The Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Are you tried of looking at the mirror every day and noticing that your hairline is receding?  Are you frustrated because you have spend your hard-earned money on solutions that are supposedly going to help your hair thinning disappear forever, only to have no results at all?  These are problems that a lot of people have, and they are looking for a solution.  It could be closer than you think.  It’s probably in your kitchen right now.  The solution itself is: onion juice.  It’s a super easy way to help your hair stay healthy and maybe even help slow down hair loss for some users.  Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Onion Juice is cheap and easily accessible

Onions only cost a few bucks for a large bag of them.  Compared to the price that you have to pay at a salon for your treatment and serum that you use religiously, that is nothing.  Onions don’t tend to be seasonal, so finding these fantastic hair-fixers is easy and won’t put you to broke.  Nothing is free, but this fantastic serum root is pretty close, don’t you agree?

You can also look at different kinds of onion on your trip to the store, so this will determine price as well.  You can look at small ones, big ones, specific ones, or normal ones.  There are so many options to choose from, and while you can get just about the same results from all of them, having the option is great!

The Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Onion juice benefits for hair growth come in bunches and are going to blow you away with their fantastic qualities.  The biggest benefit is that it is cheap, as you’ve learned.  The next big benefit of using onion juice for a healthy scalp is that it will give you good results even if you are not finding that you have a lot of luck in thickening your hair.  Since onion has a lot of sulfur in it, the follicles of the hair will get the proper attention they need with better blood circulation, meaning that you will have better scalp health, which is a great thing in general.

As well, onion can be combined with a variety of ingredients (see below) to make a variety of treatments, so if you find that a straight onion juice isn’t working great for you, you can always use these to switch treatments.

Onion juice is a great hair loss treatment because it doesn’t require much time to use.  First, you dice the onions and extract the juice using a food processor.  Then you massage it into your scalp for fifteen minutes and then wash it off with light shampoo.  It’s that easy!

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There are many ways to use onions for hair growth

There are many ways to use onions for hair growth, which you will be excited to learn about, no doubt.  The best way to use it is to make sure that you try with plain onion juice like I mentioned above.  This should be done a few times a week over a period of several months to achieve the best results for each person.

Also, you can try onion juice in combination with honey.  This is done by following the same procedure with an addition of a small amount of honey to the mixture, and then applies it to your scalp.  Honey is a great additive because it is safe, cheap, and great for battling off infections and keeping your scalp chafe and itch free.  It will help make your hair smoother and silkier, too.

Considering the combination of onion juice and coconut oil, which can be massaged into your scalp and left there for several hours. This is a great option because you can add an essential oil to the combination so your hair will smell exactly like your desired essential oil, a great option for those who like the idea of leaving it in their hair for a while to set.

Let’s look at the option of using rum and onion juice.  The onion pieces have to be marinated in rum overnight, but once they infused with each other, it can create a powerful, easy, clean solution for a healthy scalp.

For a few more funny yet amusing options, consider making a paste of olive oil, onion juice and beer.  It sounds weird, but it can help boost the effects of onions.  You just need to apply it to your scalp and leave it on for several hours, make sure you rinse it off thoroughly with shampoo.  It can bring you all sorts of benefits, though it seems weird to think about.

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Caution while using onions for hair growth

There are a few concerns to keep in mind when looking at these options.  The biggest one is that onions have a strong smell, so remember that you’ will probably smell the odor for a day or two after.  Consider rinsing your hair with lemon afterward to kill the smell a bit.  Also, onion in combination with rum or beer can dry your hair out, so you might want to condition it regularly and keep an eye on the strength of your hair.  Only use the combination treatments (other than the honey one) once a week, as doing it more often can hinder your progress.

Onion juice for hair growth becomes popular and in demand in this strange world we live in.  It represents a great option for those who are looking for safe options to use for better hair and healthier scalp.  No matter how you look at it, an onion rinse will give you benefits, and you won’t have to spend half of your paycheck to buy them from the grocery store, no matter what time of the year it is.  Consider the option next time you’re at the store!

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