20 typical benefits of Yoga

20 typical benefits of Yoga.

Yoga is a helpful process which reverses the regular outward flow of consciousness and energy that makes the mind become a dynamic center of direct perception without depending on the fallible senses. The word yoga means “union”: of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness. Although many people think that yoga is only physical which have become popular in recent decades, this is only its superficial aspect. This is an intimate science which has unfolded the unlimited potentials of the human soul and mind.

The monotonous routines week after week of regular exercises can lead you to the stagnation and easily giving up. However, Yoga can change your mental and physical capacity fast. Moreover, it can also prepare the body and mind for long-term health by preventing disease and helping you recover from it. Here are some benefits of yoga on your health.

20 typical benefits of Yoga

  1. Improve mental function

yoga to Improve mental function

Yoga practice requires deep breathing and focusing on the present in order to help relieve stress. In other words, this helps slow down the mental loops of frustration, anger, regret, desire and fear that often cause stress. Regularly, People who practice yoga often show their ability to solve problems and recall and acquire information better probably because they often practice to reduce being distracted by their thoughts. In fact, yoga has been proven to help get more focused, improve coordination, memory, reaction time, and even IQ scores. The left prefrontal cortex has showed heightened activity when doing meditators, this relates to create greater levels of happiness. Besides, it also helps build awareness. The more awareness you have, the easier you are to break destructive emotions like anger which is strongly linked to migraines, insomnia and heart attacks as well as remain steady when you have to face to the unsettling events or terrible news.

  1. Improve digestion

As I mentioned above, yoga helps reduce stress which can exacerbate digestive problems such as ulcers, constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover, Yoga is considered to have function like physical exercise which can ease constipation by many postures, especially twists. These help massage the internal organs and make food and waste products move through the bowels quickly.

  1. Help control your body

Some people who are advanced yogis can control their bodies in tremendous ways. They can induce unusual heart rhythms, exhale special brain-wave patterns, or rise their hands’ temperature by 15 degrees Fahrenheit by using a meditation technique. Why don’t you try practice yoga to improve your health, too?

  1. Enhance flexibility, muscle strength and improve your posture

Improving flexibility is one of the most wonderful benefits of yoga. Firstly, you could have troubles with some poses. However, if you practice hard, difficult poses will become easier when you get a gradual loosening. Inflexibility in muscles and connective tissue can cause poor posture. Poor posture is one in among the reasons of neck, back, or other muscle and joint problems. Especially, you can also recognize the pains (back, neck and shoulder pain) and aches start to disappear because the muscles around the spine (the center of your body from which everything else works) are strengthened thanks to yoga poses. Especially, when you’ve practiced a well-balanced asana with plenty of forward bends, backbends, and twists, you’ll help keep your disks supple. Remember when you strengthen muscles through yoga, you need to balance it with flexibility.

  1. Prevents joint and cartilage breakdown

You help your joints take their full range of motion every time you practice yoga, which helps prevent degenerative arthritis at areas of cartilage which normally are neglected by squeezing out its fluid and soaking up a new supply. If it doesn’t have proper sustenance, eventually these areas of cartilage can wear out and make the underlying bone expose like worn-out brake pads.

  1. Strengthen bone

Yoga for Healthy Bones

Weight-bearing exercise of yoga helps avoid osteoporosis and strengthen bones. Some postures like Upward – and Downward -Facing Dog help strengthen the arm bones which are particularly vulnerable. Yoga practice also has ability to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol that may help keep calcium in the bones.

  1. Increase blood flow and lower blood pressure

Yoga poses not only help food and waste products move through the bowels quickly but also helps your circulation, especially in your feet and hands. It also brings more oxygen to your cells. For example headstand, handstand, and shoulder stand poses often allow venous blood from the pelvis and legs to flow back to the heart and be pumped to the lungs for being oxygenated. This is very effective if you have swelling in legs because of kidney or heart problems. And it also prevents blood clots which often cause heart attacks and strokes. Additionally, if you have got high blood pressure, you might get benefit from yoga practice as well. Another benefit relating to blood is that yoga can lower blood sugar in people with diabetes by several ways: reducing adrenaline and cortisol levels, improving sensitivity to the effects of insulin, encouraging weight loss. This helps you decrease the risks of diabetic complications such as kidney failure, heart attack, and blindness.

  1. Boost immunity

You practice yoga postures this also means you are increasing the drainage of lymph in your immune cells.  This aids the lymphatic system in fighting infection, disposing the toxic waste products of cellular functioning or destroying cancerous cells. Yoga also helps boost immunity through increasing overall health because when you move better, breathe better and circulate better, all organs operate better.

  1. Heart rate

If you regularly boost your heart rate into the aerobic range of yoga exercises, you can reduce the risk of heart attack and depression. And even when yoga exercises don’t raise your heart rate high, they can also improve cardiovascular conditioning. Some studies reported that yoga practice enhances endurance, reduces the resting heart rate, and improve uptake of oxygen during practicing.

  1. Lower cortisol levels in adrenal glands

The adrenal glands regularly excrete cortisol in response to temporarily enhance immune function. If after the crisis, your cortisol levels still stay high, they can have bad effects on your immune system, undermine memory and cause permanent changes in the brain. Moreover, too high cortisol level also links with osteoporosis, major depression, insulin resistance or high blood pressure. Therefore, lowering cortisol levels is saving your health from many issues.

  1. Yoga to Improve your balance

yoga to improve your balance

Practicing yoga regularly strengthens your ability to feel where it is in space and what your body is doing (proprioception) as well as improves your balance. People with poor proprioception also have back pain and knee problems. And yoga improves your balance that means you will have fewer falls.

  1. Yoga to Help You Sleep Better

Yoga can provide relief from the bustle and hustle of modern life. It encourages a turning inward of the senses providing downtime for the nervous system. A regular yoga practice helps people to be less stressed and tired and have better sleep when you are having trouble with falling asleep.

  1. Keep lung healthier and clearer

Yoga has been proven to improve various lung functions including the efficiency of the exhalation and the maximum volume of the breath. There is a yogic technique which is known as “complete breathing” that helps people with lung problems caused by congestive heart failure to decrease their average respiratory rate. Besides, Cleansing practice is another element of yoga. It encourages breathing through the nose in order to filter the air, warm and humidify it. Breathing through nose removes pollen, dirt and other things which you don’t want to take into your lungs.

  1. Change thinking and lifestyle

Thanks to Yoga, you can discover a different side of yourself. You have experienced different feelings of empathy, gratitude, or forgiveness, as well as a thought that you are a part of something bigger, which can make you feel more self-confident and escape from symptoms of depression. Extending the rest of your life, you can overcome inertia to change habits. You start to eat and exercise more, or finally give up bad habits which are failed attempts in many years.

  1. Decrease taking drugs

You have spent a lot of money in drugs and have to face to side effects or risk of dangerous drug interactions. It is better for you to try yoga. Yoga has been shown to help people with Type II diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, and obsessive-compulsive disorder decrease their dosage of medications and sometimes get off them completely.

  1. Improve relationships

Practice yoga helps develop compassion, friendliness, and greater equanimity. yogic philosophy advise people to avoid harm to others, encourages tell the truth, and only take what you need. This may help you improve more relationships.

  1. Enhance Sexual Performance

According to some studies, 12 weeks of practicing yoga can improve sexual desire, arousal, performance, satisfaction and orgasm for both women and men. Yoga poses increases blood flow into the genital area, this is very important for erections and arousal. Additionally, breathing and mind control can also improve sexual performance. Especially, all yoga poses are closely linked to the sexual act.

  1. More energy

Yoga not only helps relieve pain, improve health but also provide people with more energy. There are some typical poses that aims to help enhance your good energy, and help you get rid of bad energy which is trapped in the body. With lots of energy you can get and apply to your daily tasks.

  1. Keep your natural body

Yoga can help you get your natural body weight. It tends to build lean muscle, improve your metabolism and also help burn calories in performing yoga poses. More importantly, you will start to eat wholesome foods while doing a daily yoga routine.

  1. Lower Sodium Levels

All of sodium gets strapped inside the body, if we don’t sweat it out or drink enough water it can lead to stroke and high blood pressure. You may want to perform hot yoga, which is done in a sauna-like temperatures room, to sweat it out and get rid of a lot sodium.


The benefits of yoga is providing not only instant gratification but also lasting transformation on both physical and mental aspect. No matter your fat percentage, fitness level, age or health condition, yoga always has a place available for you. if you know how to keep your mind quite, you’ll be live longer and healthier.

There are many types of yoga that you can choose to suit your lifestyle and it is possible for everyone to start. And you can practice this wherever you want such as at home, at a studio or gym. I will have an article about types of yoga. You can read if you want to know about yoga deeply.


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