Benefits Of Argan Oil For Skin, Hair & Health

Argan oil is commonly used in Morocco for decades but not until recently it is widely acknowledged as a “miracle” all over the world. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of Argan oil for skin, hair and health.

Argan is a type of fruit that grows in very low trees that many people mistaken for bushes in a small area in Morocco, therefore it is one of the rarest oil in the world. Argan oil is not produced from the fruit itself but rather the seeds inside. This oil is known to be very rich in vitamin E & A, antioxidants, Omega-6 and linoleic acid along with soothing properties, which are very helpful in nourishing skin and hair, reducing rash and other skin irritations.

Benefits Of Argan Oil For Skin

1. Toner and Moisturizer

Try toning your skin with this easy homemade recipe to free you from worrying about all those chemical products on the market. Soak a green tea bag in hot water for about 10 minutes. Then take it out, let cool to room temperature. Add about 4 drops of argan oil and store in a mason jar for later use. As regular toning products, you might want to use this mixture twice a day after washing your face but before moisturizer.

Speaking of moisturizer, argan oil itself is also a great example. This is one of the very little non-greasy oil with fast absorb time available. Just 1 to 2 drops needed every time before going to bed. Since this is a chemical-free product, it works amazingly with sensitive areas such as around eyes. Apply and massage your face in a circular motion, focusing on the T area, and then gently tap your face. The vitamins E & A contain in this oil will help reduce wrinkles yet lock in the moisture your skin needs.

2. Exfoliating

The main purpose of exfoliating is to set your skin free of dead cells as well as dust and oil, which are regularly achieved with help from the micro beads in washing products. But micro beads are raising a very big concern to environmentalists nowadays since they cannot be dissolved, destroyed nor decayed, which is harmful to the marine habitats. Hence, less and less exfoliating products have micro beads; but no need to panic; I can show you a solution right here in your kitchen.

Mix a few drops of argan oil with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar for a homemade exfoliator that works well on your face yet safe to the environment.

3. Body Lotion

If this oil is too delicate that it can be used on your face, there is no doubt you can apply it to the rest of your body too. I have seen a lot of people using coconut oil as their daily lotion, but did you know that you could mix these two types of oil to create an even more powerful and effective solution? Mix an equal amount of each type of oil to make your own lotion. Rub in after shower when your skin is still kind of wet, and by the time it dries, the oil is already seep through your skin leaving your body soft and probably smell really good, too.

4. Stretch marks

Stretch marks are annoying, and how to get rid of stretch marks has always been a question for women, especially after pregnancy. This specific oil can improve the elastic of your skin, thus preventing stretch marks to appear as much as possible.

Rub your palms together with about 2 to 3 drops of oil to warm them up, then massage to potential areas such as hips, thigh, etc. Also, if stretch marks already exist on you, try ix it with some brown sugar and massage before your shower.

5. Cracked Heels

It is not surprising to see our feet and heels get so dry that they cracked. And once that happens, it is not easy to get the “baby softness” heels back. There are many causes to cracked heels but mostly from too much walking or standing activities. Women, especially, in their high heels will suffer the most. Not only it will constantly damage their heels, but also affect their appearance once it cracked.

Depending on how bad the cracks are, apply about 2 or more drops of argan oil to your feet and start massaging in a circular motion, focus on the cracked areas. Put on some thick socks to help stimulate he process. Leave on feet for at least 30 minutes or better yet, overnight.

6. Lip Balm

Do you ever feel tired of carrying around lip balms? Or worse, you forgot your lip balms at home while your lips are so chapped? Well, you can put that aside now. Just one drop of argan oil every night before going to sleep will keep you from worrying about cracked, dry or chapped lips.

By doing this you do not need to buy any other lip care products because your lips will be soft and smooth anytime of the day. Save your money to buy Argan oil in bulk instead.

7. Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hair

Women will understand this best. Shaving can comes really handy for quick and cheap hair removal, but it does have a lot of consequences we do not want to have such as razor bumps and ingrown hair. In addition, it is not easy to get rid of these, at all. Let me tell you this, argan oil might be your answer.

It can be your shaving cream substitute, too. One more usage so you can save money, yay! Right after shaving (for both men and women) or anytime at your most convenience, warm up a drop or 2 with your palms, then massage onto the shaved area. Argan oil’s healing property might surprise you after a few times using.

Benefits Of Argan Oil For Hair

1. Deep conditioning

This oil is perfect to be your next conditioner. It helps rejuvenate not only your skin, but also your hair. You can choose to incubate your hair with it overnight as deep conditioning together with using it to help you style your hair easier.

As I mentioned above, argan oil is a non-greasy one that fits great as a supporter in your styling “battle” against curl irons, straighteners or hair dryers.

2. Use argan oil for hair growth

Due to some researches, argan oil can somehow promote hair growth. There is no harm to it anyways, so why not try it at home? The amount of drops will vary depends on different factors like thickness, length and condition of your hair, but the ideal average is about 3 drops every time. Massage focusing on the roots because this will stimulate the growing process.

3. Tame frizz and reducing split ends

Oil is heavy in general, it would be obvious that this will help you tame your frizzy as well as fly-away if your have fairly thin hair and hard to control by weighing it down a little. Also, vitamin E & A in argan oil will gradually fix and kill all your split ends. Make sure to massage your ends with a few drops before going out. Do this together with deep conditioning for about a month, you will definitely see the difference.

4. Treatment for dry scalp

This is also ideal for nourishing your dry scalp as well as dandruff. It can be easily apply directly to your scalp (heating a little is recommended) and massage, then leave incubating for a few hours, best to be overnight though, and just wash off the next morning. Twice a week is my recommended dose to reduce dandruff.

Benefits Of Argan Oil For Health

You will be surprised to know that argan oil is proven to prevent prostate cancer and high cholesterol in some studies. The natural ingredients in this oil, which includes tocopherols, squalene, sterols, etc. can have the healing and anti-aging properties.

Argan oil is known to have 2 grades: cosmetic and culinary. All the benefits we talked about above are listed under cosmetic, because it mostly used for external healing. For internal healing we usually use the culinary grade, which is meant for our organs. Pure argan oil is shown to help fight cancer and inflammatory from the inside.

Research shows that this oil has healthier Omega-3 than olive oil. Also, they suggest that it can help lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation, treat diabetes, strengthen immune system, stabilize sugar, etc.

Argan tree can only be found in a small area in Morocco, and because it is so precious and rare, UNESCO has announced the Argan Forest to be Biosphere Reserve since 1998. Knowing all these facts about this specific type of oil, I don’t see why we should not stock up on some extra bottles around the house.

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  1. Awesome article, very informative and helpful. I would love to use on my hair and hope it can help my hair grow faster. Thank you for sharing.


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