4 Major Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin

Today, practical application of castor oil for skin has become increasingly recognized and vastly proven to vitalize your body’s largest organ in multiple ways.

Castor oil is a colorless to very pale yellow type of liquid, extracted from pressed seeds of the castor oil plant. Nowadays, castor plant is largely found in Africa and India. Castor oil, like many other vegetable oils such as sunflower seed oil, olive oil or joboba oil, is a natural cure for many types of skin problems. Traditionally, castor oil has been ubiquitously used centuries ago to heal inflammation and skin infections like bacteria and fungi.

The list of benefits of castor oil for skin could be overwhelming for you to memorize and recall upon necessity. Therefore, I would like to group them into four practical applications, which are to cleanse, moisturize, heal, and repair and nourish. This article will provide you with detailed tips on how to properly apply castor oil for each of your specific skincare purposes.

Four Major Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin

1.Castor oil as a skin cleanser

Oil cleansing methods are highly recommended by dermatologists around the world. This is due to vegetable oil that has the ability to clean deeply into the pores and wipe out waxy debris that would otherwise causes blackheads and ances. The key idea of oil cleansing is that the oil applied in your skin will dissolve the oil that has been deeply stuck in your pores and thickened with impurities. This fresh oil will open up those pores and allow the impure oil to be removed. It is advised to mix a small drop of castor oil with another lighter vegetable oil such as apricot oil, olive oil or sunflower seed oil. Excessive use of castor oil will cause imbalance in oil production of the skin. The lubrication of castor oil is so powerful that only a diluted amount of it can tone your skin to a much clearer complexion without having you to resort to any other pricey skincare products.

2. Castor oil as a skin moisturizer

Castor oil is a perfect skin moisturizer for daily use. Richly loaded with fatty acids, castor oil can deeply absorb into skin layers to restore hydration and remove dry patches. Apply castor oil topically before sleep on a regular basis will result in a softened and radiant skin even in the dead of winter or your areas that are vulnerable to dryness like elbows or heels. Since the moisturizing effect of castor oil is tremendous, you should apply a small amount only so that the pores will not get covered more just to end up with unexpected side effects.

3.Castor oil as a skin healer

As a healing method, castor oil provides three useful applications for family and personal care, as detailed below.

Acne treatment

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid that helps fight against bacteria causing acnes innocuously yet thoroughly. The high concentration of ricinoleic acid makes castor oil a distinctive oil among many others. You would obviously get your money’s worth from keeping a jar of castor oil at home as a first-aid remedy for many types of skin problems. To treat acnes, first wash your face with cotton cloth dipped in warm water, then apply an enough amount of castor oil onto the skin area with acnes and gently massage it in circular motion. Cover it with a towel so that you can keep oil overnight and wash it off in the morning to receive the quicker result. You will soon notice that blemishes disappear gradually.

Inflammation and skin sores

Similarly, the antimicrobial properties of castor oil can also cure inflammation or skin sores. You can gently rub castor oil in the infected area to mitigate the discomfort and continue everyday until cured.

Infection and scratches

Fungal infection, skin abrasions, minor cuts and sunburn are some other skin problems that can be properly healed by castor oil. In case of overtanned skin, castor helps soothe your skin and ease the discomfort immediately. You should use a cotton pad or band-aid to dip into castor oil and apply directly on the affected skin area. If applied frequently, your skin problem will disappear without any medical intervention.

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4. Castor oil as a skin repairer and nourisher

Not only healing skin, castor oil does amend the aging factors and nourish skins with sophisticated ailments.

Wrinkles and fine lines

Castor oil with its richness in fatty acids is not only a powerful moisturizer but a tremendous nourishment in several ways. These acids can deeply absorb underneath the skin layers and act as a catalyst in the production of collagen and elastin – two proteins being in charge of maintaining skin elasticity. By this way, castor oil helps remove age spots and delays the development of wrinkles and fine lines on face and eye circles. Again, you should apply castor oil in moderation to prevent unknown side effects.

Stretch marks

Condense with fatty acid and anti-bacterial content, castor oil cleanses, moisturizes, heals and protects your skin. More interestingly, it can also repair skin with stretch marks, whose quality makes castor oil well-loved among women who are often anxious about their ugly marks. Please note that the result may take time to be clearly seen. Importantly, pregnant women and lactating mother are adviced not to ingest castor oil. And castor oil for skin in such cases should be advised by doctor instruction.

Scar treatments

The penetrating ability of castor oil makes it a useful remedy for scar treatment. Imagine you have a scar that makes you feel unconfident and seems not to fade for a long time. Plus, medical skincare products are off your list because they failed to completely solve the problem. Then, castor oil is a natural alternative you may resort to. The fatty oil fiercely absorb into your skin layers over the scar tissues and remove them. At the same time, nutritions from the oil boost new cell growth to replace destroyed ones. Your scars will be erased slowly but completely.

Castor oil for skin are generally safe if used in moderation. Regardless of its strong scent and unpleasant taste, castor oil is a popular beauty care agent for the skin nowadays and is increasingly trusted as a must-have household remedy. In the industry, castor oil is widely used as an important ingredient in cosmetics, soaps, massage oils and many other everyday products

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  1. Wow!! Castor oil really makes me feel good on my face… All my scars on my face vanished and my skin looks healthy now. This is really a wonderful product that work to treat many skin problems naturally.


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