19 Best foods for hair growth

Like skin, healthy hair reflects good nutrients supply. The cells making up each strand of hair regularly require a supply of key nutrients. You can provide your hair with important vitamins and minerals through foods, hair products or vitamin supplements. But the natural way is always appreciated. Eating rich in vitamin foods in daily meal is the most effective way to take care of your healthy and shine hair.

Best foods for hair growth

What are best foods for hair growth?

  1. Oysters

Zinc is an important mineral for hair growth. Zinc deficiency can even cause hair loss. Cells rely on zinc to build hair by their hardest. Oysters are known as rich in zinc food so if you want to add more zinc to your body, you can add Oysters in your diet. Besides, this mineral is also contained in crab, lobster, beef, and fortified cereal.

  1. Eggs

Egg is the great source of protein and iron which support to your healthy hair. They’re also rich in biotin that enhances hair grow. If you don’t have enough this vitamin can cause hair loss.it is not difficult to add eggs in your daily diet, right?

  1. Cinnamon

Although cinnamon doesn’t supply any particular vitamin or mineral to hair growth, it is good for circulation that brings nutrients and oxygen to your hair follicles. Sprinkle this spice on your toast, oatmeal, and in your coffee to have better favors as well as have more supports to your hair care.

  1. Sweet Potatoes

As we know that vitamin A helps protect against dry or dull hair. If you don’t have shine hair as you expect, sweet Potatoes can help solve your issue. Sweet potatoes are filled with beta carotene (antioxidant). Your body will turn this beta carotene into vitamin A and it also encourages the glands in the scalp to make a sebum that prevents hair from drying out. Beta carotene is also contained in other orange vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, cantaloupe, or mangoes.

  1. Lean Poultry

Protein helps the hair grow healthy and promotes the speed of hair growth process. If your hair grows slowly, you should firstly consider to your protein intake. In order to get protein from foods, chicken and turkey are good choices for your body because they have less saturated fat than other sources like beef or pork.

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  1. Iron-Fortified Cereal

Don’t get enough iron can lead to hair loss. Eating rich in iron foods is the good way to add more this mineral to your body. You can find this in fortified cereal, pastas, and grains, and in lentils and soybeans. Beef, liver (organ meats), Shellfish and dark leafy greens also have lots of it.

  1. Guava

As I mentioned in the article about essential vitamins for hair growth, Vitamin C helps to protect against damage to hair caused by free radicals. Vitamin C deficiency can cause splitting and dry hair. Guava is the great source of vitamin C. That provides more than four times the daily vitamin C recommended amount.

  1. Spinach

You may not imagine that spinach is full of great nutrients. It contains tons of vitamin A, iron, beta carotene, and vitamin C. they are all essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hair. These combine together for a healthy scalp and keep your hair moisturized to avoid breaking.

  1. Salmon with Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids not only help protect you from disease, but your hair also needs them to grow as well as be shiny and full. However, your body can’t create these healthy fats by itself, so you have to get them from foods or supplements. Fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines are highly recommended foods for you.

Foods That Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster

  1. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt contains vitamin B5 (also called pantothenic acid which is often recognized on skincare or product labels) that helps with blood flow to your scalp and promotes speed of hair growth. On hair the other hand, it may help against hair thinning or loss.

  1. Lentils

Protein, iron, zinc, biotin and folic acid are vitamins and minerals which are found in lentils. All of these are good for hair growth. Especially folic acid helps restore the health of red blood cells which provides scalp with hair strengthening oxygen.

  1. Liver

Among foods which contain iron, liver is also rich in iron. Although many people don’t like eating liver, but if you like pâté (made from liver), your hair will get benefit.

  1. Barley

Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant can protect skin cells by absorbing damaging UV light. It also prevents sun damages to the scalp that often causes hair to thin. Barley is a very good source of this type vitamin.

  1. Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds are also rich in vitamin E. Just a little amount of these seeds can provide you with a luxury of vitamin E that can enhance blood flow to the scalp and promote speed of hair growth.

  1. Nuts and seeds

Walnuts as well as other nuts contain oils that add to large amount of elastin in your hair which keeps hair supple and stops it from breaking. Besides, pistachios are also good to treat male pattern baldness thanks to source for beta-sitosterol in them.

  1. Halibut

Besides iron and Omega-3 fatty acids, another important mineral for keeping your hair shine is magnesium. Like several other types of fish, Halibut is also a great source of magnesium.

  1. Shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are very rich in the mineral especially copper. Copper can support hair maintain its natural color. A study showed that a low copper intake may be the first reason of premature graying. Other copper-rich foods are sesame seeds and seaweed.

  1. Avocados

Avocados are age-old beauty secret thanks to high concentration of essential fatty acids. They have an ability to stimulate elastin and collagen production when applied to the hair and scalp. Mix avocado with sour cream and apply to your hair and scalp within about ten minutes before washing to exfoliate dead skin as well as clean up buildup on your scalp.

  1. Almonds

Almonds will promote your hair grow faster and thicker by their high biotin amount. You can be able to see the better results within a month or two by adding them to your daily diet. One cup of these nuts contains about one-third of your daily biotin requirement.

There are plenty of food options for you to choose and add to your daily diet as the best treatment for your hair issues as well as brings to you a healthy, shine and thicker hair.

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