15 Best Green Tea Reviews

Needless to say that green tea is becoming increasingly favored by a lot of people because of its benefits it brings about to our health. It may be surprising that green tea comes from China and in here, green tea is seen as an antioxidant that contributes to protecting the health.

It may be a little difficult to say which green tea is better because the personal preference of each person is different. However, some people say that there are still some types of green tea which are supposed to be healthier and better than the others.

Therefore, knowing which green tea brands is better, or even the best, will help you make a good choice. And always remember to choose what makes your life comfortable. Below are the top 15 best green tea brands all over the world that you should know:

Benefits of Green Tea That You Didn't Know About

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    Weight Loss. Maybe you do not know that green tea is useful in helping you lose weight. Using green tea frequently will help increase the metabolism in the body. In addition, green tea also contains polyphenol which plays an important role in speeding up the rate of turning food into calories in your body as well as increasing levels of fat oxidation
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    Diabetes. Green tea is also supposed to help control glucose at a certain level. This not only helps reduce the rise of sugar in blood after you eat but also stop fat storage and high insulin spikes.
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    Heart Disease. According to scientists, green tea affects the lining of blood vessels. This will keeps blood vessels in relaxed conditions, so improving the ability to respond to sudden changes in blood pressure. Besides, it also contributes to reducing the risk of forming clots that are the main reason leading to heart attacks.
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    Esophageal Cancer. Green tea is able to minimize the risk of esophageal cancer. Furthermore, green tea is also known commonly to be likely to destroy cancer cells but not cause damage to the healthy tissues surrounding them.
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    Cholesterol. Green tea is also known to provide more good cholesterol and reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood.
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    Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Green tea is said to slow down the seriousness of Parkinson and Alzheimer’s diseases. According to some studies which were carried out on mice indicated that green tea could heal damaged brain cells and prevent brain cells from dying.
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    Tooth Decay. Some studies show that “catechin” – a type of chemical antioxidant – found in green tea is able to kill viruses and bacteria which cause dental diseases, such as dental caries, and throat infections.
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    Blood Pressure. The frequent use of green tea is supposed to ease the symptoms of high blood pressure.
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    Depression. People discover that tea leaves also contain a type of amino acid named theanine. This acid is said to help make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. In addition, green tea also supposedly brings about great benefits to users.
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    Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial. Catechins found in tea are strong antiviral and antibacterial agents which play an important role in effectively treating some diseases from influenza to cancer. According to some studies that have proved that green tea can stop many diseases from spreading quickly.
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    Skincare. Green tea appears to be able to solve some problems such as the signs of aging and wrinkles. The reason why it can do this is that green tea can function as an anti-inflammatory as well as an antioxidant. According to some studies carried on both human and animals, green tea has been proven to be likely to reduce damages caused by the sun if applied topically.

How to brew the perfect green tea?

It can be said that the taste of a cup of tea is decided mainly by the temperature of the water. So, the preparation of water also plays a critical role. If the temperature of water is too high, the tea will lose its aroma and taste a little bitter.

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    To be likely to enjoy a cup of tea with perfect taste, you should leave the temperature of water from 75 to 80 degree Celsius.
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    If you use tea bags, then you should brew them during the time of 2 – 3 minutes.
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    If you use tea leaves, it will take a longer time – approximately 3 to 4 minutes.

How to drink green tea

Green tea is not merely a green and hot liquid. But even more, a cup of green tea contains antioxidants and helps prevent some problems relating to heart.

Not only can it help reduce the risk of suffering from some certain cancers, but it also contributes to improving brain function.

 However, to yield all benefits from this green and healthy liquid, you have to follow some certain regulations to brew tea properly.

#1.Drinking Green Tea

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    It is necessary to use both hands to hold a cup of tea. While you use your right hand to hold the cup, your left hand will be used to support it from below. The use of both hands to hold a cup or called “yunomi” in Japanese is considered to express the politeness in Japan.
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    You should take notice of some etiquette when drinking tea. Remember not to make any noise or slurp while drinking. In addition, making the tea cool by blowing on it is also not what you should do. Instead, you should put it on the table and let it cool down by itself.
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    Finally, it is time for you to enjoy you cup of tea with your taste buds and preference. It is certain that you can enjoy delicious and appealing cups of tea if you prefer it milder or sweeter in flavor, or a little bitter or more muted in taste. Let’s make a choice of the tea that suits you best.

#2.Having Green Tea with a Meal

Never have green tea on an empty stomach

It is not good to start a new day with a cup of tea because tea contains a certain amount of caffeine. So, instead of bringing about benefits, it, in contrast, will cause some problems to the stomach balance. For this reason, you should begin the day with a glass of warm water mixing with honey and lime, or simply eat some type fruit.

Two Hours Before Or After A Meal

Many people have a habit of drinking green tea after their meals but it is proved that drinking green tea right after meals won’t do good to your health but causes some problems such as preventing your body from absorbing nutrients. In other words, all food you take in won’t be absorbed in a right way by your body because the presence of tannins and caffeine in tea will prevent this from happening. To be worse, the gastric juices may be diluted by green tea, leading to the improper digestion. Therefore, if you would like to drink green tea, then you should do it two hours before or after the meals.

#3.Two To Three Cups A Day Is The Limit

Despite some benefits to your health, green tea also can cause damage to your health unless you drink it in moderation.

 According to the University Of Maryland Medical Center, a person should consume on average from 2 – 3 cups per day or 100 – 750 mg of extract from standardized green tea per day.

#4. Don't reuse green tea bags:

You should know that a tea bag that has been already used not only contains a high content of caffeine but also can be easily attacked by microbes. Therefore make sure that you never reuse green tea bags to be able to enjoy full taste of tea and for your safety too. Besides, green tea leaves will definitely bring you a perfect cup of tea.

#5. Should You Take Green Tea Before Going to Bed

There is a lot of information on the internet referring some properties of tea that can help you keep calm and have a sound sleep too. However, in fact, you shouldn’t drink green tea before going to bed.

 Including the amino acid L-theanine, green tea has ability to help you keep calm and make you alert, increasing the capacity of concentration. For this reason, green tea is not suggested to drink before you go to bed.

15 Best green tea reviews

1. Mariage Freres Marco Polo

The brand of this kind of tea is well-known throughout the world. What did you really know about this tea brand? In fact, this house of French tea was set up in 1854 in Paris. What helps people to distinguish between this type of tea and other common teas is that these tea leaves are grown on the slopes of Fuji Mountain.

Rich in Vitamin C in accordance with a distinctive taste that no one can easily forget; thus, it is completely worth tasting once if you’re searching for something that is less bitter.

 You also have some options when buying this tea. If you want to use instantly, purchase it loose. Or you can buy sachets weighing 2.5 gram.

Most importantly, the content of caffeine in the tea is amazingly light. Therefore, you will not have the feeling of being sleepy and lethargic during a day.

2. Teavivre Organic Lapsang Souchong Smoky Black Tea Loose Leaf Chinese Tea

This delicious tea is considered as one of the best-selling brands in its own hometown – China. You might feel surprised to realize that this tea brand dedicates a great amount of its time so as to create a sweet taste without adding any preservatives or flavors.

There is a fact that this organic tea is totally handmade by a genuine and experienced tea master, Mr. Wen, who still tries to remain the traditional method till today.

In order to make Teavivre Organic Lapsang Souchong, it requires at least twenty steps which are carefully followed by a complicated traditional crafts, consisting of cooling, shriveling, curling, fermentation, drying, etc. Because people use pine woods to heat, the tea leaves absorb all of the smoke. As a result, the final product often has an aroma of pine smoky flavor. With the increased subsequent infusion, the flavor of tea starts fading while the pine smoky flavor is still remained in every tea cup.

Another refine procedure that we cannot ignore to have a good cup of tea is “shorten the tea leaves’’. This process related to traditional method that aimed to create a pine smoky flavor for tea. Thanks to that, the tea has a better aroma as well as is enriched in taste.

Although these leaves are totally dried and flattened, its mild flavor still doesn’t disappear. In reality, this kind of green teas are plucked for flavor and freshness as well as of the best quality. Hence, there is a certain that you will not regret when spending your pennies on drink a cup of this tea.

 With just around $15, you can totally be assured of receiving the best tea at a very reasonable price.

3. Shangri La Tea Company Organic Tea Sachet

Known as a great leader in particularity organic teas as well as a wonderful pioneer in flavored iced teas, Shangri La is a successful company in setting the pace in healthy beverage industry all over the world. The exceptional tea mixtures of this company have helped them to earn a variety of Tea Championship Awards. Hence, the company’s products have become the best choice in every good resort and dining destinations. And now, you can totally use these wonderful and delicious teas at your house in a lot of different flavors to enjoy on their own or with meals as well.

Whenever mentioning a kind of healthy beverage, Shangri La is considered to be the best and favorite drink. This tea is available for different tastes, whether it is a cup of hot tea or a glass of iced tea.

In fact, this is actually a healthy choice because it contains antioxidants and owns a natural and unique taste. In addition, with the help of available packaging, there is no need to consider carefully before deciding to try something which you have never tasted.

 This organic tea is also designed with the open-leaf style, which is perfectly reflected in each vegetal, fresh, and naturally sweet sip.

4. Palais des Thés Thé de Hammam Green Tea with Sweet Berries

In reality, this fruity mixture has originated from Turkey. In the Turkish recipe, people used green teas as a main ingredient. This kind of tea help to evoke the unique fragrances that are often used to make a steam bath (also known as hammam) have aroma. Besides, there are some other things put into a steam bath such as orange flower water, green dates, berries, and roses.

The extraordinary fragrance of tea is the combination between fruity, rich aromas and Chinese green tea as it is sprinkled with sweet flower petals in the Eastern tradition.

 This green tea is a Turkish brand, which is known as one of the products sold well in the market.

5. Organic Green Tea Leaves from Himalayas

VAHDAM has actually been set up by tea entrepreneur who is known as the 4th generation with a 80-year heritage in this tea industry.

Unlike your daily cup of tea, Vahdam teas are not carried by containers for many months before they are packaged and ready to be sold in the market. Most teas are bought directly from tea growers or plantation within about 24-72 hours to produce. Also, they are packaged right away at garden and shipped from source in India directly.

It is certain that it contains 100% organic and natural tea leaves. Additionally, this type of tea is of more long and green tea leaves which help to provide natural flavonoids and antioxidants. Also, the green tea leaves are carefully plucked by hand as well as produced in tea plantations in highlands of the Himalayas. Therefore, you can feel its pure and natural taste. Moreover, the content of caffeine in teas is very low; hence, you can enjoy an iced or warm cup of tea all day long.

Unlike many other common 14 Day Teatox, 14 Day Teabox Tea, 14 Day Cleanse, 14 Day Detox Tea, this tea brand is 100% natural 14 day detox tea. Vahdam tea is considered as the purest and most natural detox tea without making any side effects. Additionally, it doesn’t need to add any flavors or ingredients. It is recommended that it be great to drink 3 cups of tea a day and you will soon feel the remarkable difference.

This tea has amazingly delicious flavors. A refreshing, energizing, and mellow green tea with a natural floral flavor will definitely make your new day even more wonderful and effective.

This 14 day detox tea is harvested directly from many plantations for hours, and then it comes in vacuum sealed bag at Door & Source Delivered to Amazon Warehouses Direct from India.

 Vahdam Green Teas have been distributed to more than 76 countries and is considered to be the first integrated tea brand throughout the world.

6. Smith Teamaker Fez Blend

Without doubt, these tea makers are the finest ones around the world. Their good understanding of customers’ demands and needs is the outstanding feature that sets them apart from a plethora of competitive green tea makers available in today market.

Moreover, Smith Teamaker Fez Blend No.39 has proved to be a worthwhile product brand for the last several years. I can assure you that it is among the greatest and most famous green tea makers all over the world. You can easily notice Smith Teamer’s no 39 – a prime example of tea that is made through this brand, which most people are savoring since then.

If there is anything about this product that you may not like, I think it is the packaging. Its formal looking reasonably makes it less attractive to you. However, I’m sure all this weakness can be compensated by its out-of-this-world tea quality. The full green tea leaves are spring harvested and purchased from China. This explains why this tea is among the greatest brands of green tea in today market.

And I’m sure you will fall for it at your first taste because the tea is so delicious. Thanks to the jasmine, the tea is slightly sweeter compared to regular kinds of green tea. So, you don’t need to add any sugar or honey.

 If you ask for my suggestion, I would say there is no greater combination than having rare green tea with fragrant spearmint from Pacific Northwest and some hint of Australian lemon myrtle. All of these will artfully evoke the sense of old Morocco and taste best when you share with your friends. Just lounge on your pillows and savor its wonderful flavor.

7. Numi Organic Tea Gunpowder Green, Full Leaf Green Tea

The green leaves of this organic tea are carefully picked within hours, then go under gentle steaming and finally rolled into pearls that are small and tight. When the leaves are steeped, they unfurl and at the same time release a full-bodied and well-rounded flavor that I’m sure you can’t resist.

Numi green tea is one hundred percent organic. Since we never wash tea, tea manufacturers have to guarantee that their product has nothing to do with harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers.

Numi is committed to offer premium quality of loose leaves: the teas and herbs are only blended with real flowers, fruits and spices. All green tea products from Numi are 100% organic, free of sugar and additive fragrance, thus being sure to give you a tasty, healthy and hydrating experience.

You will feel relieved to know that Numi tea is a great combination of fair-trade and premium organic green teas, herbs and 100% real flowers, fruits and spices. You don’t have to worry about its quality because Numi is free of any so-called ‘natural’ flavorings, perfumes, fannings and tea dust.

Numi manufacturers believe that everyone working to create Numi high-quality products is worth receiving equitable wages that allow their families and communities to flourish. Therefore, in any process form farming to packaging, Numi ethically and directly sources from Fair Trade Certified & Fair Labor Verified green tea gardens.

 I think with its creativity, authenticity and its commitment to customers and the planet, Numi deserves your trust. When you choose Numi, you will get a premium organic tea that has the greatest purity and the best flavor.

8. Organic Green Tea - by Kiss Me Organics

This Organic Green Tea by Kiss Me will bring you the best tea time ever. With its unique and tasty flavors, I’m sure you will fall for it so good taste only at the first sipping. I think its flavors are great enough for this tea to become a part of your daily routine. Indeed, every morning, I have one cup for my breakfast with toast.

One of the great things I love about this product is you can get four different types of tea in one package, including classic green tea, green tea jasmine, green tea coconut as well as green tea mint. This Organic green tea says no to both non-synthetic flavors and added sugar. So, all you get is the best and healthiest green tea.

Moreover, this tea is sure to improve your well-being since it contains a great amount of antioxidants and vitamins. The antioxidants packed in the tea will help you fight those free radicals inside your body that can cause lethal diseases. Also, the tea is rich in vitamins A, C, D, E, B1 and B6 coming from natural fruits.

 Not only for health benefits, I also have a cup of tea everyday to recharge my batteries. This tea brand has natural-occurring caffeine levels as well as L-Theanine which boost your calm energy and improve your focus. If you combine this with exercise and healthy diet, its rich nutrient content will enhance your fitness performance and endurance, and also help you achieve your weight loss goal.

9. Choice Organic Premium Japanese Green Tea

Let your lips savor every moment of this luxurious green tea since it embodies all the fresh flavors from a spring harvest. The early and tender leaves are steamed briefly so that they can retain their wonderful character under the rich green color. As a result, we get a rewarding, clean cup full of grassy sweet notes with the aroma no different from a sea vegetable. No exaggeration, Choice Organic Premium Japanese Green Tea is a time-transcending classic.

This classic tea, together with its traditional blends, is sourced and crafted expertly to offer you the authenticity of tea drinking.

You can rest assured that these products are organic since they get the organic certification from Quality Assurance International. This organization is an organic certifying agency and works independently as a third party. Also, the products come with USDA Organic Certification seal. Every process from farming to packaging comes under careful inspection to make sure the final product is premium authentic and organic.

 If you are an eco-friendly user, this product is a perfect choice for you. The tea bag is completely biodegradable, unbleached, made of natural fiber and free of staple. The content box is 100% recycled and 65% post-consumer.

10. Bigelow Decaffeinated Organic Green Tea

Green Tea is a great gift from Mother Nature since it contains a whole lot of beneficial antioxidants. These powerful combatants protect our cells from myriad free radicals and unstable molecules. If we don't keep those risks in check, they may cause degenerative diseases.

Tea bags carry seals to keep tea airtight and fresh so that you can enjoy its flavor to the fullest.

Bigelow tea is 100% organic certified by USDA to ensure health benefits.

According to studies, having ups of green tea increases your chances to fend off harmful invaders. Yet that's not all about the story. Bigelow 100% organic tea is grown by farmers who are socially responsible. Bigelow commits to only using natural fertilizers with no synthetic pesticides or additives. Thus, Bigelow maintains the safe, healthy environment for today and the next generations .

You will fall in love with its flavor and health benefits. Moreover,  Bigelow USDA organic carries QAI seals. Its cultivation and production strictly meet the highest standards of Organic Industry.

As the name suggests, Bigelow's expert process brings up the natural mellow flavor of the tea. And to carefully seal the delicate taste in fresh protective packs.

 So, why still hesitating to make  Bigelow Certified 100% Organic Decaffeinated Green Tea part of your drinking habit? It's not only great tasting, eco-friendly but healthful as well.

11. DoMatcha Green Organic Summer Harvest Green Tea

Domatcha Organic Summer Harvest Matcha 100% contains authentic Japanese Matcha. The tea leaves directly come from Japan's uji region - the origin of Matcha eight hundred years ago.

Matcha harvest comes in August every year. Farmers grow tea leaves in the shade and only choose the best top leaves. Compared with spring-harvest tea leaves, these leaves seem more mature. Thus their flavor has greater astringency.

Domatcha is ideal option for blender drinks, frappes, lattes and smoothies. For every 2.8 oz tin, you can have up to 70 servings.

Domatcha is very rich in catechins and egcgs or powerful antioxidants. For each serving, you should use 1.5 or 1 teaspoon.

 This tea brand is organic and certified by JONA and JAS.

12. Organic India Tulsi Green Tea

Organic India Green Tulsi Tea consists of 18 tea bags per pack and each case has 6 packs. This brand is a pleasing blend of green tea and Tulsi. Also, a lemon aroma from Tulsi helps strengthen tea flavor. This wonderful combination offers a calm energy boost with only half caffeine amount.

Tulsi, also called Holy Basil, is a wonderful tea blend for great flavor and health benefits. It helps improve your immune system. Also, Tulsi is a powerful stress relief since it soothes your negative reaction.

Moreover, the harmonious blend between Tulsi and green tea also creates a tonic rich in antioxidants. It boosts your energy levels, cools and balances your senses. I can't deny that it is a wonderful, subtle and simple way to provide you with restorative powers. You can savor the tea in a hot smoky cup or with ice for rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

 If you are trying to better your work performance, I recommend you choose this brand. I'm an accountant and when I'm snowed under with work, I often have two teabags each time for greater effect.

13. Prince of Peace Organic Green Tea

Prince of Peace tea brand is worth your complete trust. Since 1983, this manufacturer has been offering high-quality green tea products.

When green leaves are tender and young, farmers harvest them fresh then lightly pan fry and dry them. Like Chinese process, this pan-fried tea process offers great flavor and darker color.

Rains and air moist is a natural source of water for these tea plants since they are grown on mountains. Farmers use no pesticides in cultivating. Although grown and produced in China, Prince of Peace tea is tested in independent labs. Also, it is organic certified by ECOCERT ICO and carries organic USDA seal. So, you can rest assured about its quality and safety.

Unlike some other products, these tea bags have no metal staples for string holding. I really like this feature because it makes Prince of Peace directly decomposable. Moreover, the bag envelope is also degradable due to its recycled material and it comes with no foil lining.

 I'm a tea person so I was always hoping to buy a quality green tea product at a low price. At last I narrowed the list down to this brand and it was a right decision. Prince of Peace is reasonably priced and I love it more when knowing that it is organic. If you like green tea, trust me, you won't regret giving it a try.

14. Twinings Organic Pure Green Tea

The major reason that sets this tea apart from other products is it comes with no bad aftertaste. The tea is fresh, smooth and great tasting. Also, it gives you a boost of energy and powerful antioxidants. If you'd like some alternative to coffee, I recommend you try this one.

Whether pure or with fresh flavor, these teas are all perfect for your mood balance throughout the day. Twinings teas, from traditional blend you like to new flavors you crave for, are great addition to your drinking habit.

I love Twinings Organic Pure Green Tea because it tastes fresher than a regular green tea cup. Natural, pure yet enticing and complex, tea blends bring a subtle, smooth flavor that accents its original light flavor. Whichever flavor you love, this blend offers you 100% natural fruit and herbal ingredients. Thus, every sip of the tea is delightfully fresh.

 As I'm always short of time, brewing and enjoying tea seem a luxurious thing for me. Yet, Twinnings has done me wonders by giving me an enticing cup of cold tea in no longer than one minute. However hot the summer is, you can cool it off with iced tea. There are 4 tasty unsweetened flavors: citrus splash, pure black, pomegranate raspberry and mixed berries.

15. Stash Tea Organic Premium Green Tea

Each case consists of 6 boxes, each box contains eighteen tea-bags. In total there are 108 tea-bags. Produced using traditional Japanese methods, this Splash golden-green tea is slightly sweet, delicately herbacious and nutty. I actually love the mild flavor of this tea, much milder and tastier than other green teas I have had. Though it still tastes earthy, it isn't bitter even when I stew the tea for a few more minutes than expected. I find that the tea gets more delicious when I add fruits, or a slice of ginger or lemon to it.

The tea plants grow in Brazilian gardens in Japanese style. It gets certified by Kof-K Kosher, organic certified by USDA and shipped in Frustration Free Packaging. This tea is blended with natural fruits and herbs from around the globe and tea blends are done in the USA.

 If you want to savor its flavor to the fullest, you should roll-boil fresh water. Then you put the tea bag in some pre-heated cup or pot and pour the heated water directly over it. Brew the tea from 3 to 5 minutes until you get your desired taste. With one tea bag, you receive an eight-ounce cup of hot tea. If you love iced tea, you need to brew it with double strength.

How to buy best green tea

There are now a lot of green tea brands available on the market, so you can make a choice of any type of green tea you prefer whether you buy it from the department store or online, or whether you buy it for use at home or your office. Nevertheless, many buyers usually still wonder “ how to choose the best green tea? ”

 And below are some useful tips you should follow to make a choice of the right green tea.

The Best Green Tea is GREEN

Having not experienced the process of oxidation ( or called fermentation) like black tea, green tea leaves, thus, remain green instead of turning brown. This is because of the presence of clorophyll (greening agent) that remains in green tea leaves and will be lost during the oxidation process.

 Also, green tea not only is preserved in the most natural form but also keeps the content of natural antioxidants at the maximum level.

Country of Origin

In 2013, the “Journal of Toxicology” published a study indicating that there were a certain amount of heavy metals found in most of green tea such as aluminum, cadmium, arsenic and lead.

The study showed that the content of cadmium, aluminum and lead tended to be higher in organic green tea than in regular green tea, while the content of arsenic in organic green tea was lower.

Meanwhile, both organic and standard tea from China had a high content of aluminum and the amount of lead in the organic version was high too. Therefore, it is better to make choice of tea from other countries.

 While all four contaminants were also low in organic green tea from Sri Lanka, the version from Japan contained these contaminants at a moderate level. The prolonged or shortened time for brewing green tea will also increase the amount of heavy metals in your tea.

Look for antioxidant content.

The amount of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that is the main antioxidant in the green tea will vary depending on each brand. According to the result of test carried out on 24 brands of green tea by Consumerlabs.com, some brands that contained the most antioxidants were Harney & Sons Organic Green Tea, Teavana Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea, and Lipton Green Tea.

Avoid added sugars.

Many people usually add sugar to their iced green tea, however, this is completely unnecessary and not helpful. If you want to make your green tea sweeter, adding some honey to hot tea can be accepted, but remember not to add sugar.

Try to buy organic green tea

It is advised to use organic green tea and you should store it in a dry and dark place. Make sure that you do not put it in the refrigerator because this can make tea affected by food odor and moisture. And here are some tips you can apply to determine whether a box of tea bags is still fresh or not.

 You need to take the tea from one bag out and then, put the bag without tea in boiling water for 3 minutes.
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    If the taste of water sounds like tea, this shows that the flavor has been transferred from tea to bag. In other words, your tea is not fresh.
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    If the taste of water remains unchanged, so your tea is totally fresh and just enjoy it to improve your health.

Conventional Green Tea Bags Are Not Best In Quality

In general, most of people would prefer green tea bags because of their convenience and cheapness. In reality, however, they are not recommended because green tea bags can’t bring about the best taste of tea.

Moreover, those tea bags often include dust or fannings which are fragmented or small pieces of rejected tea leaves during the process of producing high-quality tea leaves.

 During the production process of tea, the essential oils in broken tea leaves will be lost. This helps explain why you can’t enjoy the full health benefits, taste as well as flavor when you brew your green tea with tea bags.


 I hope this post gives you the ultimate guide so that you can pick your best green tea brand without any hesitation. Thus make a perfect choice for yourself and I’m sure you will regret not trying it earlier before.

 Moreover, make sure you pay attention to your health when considering your ideal brand. Some brands aren’t suitable for your body since they can carry some side effects. There is a variety of great tea choices at your own disposal, so I hope choosing one is not so difficult for you. Yet, you should consider your budget stretch since you don’t want to regret buying a too pricey tea box.

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