Argan oil for hair

Everything about argan oil for hair, best pure argan oil products along with buying guide will be discovered.

The properties of argan oil that keep hair moisturized and particularly effective in reviving dull and lifeless looking hair make it become amazing for hair treatment and “liquid gold” in the range of hair products. This oil minimizes the amount of frizz and enhances nutrients to strands, so you can expect to own healthy and shiny hair. Let’s find out what argan oil is, best pure argan oil products along with buying guide in this post.

What is argan oil?

Pure argan oil is a product originated from Southwestern Morocco with the special smell of Argan fruit. It is extracted from the kernels of 150 to 200-year-old argan trees which take 30 to 50 years to produce fruits. Therefore, argan oil (dubbed “liquid gold”) is regarded as one of the rarest oils in the world.

This oil has created a real craze in the cosmetics market generally due to its amazing benefits for hair and many parts of the body. In fact, the Berber tribe in Morocco produced and used argan oil to protect hair and skin from extremely harsh climate in Africa thousands of years ago.

People remove the large pit from the apricot-sized fruit to get the oil and the pulpy fruit is sometimes used to feed livestock like goats. The pit contains one to three small kernels and people crack the pit to get them. After that, the seeds are roasted slightly. This makes the oil have a nutty smell and flavor. Then, they add a little water, hand grind and press the seeds to release the oil.

What give argan oil antioxidant properties are fatty acids, making it a really good natural oil product for hair. A list of the fatty acids in pure Moroccan argan oil includes:

Apart from many fatty acids, Moroccan argan oil also consists of vitamin E – an antioxidant. This ideal combination makes argan oil useful for hair, skin and cooking.

Benefits of argan oil for hair

Argan Oil Benefits for hair

1. Argan oil avoid split ends

Using argan oil regularly on hair will possibly help reduce split ends, a problem for those who like to have long hair. Argan oil penetrates deep into each hair strand, strengthens and reduces the occurrence of split ends.

2. Argan oil promotes hair growth

A lot of people face hair fall problems because of many reasons. If it takes your hair a long time to grow, then massaging some argan oil into your scalp at nighttime will solve this issue. Argan oil has been proven to help nourish and grow stronger hair. It is a great product for hair regrowth as well as cell regeneration. You should treat your hair with argan oil massage every night until you think your hair is growing at a natural rate. This will also improve hair texture, thickness and length.

3. Argan oil brings shiny hair

Environmental conditions such as styling, diet, overall health, and other factors can easily damage hair. Once hair is healthy and strong, it will have natural shine. People with long hair often have problem making it look soft as well as naturally shiny. Moisturizing properties in argan oil can restore hair’s natural shine and softness regardless of its length. So if you want to treat your lifeless-looking hair, regular use of argan oil for at least once a week will keep it luscious, healthy and shiny.

4. Argan oil controls frizzy hair

This oil is an ideal selection for those who want to solve uncontrollable and frizzy hair because it is lightweight. Omega-3, omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E in argan oil help smooth dry and frizzy hair and make it look flat and shiny without weighing it down. Regardless of environmental or chemical damage on your hair, rubbing a few drops of argan oil between your palms and rub over your hair will help tame fly-away at once.

5. Argan oil repairs damaged hair

Damaged hair is caused by blow drying, straightening, styling products, and environmental factors like heating, air conditioning, and dust. Argan oil is a good solution for damaged hair because of its antioxidant properties like natural fatty acids and vitamin E. The oil will strengthen and moisturize hair deeply from the follicle to the tip, and then you can enhance hair elasticity and reduce hair loss. Pure Moroccan argan oil might be a good choice to treat severely damaged hair at intense level.

6. Argan oil styles hair

Harsh chemicals in many styling products definitely damage hair. These products also make your hair feel greasy, heavy, and lifeless. Argan oil is so lightweight and non-greasy that it can style your hair while protecting and nourishing it as well.

Instead of hairspray or gels, you can apply a few drops of argan oil to damp hair before blow drying, curling or straightening to protect it from heating and get a smooth, flexible, shiny finish. Your hair will be long-lasting without being sticky or stiff and never be messed by the wind. So, you should add this ideal step to your daily hair regimen after blow drying.​

Best Pure Argan Oil Products for Hair

1. Pura D’Or Moroccan Argan Oil

Pura D’Or Moroccan argan oil seems to be the most appreciated hair product in my list because of its purity, low price and multi-use. It is 100% pure and cold pressed to keep its properties and doesn’t combine any additional chemicals contrast to the chemical-rich cosmetic formulas in the market today. Its smell is pleasant, very mild with a faint scent that reminds you of something herbal.

The manufacturers suggest using it for most problems related to hair, skin, face, and nails.. It gives your hair follicles necessary nutrients and fosters strong hair growth. Meanwhile, this argan oil works as an effective conditioner to noticeably soften hair that is free of frizz and split ends. It adds shininess without leaving the hair looking oily and also does well in separating curls and waves.

2. Foxbrim Certified Organic 100% Pure Argan Oil

For those who want to moisturize their hair and protect it from damage (from sun, chemicals, or flat irons), this is a must-have product. It is cold pressed and refined that guarantees the purity. The oil doesn’t contain any additional substances as well as additives. Moreover, the product is USDA and Eco Cert certified, possible to apply alone or in mixture with serums and lotion.

This argan oil comes in small 2-fluid-ounce dark bottles which protect the oil against sunlight exposure. It isn’t expensive and the nutrient-rich formula actually works well on any type of hair. Results will be visible quite fast for frequent use.

Besides, it has a distinct smell that will go away in seconds of application, leaving no scent on your hair.

3. One N’ Only Argan Oil Treatment

One N’ Only Argan Oil Treatment is a good product for those who never use argan oil before. It is made for hair only and doesn’t contain alcohol. Your hair will easily absorb the oil and get results quite fast if you use it regularly.

You don’t need to spend much money on this oil treatment. It is a small 3.4-fluid-ounce bottle which may last for quite some time. When used for longer periods of time, the oil will eliminate frizz and protect damaged hair.

To have stronger strands that end damaged hair and control frizz, take a rub of One N' Only. And dissimilar to other oils leaving hair greasy and gross, this premium oil treatment is immediately absorbent to moisturize hair without the mess.

4. InstaNatural Organic Argan Oil For Face, Skin And Body

InstaNatural is known as a company which promotes natural products. Therefore, their argan oil is 100% pure without additives, artificial fragrances or other substances. It is also cold pressed which means curative properties of the oil can be preserved.

This certified organic argan oil comes in a 4-fluid-ounce bottle helping protect the oil from light. It is quite inexpensive compared to other 100% pure argan oil extracts. The scent is normal and natural with a slight olive-like smell.

It leaves your hair shiny and healthy looking. The oil doesn’t make hair heavy and oily like other products. Moreover, InstaNatural brings significantly softer hair as well as keeps it moist. You may use it on the ends before blow drying because it really helps tame frizz and split ends.

Radha is USDA certified and receives many 5 stars from thousands of people. It is 100% pure and very inexpensive. The lightweight feature makes it an ideal hair conditioner. This argan oil doesn't have much of a scent; you can add essential oils to make it the smell you want. You will be so pleased to see that it comes with a dropper and packaged well in the dark blue glass bottle which helps keep the light out and the product pure.

You should use a bit of the dropper before putting it into the bottle because the oil may overflow (it is filled up). Just need a couple drops each time you use, so the 4 ounce bottle will last a long time.

If you are going to apply the oil as a frizz tamer (you will see how well it tames frizzy ends), the tiniest amount of the oil is recommended, otherwise you might end up with greasy hair.

6. Agadir argan oil treatment

This product is in bottles of 4-fluid-ounce that is certified to be natural oil. It helps soften, strengthen, and repair hair. In addition, it relaxes frizzy and is an ideal hair styling method for all hair types due to the light and non-greasy formula that decreases drying time by about 50%.

In addition, Agadir’s price is reasonable and stimulates healthy hair growth quickly. This is also perfect for those who want to have intricate hairstyles but don’t want their hair to weigh down.

How to use argan oil for hair?

Use argan oil as a shampoo and conditioner

With the ability to maintain strength, softness and shininess to hair, argan oil is an ideal way to improve hair look on a day-to-day basis.

Just need to add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner before you use them on your hair while showering. Its hydrating and moisturizing trait will work greatly on your hair.

Use argan oil for dry scalp

You can utilize argan oil’s moisturizing property as your hair treatment for dry scalp. Use it while it’s warm for the best results. Warm a few drops of the oil by rubbing it between your palms. Then apply it onto your scalp (possibly apply some on your hair) and massage. Be sure to massage the oil well into the scalp and tips in order to enhance healthy scalp, stimulate hair growth as well as treat split ends.

After that, place a shower cap and leave the oil on your hair for a few hours (or overnight in case you have dandruff or dry scalp) before shampooing. Do this at least twice a week to stop dandruff.

Use argan oil as hair styling product

A lot of styling products can lead to long term hair damage because of the chemicals. Meanwhile, argan oil is a natural hair styling oil helping to enrich hair with nutrients and repair damage.

This oil is an incredible solution if you want to style your hair quickly. It gives an immediate gloss and tame frizz into submission. Besides, it’s great for you to use argan oil before straightening or curling to help protect hair from heat damage.

Use it as a leave-in conditioner, but your hair doesn’t need to be wet. Don’t use too much, just put a few drops on your fingertips and comb through dry hair evenly for it to absorb easily. Only a few drops of argan oil can last a whole day and leave your hair looking managed and shiny.

Use argan oil as a hair mask

It is a great way to leave argan oil overnight to maximize its effects on hair. Apply a larger amount of argan oil as a hair mask so that many nutrients will possibly be absorbed. This may be used the night before a special event when you’d like your hair to be smoother, voluminous and sleek.

Apply a liberal amount of the oil into your hair and massage it into your scalp, hair and tips, then wrap a warm towel around your head. Leave the oil overnight or for a few hours and wash it with your usual shampoo. Your hair won’t be exposed by any chemicals in many conditioning hair masks.

How to choose the best argan oil for hair?

To distinguish pure argan oil from others, you should note some signs of recognition as follows:

  • Products specify ingredients: 100% pure argan oil. (If not, usually the product through mixing).
  • Bottles of pure argan oil preferably are dark glass ones to protect the oil from sunlight so as to preserve properties of the oil.
  • The price of 100% pure, organic and cold pressed cosmetic argan oil will be much higher compared to heat pressed and culinary argan oil.
  • Pure argan oil’s smell is mild, fresh and specially like herb.
  • Pure argan oil is light, non-sticky, smooth, not really watery, and absorbs well on hair and skin.
  • Most importantly, pure argan oil effectively gives results after 2-3 weeks of usage: quicker hair growth and strong healthy shiny hair.

Argan oil for hair - FAQ

1. What is argan oil?

Argan oil is natural oil extracted from the kernels of argan fruits in Southwest Morocco. Argan Oil is greatly rich in essential fatty acids and Omega 9 known to enhance hair strength and health. Besides, vitamin E in argan oil can revive hair damages. And the anti-oxidants in this oil support repairing damaged cell membrane in hair and plant Sterols maintain the moisture of the hair. Argan oil also battles with frizzy, helping the hair smooth and silky.

2. What makes argan oil so unique?

The argan tree is only in Southwestern Morocco and it takes 30 to 50 years for them to produce fruits. So argan oil is really rare (well-known as liquid gold). This amazing oil has great hair, skin, nail and therapeutic benefits. Only a few drops of daily routine to transform your hair and skin to a radiant, satiny and youthful appearance in a short period of time.

3. What is the difference between cosmetic argan oil and culinary argan oil?

Cosmetic argan oil is made by a cold-pressed technique while a heat-pressed technique is used for culinary argan oil. These seeds are slightly roasted for just culinary use.

4. Does 100% organic argan oil need refrigeration to ensure its efficacy?

No. Just avoid heat/high temperatures or put it inside something dark because light and heat damage the argan oil's best properties.

5. Is it safe to leave argan oil in my hair everyday 24/7?

In case you don't have any allergies to natural oils, use 100% pure argan oil as many times as you’ d like. It’s suggested to use argan oil at least once every day to attain desired results quicker.

But if you have nut allergies, you should firstly see your doctor before applying this oil.

6. Who can use our argan oil?

Argan oil is good for everyone. Hair, skin and nails of men, women and children can get many benefits of this amazing oil.

7. I am a vegan, can I use argan oil?

Of course. Argan oil is 100% pure, certified and not blended with any other ingredients. Besides, production process is nature-friendly as well.

8. How much argan oil do I need to apply on my hair?

You just need only a few drops of argan oil, use it sparingly.

9. How long does argan oil stay good?

As long as it's 100% pure cosmetic argan oil, it will stay good between 18 and 24 months. Avoid heat/high temperatures and put it inside a dark container.

10. Are there any side effects of argan oil?

There are no proven side effects with the use of argan oil products. They are indicated just for external use, not internal, so let’s avoid contact with eyes.

11. What should be the minimum price for a 100ml bottle of 100% pure cold-pressed cosmetic argan oil?

The minimum price for a 100ml bottle of 100% pure cosmetic argan oil should be around 20 USD.

Manual labors spend hours producing argan oil, so that's the reason it isn't cheap. But it doesn't mean all expensive argan oil products are good.

12. Does argan oil have other applications?

It’s possible to use argan oil to strengthen your nails. Mix a few drops of argan oil with lemon juice and use a brush to paint the mixture on your nails and leave it on for about fifteen minutes.

If you possess extremely dry skin, apply this precious oil more frequently.

13. I have really thin hair. Will my hair get thicker if I use 100% pure argan oil?

Yes. Argan oil has been proven to help thicken hair. Many people have the same issue and their feedbacks are good after using this oil, their hair become thicker. Argan oil deals with damaged, thin and dry hair. It is greatly rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E, Omega 9 known to enhance hair strength and health.


Argan oil has many wonderful advantages for hair that has been proven by many people. It is a good solution for damaged and frizzy hair with full of antioxidants as well as essential fatty acids. Moreover, another benefit of argan oil for hair is to use it as a hair styling product without worrying about weighing hair down. Even in case you possess healthy hair, you can still maintain and refresh your hair. So having pure argan oil in your daily beauty regime will definitely benefit you.

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