5 Benefits of Avocado Oil for Skin

You might have heard about the plethora of health perks of consuming avocado on a daily basis. This is perhaps the reason why benefits of avocado oil for skin might very well be overlooked. Indeed, the oil is extracted from avocado and used for multiple cooking and beauty care purposes. And to your surprise, your skin is probably the organ that can reap most noticeable benefits from avocado oil, being internally absorbed or directly applied onto skin.

Thanks to its richness in nutrients, avocado oil sees itself in numerous petrochemical beauty products. However, its original version of cold-pressed organic oil is where maximum nutrition is retained. In general, avocado oil for skin has five major benefits: preventing sun tanning, nourishing, moisturizing, treating acnes and mitigating aging effects.

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Five Benefits of Avocado Oil for Skin

1. Avocado oil as a sunscreen

Avocado oil has high proportion of monosaturated fatty acids. They work as a shield protecting your skin from the sunburns and overtanning.

Imagine this is the case. You are a sunshine lover and often need suncreen for either swimming or walking down the street in that summer sunshine. Then avocado oil is just perfect for you as it does provide you with the protection you need. Meanwhile, avocado oil, unlike other stronger industry sunscreens, is much lighter and friendlier to your skin. This means that you can wear it for an extended period of time or even on a daily basis without having to worry about the itchy feeling on your skin.

How to use?

Being a 15 SPF sunscreen, avocado oil is definitely recommended by experts for daily usage. You can also reapply after every two hours if needed.

2. Avocado oil as a skin nourisher

Not only acts as a protective layer against the sun, the fatty acids richly loaded in avocado oil make it an effective natural skin toner. You can apply the oil directly onto your skin for more instant effect, whereas consuming avocado yields long term benefits. If applied regularly, your skin will gradually find it in a much silky and softened condition than ever before.

Besides, high level of vitamin E in avocado oil helps to maintain and further enhances softness and resilience of your skin. In case of sunburned or skin infections like eczema, the antioxidants like vitamin E, A and D presented in avocado oil help soothe and gently cure the affected area.

How to use?

External uses of avocado oil for nourishing purposes could be in form of facial mask or body bath. Internally, if you find yourself refrain from olive oil for its strong and bitter taste, you might use avocado oil as a lighter alternative for your salad dressing.

3. Avocado oil as a moisturizer

Avocado oil is a reservoir of nutrients that can be deeply absorbed into your skin. This means that the oil will not create greasy feeling while acting as an effective skin care agent and moisturizer. As compared to almond oil or castor oil, avocado takes lesser time to penetrate through your skin, thus making it appropriate for both day and night uses.

How to use?

As a day moisturizer, you only need a small dose of avocado oil and pat it onto your face. It will take approximately 15 minutes to be completely absorbed and you can barely notice its presence.

As a night moisturizer, you can apply avocado oil in a little fancier manner. For example, the avocado peels that are often thrown away when you eat avocados can be combined with the oil. The peel contains a substance called humectant that helps to retain moisture. To use them, gently apply onto your face and massage in circular and upward motion. For better result, apply it with the oil and leave overnight.

4. Avocado oil for acne treatment

Teenagers and people with sensitive skin are often vulnerable to acnes and some other skin infections. And avocado oil can be an herbal treatment for acne-related problems. The principle behind avocado oil’s work is the penetrative power of fatty acids and protein. Such nutrients entering layers of skin and allow the oil to remove those that blocked pores with impurities. After the old oil are removed, cold-pressed avocado oil comes in to cure inflammation and heal itchy pimples.

Additionally, it is recommended that you use avocado oil regularly to prevent acnes. Not only your skin will be toned up daily, the oil will also keep it fresh and clean, thus being invulnerable to new acne threats in the future.

How to use?

You should apply avocado oil directly and topically on the affected skin areas.

5. Avocado oil as an anti-aging cream

Among other skin benefits, perhaps this is the most amzing yet less-known property of avocado oil for skin. Women of every ages worry about getting old. This is why thousand of skincare brands are making lucrative money every year, yet the real effect is almost unnoticeable. Avocado is full of antioxidants such as vitamins A, D, E, protein, potassium, lecithin and numerous fatty acids. All of such nutrients allow avocado oil to have the emollient and regenerative capabilities that most skin types love, especially dry and aged ones.

While antioxidants slow down the aging process by accelarating collagen production. Collagen is a natural protein that helps the skin remains its elasticity and fresh complexion over time. As we age, the body does not produce collagen anymore due to alternation of hormones. And this is where avocado oil comes to help. Avocado oil is also high in sterolin, a substance which research found to facilitate the softening of skin and reduce new forming of age spots. In such amazing ways, avocado oil mitigates the aging signals and gives you a healthy and bright look across time.

How to use?

You can either apply avocado oil only or combine it with castor oil for a mixed solution. In addition, eat fresh avocado or avocado oil in your daily diets will definitely give your skin long-term benefits in evey aspect.

All being said, similar to avocado fruit, the oil extracted from it offers tremendous nutritional advantages both externally and internally. Avocado oil for skin is not only effective but also economical as compared to some other herbal oils that confer similar health and beauty benefits.

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