Benefits of Vitamin E to hair you may not know

What are the benefits of Vitamin E to hair, do you know? It does not only have 1- 2 effects, it has even more to help women heal their hair problems. You will be surprised to know how valuable Vitamin E is to your hair in this post.

Although Vitamin E’s price is low, this type of cosmetic does not have fewer effects than any others and many women actually keen on it nowadays. More specifically, it does not only have 1- 2 effects to hair, vitamin E even helps women gain their desirable hair.

What is Vitamin E?

In common sense, it can be understood that Vitamin E is one of the substances in the vitamin group. The purpose of Vitamin group is to involve in the digestion of the digestive system and help the body metabolize ingested food into energy for the body to function well. Lack of VTM E makes the digestive system not perform well and causes symptoms such as muscle weakness, ataxia, decreased tactile sensitivity, nystagmus, etc.

Basically, there are two types of Vitamin E: natural Vitamin E and synthetic Vitamin E. Natural vitamin E is extracted from natural foods such as barley, maize, beans and oily fruits such as sunflower oil, coconut, etc. Synthetic Vitamin is massively produced on assembly lines in medical technology.

Synthetic vitamin E is much cheaper than natural Vitamin E but has less absorption capacity. To achieve effectiveness, synthetic vitamin E must use 4 times the dose of natural vitamin E.

Apart from enhancing blood circulation in the scalp and establishing extremely good environmental platform for the development of hair, Vitamin E also has a direct effect on hair structure, which enhances the health of hair shaft and effectively prevents hair loss.

There are also many other wonderful things from Vitamin E for hair beauty that you can immediately see now:

Benefits of Vitamin E to hair

Here are a few special effects of Vitamin E when you apply it on your hair:

1. Vitamin E stimulates hair growth

Vitamin E contains antioxidants, which help improve immune system, and the ability to circulate blood to all parts of the body including the scalp.

A healthy scalp is the foundation and leading environment which helps hair grow better.

2. Vitamin E prevents hair aging process

When your hair is aging, it looks thinner due to hair loss and black hair changes to grey hair. Hair aging is caused by the oxidation of tissue but naturally antioxidant in vitamin E can helps prevent this process.

3. Vitamin E strengthens hair gloss

Using vitamin E oil on your hair regularly makes hair healthier and shinier. You can combine vitamin E oil with some other natural ingredients and massage your hair from top to bottom to achieve the highest efficiency.

4. Vitamin E treats split ends

Split ends problem is a manifestation of your weak hair.If you frequently use chemicals on your hair, you will soon get this.

But now you can deal with such annoying matter by using vitamin E because it can repair the damages. Applying VTM E in long-term will make split ends completely disappear.

One of the effective remedies using vitamin E to reduce split ends is to combine the same amount of olive oil and coconut oil with a little vitamin E and massage the mixture from roots to ends.

The most effective ways to use Vitamin E for hair

Look at the guides below to learn how to use vitamin E effectively for your hair:

1. Eat foods high in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is good for all parts of your body, and eating is the most effective way for the synthesis of vitamin E to be absorbed in the body.

You can find vitamin E in foods such as green vegetables, beets, nuts, avocados, papayas, vegetable oil, etc, and try to add them in your meals.

2. Apply directly to hair

Squeeze 20 or more Vitamin E capsules depending on the length of your hair into a small bowl. Use plastic gloves and massage this Vitamin E oil onto your hair. Pure Vitamin E is sticky so you can add olive oil or coconut oil.

3. Use Vitamin E oil

Look for high quality vitamin E in the form of essential oil in pharmacies near your house, and gently massage it on the hair from roots to tips.

Use a wide tooth comb to gently brush your hair. This helps oil cover from evenly. Keep it on your hair for at least 1 hour before washing the hair with clean water.

However, you can easily make vitamin E oil by yourself for shiny hair. Mix 2 capsules of vitamin E with 2 teaspoons of yogurt, 1 egg and 1/2 teaspoon of rosemary oil. Rinse your hair and gently apply the mixture to hair from roots to ends. Continue incubation in warm towel for 20 minutes before washing again with regular shampoo. By performing 2-3 times a week, not only split ends problem will disappear completely, but your hair also looks shiny and swinging.

4. Use a shampoo containing Vitamin E ingredient

Look for shampoos having VTM E and wash your hair with it regularly at least twice a week. Shampoos containing vitamin E are not pure, so they are easy to use, clean and create a protective layer for both hair and scalp as well.

So, this post is about benefits and instructions on using Vitamin E for hair beauty. Apply these to your hair to make it healthier and more beautiful than ever! 

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