achievements, the machine should be given more time to prove its efficiency.


  • Only after 3 treatments, the rate of hair has decreased 94%.
  • Thanks to the 50% larger window, treatments are carried out more rapidly.
  • Easy-to-use, efficient and safe.
  • The first device in this field has been certificated by FDA.
  • ​Gentle and fast
  • Apply the advanced technology like professionals.
  • Permanent results


  • It doesn’t work well on lighter hair colors like light red or blonde.
  • A replacement quartz is required after about 65,000 flashes.

Let the Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System help you stay away from waxing and shaving. It’s time for you to enjoy the comfortable moments with the effective and long-lasting hair removal.

3. iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device

With the help of Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device, your beauty journey will become much easier and simpler. In fact, this device is so upmarket, interactive and smart as well.

The innovative elos technology combines Radiofrequency (RF) and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to enable the device to work effectively on most natural hair colors (there remains an argument on white hair) and on all kinds of skin.

Because of being powered by patented technology, the Touch Permanent Hair Reduction System is made of with the only FDA-cleared technology for eternal results on all skin tones.

iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device

Many professional dermatologists all over the world use this product, and it has been clinically certified that this device works well on the largest range of hair colors, even on red, dark blond and blond hair as well as on all skin tones.

After 7 weeks of treatments, you’ll see your hair reduction up to 94%. As mentioned before, this at-home hair removal device can just work most effectively on hair colors (dark hair) and on some range of skin tones (olive to light). However, if it use an appropriate technology, the above limitations will be surpassed.

The way to operate it is completely like the common IPL device; however; instead of gliding over the area once, you need to do that twice.

The flash window of this device is thin enough on the side to use precisely and also wide enough for full body treatments.

Additionally, it’s equipped with a replaceable cartridge that is like LumaRx. As a result, you can last the lifespan of this device longer. In fact, if used and stored properly, this device can even work effectively for many years. A cartridge can be loaded with about 120,000 flashes.


  • Less painful than other common devices
  • Highly rated by users
  • Works effectively on a wide range of skin tones
  • Works effectively on the largest range of hair colors, including red, dark blond, and blond hair


  • ​Damages sensitive areas of the body
  • Very expensive
  • Costly to replace cartridges
  • Not always effective for all people

If you don’t feel confident in your dark skin and fair hair, and you don’t know how to choose a safe and efficient at-home laser removal, don’t worry! The Iluminage Touch is the most suitable device for you. In reality, it’s the only at-home hair removal product that work on the widest range of hair color and all skin types.

4. LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device for Face & Body

LumaRx is a high-quality hair removal device for home use. This product will be a useful tool to help you reduce facial and body hair effectively and permanently. Users will be definitely satisfied with it because the amount of unwelcome hair will reduce 94 percent just after 3 treatments.

You can use this device for both small and large areas on your body. It is recommended especially for areas like above the lips, neck areas, chin, sideburns, female facial hair on the cheeks, stomach and chest, legs, arms, bikini line and underarms.

LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device for Face Body

It is equipped with a skin tone tester responsible for discovering hair that is so dark and then, refusing to treat it. Therefore, it is suggested to only light to medium skin tones. The light energy is compatible with dark hair and even operates best on darker hair including dark blond, dark brown and black. Meanwhile, LumaRx may let you down if it works on lighter hair like white, gray, red or light blond, and peach fuzz.

The LumaRx is distinct from the others because its parts can be removable and flexible, especially the replaceable cartridge and the caps. Similar to high-quality machines, this machine includes two caps for body and face use.

However, there are differences of wavelength (IPL depth), speed and flash window size between two caps. This guarantees the accuracy of the home laser hair removal when you use it for your face at home and the compatibility between the IPL and your facial skin.

Possibly creating a stronger wavelength and larger window size, the body cap can treat deep areas under the hair and skin. Moreover, it can be used for a very long time with the help of the replaceable cartridge. But you should notice that this machine requires a good maintenance.

A notable thing is that this product has the longest warranty period among the best machines. This helps persuade customers to buy it because its parts can be separable.


  • Remove hair fast and effectively
  • It can be used for many areas, including facial areas
  • Reasonable price
  • Amazon customers highly appreciate this machine


  • It should be given time to prove its efficiency.
  • It doesn’t work on red, white, grey and light blonde hair
  • It is not recommended to treat large areas

The LumaRX Full Body Lase is certainly the right decision because defuzzing the armpits and face is not all it can do but more. If you want to eliminate back hair and chest hair, so why don’t you choose this amazing device? Let it help you feel great in the beach or at the pool party when the summer is coming.

5. Silk'n Flash&Go Hair Removal Device

Based on its good performance and reasonable price, the Silk n Flash and Go hair removal device is listed among the most popular laser hair removal machines for home use available on the market now.

Silk n Flash & Go device is recognized by both the FDA and Health Canada as safe for home use. Unlike most of laser hair removal machines using the popular Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, it applies Home Pulsed Light (HPL). This company declares that the intensity of this light technology is lower, making it safer.

Silkn Flash Go Hair Removal Device

With the skin tone sensor installed in the 4 cm square treatment window, the Flash and Go is also equipped with a 5000 Flashes cartridge. This helps it work on many different areas such as bikini line areas, underarms, arms, legs and even your face.

With compact and sleek design, the Silk n Flash and Go is convenient to use for all areas on your body. Like the Tria 4x, you can bring it with you when travelling.

You can use The Flash & Go to treat many parts on your body such as your bikini line, underarms, arms, legs and even the upper lip area.

Accompanied with an attachable applicator, this device may be stuck to the Flash and Go in case a smaller spot size of the light is needed. Moreover, it is highly appreciated to treat sensitive areas such the face because of its high accuracy.

One disadvantage is that you have to charge it when using and replace cartridges when they are exhausted. There are 5 levels of intensity for you to choose with the highest output energy of 5 J/cm square. To treat areas like legs and arms, you should use the higher levels and apply the lower ones for face and bikini line areas.

To get expected results, you have to be patient because this device requires 6 to 8 treatments at least to show its efficiency. However, it is considered the most affordable machine to work well. If you are looking for a home laser machine with reasonable price, don’t hesitate to pick the Silk n Flash and Go.


  • Its spot size is 4cm2, which makes it easy to treat small and targeted zones such as the upper lip, or sensitive areas such as bikini line area.
  • The protocol is upgraded to ensure the growing efficiency and rapid results.
  • With the compact high-tech design, it can be stored or packed conveniently.
  • This product will bring you the smooth skin without razr burn or ingrown hair.
  • It applies the HPL technology certificated by FDA.
  • Equipped with the plugin power and the skin tone.
  • Good treatment window size
  • This device is easy-to-use, affordable and can be used for any area on your body, even your face.


  • You will have to replace the cartridge after 5000 flashes.
  • Compared to laser devices, it is used for a shorter time because of its low energy.

With new high-tech design, the Flash&Go applicator can help you treat any area you want effectively. So, let the Flash&Go help you stay away from annoying stubble and unexpected hair immediately!

6. Veet Infini'Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System For Home Use

Veet Infini'Silk Pro promises to bring you a smooth skin each day. This FDA-cleared IPL hair removal device is designed for both men and women and will help you enjoy the smooth and long-lasting skin.

With the invention of the Veet Infini'Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System for Home Use, you do not have to worry about hair anymore. Using the advanced technology like in salons and clinics, this product can serve your right at your home.

Veet Infini'Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System For Home Use

If you are looking for a device to treat your whole body hair, the Veet Infini Silk Pro can be a good choice. You can use it treat some areas such as bikini line, back, legs, under arms and arms areas.

Designed with the large lamp size, this product can help you treat hair around your whole body easily. However, if you want to treat some sensitive areas and the face that require high accuracy, this product may not work well on them.

Not only can it change the light intensity, but it is also composed of indispensible safety features such as skin contact sensor or skin color sensor.

Like many other laser hair removal devices, the Veet Infini Silk Pro IPL hair removal device also exploits the laser technology Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to help eliminate unwanted hair on your body.

Every Infini’Silk Pro lamp cartridge can emit 5000 pulses of light. If you want to use it for many areas or other people, all you have to do is just change the cartridges. Furthermore, cartridges can be used for a long time.

With a large lamp size, the Veet Infini Silk Pro is likely to treat larger skin areas and shorten the time of hair removal sessions. However, it is not recommended for some areas that require precision.


  • It can be used for your whole body.
  • Easy-to-use
  • You can hold it easily because of its light weight.
  • It causes no interruption when treating.
  • There are 5 levels of energy for you to choose the most suitable.
  • Skin sensors help treat safely right at your home and avoid damaging your eyes.
  • It adopts the same technology like in salons and clinics.


  • Its results are not as good as laser’s ones.
  • Not recommended for some sensitive areas.

This product may be a perfect choice for a hair removal device for home use. Not only is it used for a long time, but it is also easy-to-use, effective and affordable, and causes no pain.

7. mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device

With the help of Mẽ Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device, hair reduction will be easily recognized up to 94% after just 7 weeks of treatment! In fact, it has been clinically certified that mẽ smooth is very suitable for the largest range of colors and all skin tones.

The greatest feature about this useful device is that it can work well on all hair colors and all skin tones. That makes this device become very popular.

mē Smooth Permanent Hair Reduction Device

Amazingly effective, patented, and unique, elōs technology can combine Radio Frequency (RF) and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) so that it can work more safely and rapidly than other conventional at-home hair removal technologies. Thanks to the combination, it becomes the shortest and most effective way to reach smooth skin – no ingrown hairs, irritation, cuts, nicks or snapping.

A cartridge is replaceable and offers 6000 flashes. It’s not difficult to use and hold. Especially, before using this device, it’s recommended to epilate, wax or shave so as to achieve the best results.

The wireless device has 3 power levels to use in the most ideal state. In order to operate this device, choose the power level you desire and then put its head on your skin. One thing to remember is that the silver RF bars must be compatible with your skin when moving it across your body.

Most reviews about mẽ smooth show that this product is really an innovative device that is suitable for almost hair colors as well as all skin tones.

In reality, mẽ smooth is significantly useful device that enables you to treat bikini, underarms, face, legs, back, and arms area in just some minutes. Furthermore, optional attachments help you to epilate or shave during the treatment progress.


  • Suitable for all areas of the body and face
  • Easy to use – Eternally reduce undesired hair at home – no need to make an appointment
  • Three intensity levels, corded plugin use
  • FDA approved, RF & IPL technology
  • FDA cleared and clinically certified solution for eternal hair reduction
  • Suitable for all hair colors and skin tones, patented Elos technology
  • Effective on the largest range of hair colors and all skin types or tones


  • Not good results for dark hair
  • Cartridge needs replacement

Owning an innovative at-home beauty device enables you to take responsibility for your own beauty journey. Mẽ smooth is for one and also for all.

8. Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

With the support of the Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System, possessing silky-smooth skin is no longer difficult.

Effective and gentle even on the most sensitive areas of bodies, this light-based system uses IPL technology originated from professional salons in order to see up to 75% hair reduction just after two months (when used bi-weekly on lower legs) or four treatments.

It is consist of a skin tone sensor that can automatically recognize your skin tone and immediately lock if it recognize a skin tone which is unsafe for treatment. Additionally, this device can also set the intensity level according to the skin tone.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

This wonderful device designed to be suitable for all areas of the body and face (upper lip, sideburns, and chin). It’s a corded and flexible device; therefore, there is no need to use batteries to recharge.

Additionally, the skin tone sensor help you to avoid unintentional misuse as well as the integrated UV filter enables you to protect your skin from UV light.

Moreover, this device is also designed with a flash and slide mode which helps five modifiable power settings and a gliding motion suit areas of the body being treated and different kinds of skin.

The Philips Lumea Comfort is recommended to work best on naturally back hair, brown, and dark blond as well as on light to medium skin tones. Be different from other common brands, Philips Lumes Comfort doesn’t need replacement parts. This product also offers a six-year treatment to full body with no need of replacement lamps.


  • Durable – equivalent to 6 years of treatments, lasts for more than 100,000 flashes, before the light needs to be replaced
  • Ease of use
  • Five modifiable settings
  • Mains powered – recharging batteries is not necessary
  • Relatively cheap – at about $200
  • Replacement parts are not needed – initial outlay only


  • Corded – less convenient than wireless, although recharging batteries is not necessary
  • Shortage of available clinical evidence – while the producer claims that this product is backed up by scientific data, it’s not always available for viewing

The Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System is consist of an integrated safety system which enables you to avoid inadvertent flashes. Moreover, this device is very compact and light and also easy to operate. With all aforementioned features, it’s worth money.

9. Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System

Do you want to own beautiful skin by waxing and shaving hundreds of times or even permanently in your life? Does your hair keep growing back immediately, and then leaving your body with prickly stubble?

With the help of the i-Light Pro, you will feel free from the problem of your everyday hair removal routine. This is really an innovative hair removal device that adapts scientifically-designed pulses of light to prevent hair from growing and gives you a new type of beautiful, smooth, clear skin.

Remington iLIGHT Pro Hair Removal System

On the market, the Remington is considered as one of the most reliable brands. Also, this device is equipped with an IPL hair removal system that is quite affordable and popular as well.

Additionally, the Remington also uses FDA powered by Pro-pulse technology. Therefore, it’s like the devices that is widely used by many professional dermatologists all around the world. It can offer amazingly long-lasting results up to 6 months.

A skin tone sensor and a skin contact sensor enable you to use this machine effectively. The cartridge which can be replaceable offers about 6000 flashes and these flashes can be used for 2-3 full body treatments.

This device allows you to use on bikini, underarms, and body area, but it cannot be used on face. It’s also equipped with an ultra-fast rate of 2 seconds that helps you to over the sensitive areas of your body in under one minute.

The wide treatment window enables you to cover many different areas of your body in order to save time. It’s a plug and equipped with 5 intensity levels. Thus, it can be used for prolonged duration.

Furthermore, the i-Light Pro is also designed with a built-in feature to make sure this device can be contact with your skin. Before using it, remember to read the instruction to know who can use as well as where to use.

The I-light Pro cannot work well on light colored hair such as grey and white. It’s also less effective on darker skin. However, this product is recommended to work most effectively on medium to darker hair colors.


  • Five intensity levels, corded plugin use
  • IPL technology, FDA approves
  • Work effectively on all areas of the body, except sensitive and face areas
  • Suitable for dark hair colors and light skin tones, Pro Pulse technology


  • Not allowed to use on face
  • Cartridge needs replacement

You will soon recognize the amazing results and have silky-smooth skin after a few weeks of using this device. However, one thing to notice is that the I-Light Pro isn’t suitable for all people; hence, ensure you carefully read the instruction to know who can be allowed to use I-Light Pro Section before buying this device.

10. Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Intense Pulsed Light Body Only Hair Removal System

Venus Silk-Expert – The most brilliant choice for your skin. In reality, Venus Silk-Expert is known as a breakthrough IPL system which leads to eternal hair reduction after just four treatments.

This device works effectively beneath the surface of your skin by detecting the melanin in the hair follicle, and breaking the cycle of hair re-growth. If used regularly and continuously, it will prevent undesired hair from getting the skin surface.

Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001

What actually makes it a unique product is SensoAdapt technology which can recognize your skin tone – 80x per second – as well as automatically use the light intensity for the best safety and effectiveness. This will eliminate the guesswork of having to fit your skin tone against the complex color matching charts other devices request.

Unlike other common devices (save for the iluminage Touch), there is no need to check the areas of your body whenever you use it. This is very a big convenience if you own different skin tones in different parts of your body.

Another prominent point of this device is its built-in cartridge which can load up to 300,000 flashes – the largest number compared to other common devices we have seen.

Additionally, the speed of this product is quite good, clocking at just 1-2 seconds. Integrated with a wide window that can open at 3 cm2, areas of your body such as arms and legs can be treated in no time. Also, the level of noise in comparison with other common machines is far lower.

This device through the following figures is even much more wonderful. About 89% of women saw a remarkable visible hair reduction just after the 12-month treatment. About 94% of women saw remarkable results just after the 3-month treatment.

No safety glasses or replacement cartridges, no extra costs for gels. This hair removal device is completely safe and clinically proved for use without safety glasses.


  • Prevents undesired hair from getting the skin’s surface
  • Reduces hair remarkably within just 4 weeks
  • Rapid and convenient way to prevent hair from growing
  • Clinically proved for eternal hair reduction


  • Not allowed to use on facial area
  • Works effectively only on black, dark brown, natural blond hair
  • Laser is painful
  • Hair grows back over time if not used continuously

The Silk- Expert ipl 5001 is a cost-effective as well as time-saving option for you as it enables you not to have to shave every day.

Home Laser Hair Removal FAQ:

What is a laser hair removal device?

People of both genders can benefit from Laser Hair Removal, and this therapy has gained more popularity every day. More than eighty-five percent of women and seventy percent of men have reported successful permanent treatment rate of 85% to 99% after undergoing just about six to ten sessions.

Laser hair therapy is among the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the US. This therapy employs heat from a laser beam to directly target at hair follicles. There, pigments located in the hair follicles absorb the beam, heat up then begin to burn. Thus, the hair and its surrounding root are destroyed to such an extent that it can’t grow back again.

Laser treatment is a safe, quick and simple procedure. The heat from each laser beam is highly concentrated and specific, thus preventing your skin from absorbing it. Since there are certain cycles for human hair to grow, a series of treatments should be performed at intervals of at least eight weeks.

What are advantages and disadvantages of using at-home laser hair removal?


· Possessing a home device saves you bunches of dollars for treatments.

· It is very convenient since you can have treatment at your own disposal.


Despite having the best laser machine at home, you need and should have a qualified professional to help you treat some special areas of your body or on your face because of safety reasons. The areas that need special care are the genital part, the area between your eyebrows and other areas that carry potential risks. Having your hair professionally treated makes sure you are completely safe. Having a home laser hair removal means you have to know the proper way to use your device and know what situations you should and shouldn’t use it.

If you’re using home laser device for the first time, don’t worry, you can how to use your device properl in this following video:

Is laser hair removal permanent?

A laser machine is designed to stop the growth cycle of body hair. The light power or laser beam will burn your hair root till it falls out naturally. Yet, due to the biological nature, your hair can grow back.

-Different from waxing and shaving, laser therapy offers one fantastic benefit: your hair will grow back far finer and also fewer than before. And if you receive continuous treatments, you will get your hair reduced for good.

Some people receiving a few laser treatments report that their hair is removed permanently since they haven’t seen it re-grow. However, there are chances that their body has adapted itself to continuous treatments, so their hair is delayed to grow back far longer than their expectations. Whatever happens, you’d better stick to your schedule on a regular basis to get the best results.

How many sessions are required for laser hair treatment?

Usually, you need to undergo 6 to 12 sessions. The exact number of treatments depends on your skin type, your body area, the laser employed, the density and coarseness of your hair. Also, remember to keep a regular schedule so as to get higher success rate.

Is using at home hair removal machines allowed for any areas of the body and the face?

The answer is no. Different devices require certain limitations. Typically these are:

Areas of the face and body – Several early versions of home laser hair removal devices can’t be use on facial areas and certain body parts. The devices above however, can be used for the face and body. The acceptable areas for men and women to use this device are arms, underarms, hands, bikini line, legs, back, abdomen and chest. For facial areas, the majority of these devices are suitable for females’ facial hair growing downward from the cheek line such as upper lip, neck, chin and cheeks.

Areas suffering skin conditions – If your skin is damaged such as tanned or sunburned, or you have tattoos, skin irritation (redness or peeling), skin conditions (herpes, eczema, active infections, acne, psoriasis, wounds, etc.), you must not use the laser therapy. Skin areas that have birthmarks, dark moles, heavy freckles and warts are also outside the using coverage.

Certain tones of the skin – The majority of these laser devices can treat individuals with skin tones ranging between light and medium. However, some devices can also deal with darker skinned individuals. The devices listed above come with integrated safety sensors so that users can check their skin tones before use. Or you can check your tone manually by looking at the guide above to fin out whether your skin tone is appropriate.

Certain colors of the hair – The laser techno works effectively on hair of darker colors since the laser mechanism bases on the hair pigmentation. If the skin tone is highly contrasted with the hair color, then the treatment will yield great results.​

How to use At Home Laser Hair Removal properly?

  1. Prepare your skin – You need to get your skin cleansed, shaved and dried before any treatment.
  2. Choose a specific treatment setting on the device –This is dependent on whether your device is an auto-machine or on manual. You should read the device’s manual for more details on how to select an appropriate setting. Bear this in mind: when you choose higher energy level, you’ll see the results faster.
  3. Select an area –Treat the area of the body and the face as indicated. Keep on treating the area to get the results you desire.

What is the best time to get treatment?

The perfect time to receive hair treatment is when your hair grow most actively. So, stick to a continuous and regular schedule. Because human hair growth takes place in cycles, it’s important for you to follow a regular schedule for home treatment. Each device brand usually offers an app to help you track your treatments.

Tip: You should have the treatment at night so that any lingering irritation would vanish the next morning. You can do some shaving while in schedule, but remember not to wax or pluck.

What happens after laser hair removal treatment?

Within 1 or 2 days after treatment, the treated skin area will suffer from what’s like a sunburn. You can heal this redness by applying cool compresses or using a moisturizer. After a month, the hair you’ve treated will finally fall out. At this time, you should put on sunscreen to protect your treated skin from changing color temporarily.

What to Expect During treatment?

During treatment for the first time, some people may suffer some discomfort, let’s say itching, warmth or tingling. Also, a few users can feel like their skin is prickling, whereas other uses report of a sensation that resembles the snapping of a rubber band. All these sensitivities are normal and often disappear when you have later treatments.

If your pain threshold is quite low or your kin is sensitive, numbing or calming creams can help. Some people even see certain areas suffer mild redness. However, this often go away after a day.

If the pain still lingers and seems too harsh for you to stand after your first treatment, you should stop your treatment and consult your doctor for advice on whether to keep using the device.

What to Expect Before starting your treatment?

Before starting your treatment, you’ll have to take note of the below list of skin conditions. If you're planning on laser, before you have your first treatment, you should consider some skin conditions listed below

Don’t use laser device if:
  • You have skin damage or irritation
  • You have your skin peeled, plucked, epilated or waxed for the last sic or eight weeks.
  • Your skin is sunburnt or tanned. You’d better wait for the injured skin to return to normal before undergoing hair treatment.
  • You are in pregnancy or breastfeeding period
  • You used to be diagnosed of skin cancer or pre-cancer.
  • Don’t use the device when you’re near some watery areas to avoid electric shocks.
  • You are sensitive to light, or what we call photosensitivity
Don’t use the device on these areas:
  • Areas in between the eyebrows or above your cheek line since your eyes can be damaged by the laser beam. I highly recommend that you take some precautions such as wearing UV glasses.
  • Areas where there are black or dark-brown spots like large freckles, dark moles, warts or birthmarks. Also, don’t use the device on the body part that has tattoos.
  • Areas that have such skin conditions as eczema, herpes, psoriasis, active infections, acne, or wounds
  • If you have too dark or too bright skin tone or hair color, you should not use the device too.
  • Ears, genital area (bikini line is acceptable), nipples or anus

Don't apply this method on those body parts you might want your hair to grow again. Laser method if used for a long time brings permanent effect and can't be reversed.

Remember to take safety precautions when using electrical devices: We tend to use hair removal device in our bathroom, so make sure the device and its charger won't touch the water. To minimize the risk, never place it near the sink or the tub. Also, to protect yourself from an electric shock, avoid putting the cord near heated surfaces such as towel rails.


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