10 best bread machines

10 Best Bread Machines You Can Buy.

You are considering should or shouldn’t buy a bread machine for your kitchen. You don’t know what brand you should choose and how to use this at the first time purchasing it. Let read this article and then make your own decision.

10 best bread machines to buy

Why should you have bread machine in your kitchen?

Bread is favorite food for many people especially in the morning, with glass of milk I can have quick and delicious breakfast. However, I felt bored with the taste of breads at the store. I want to make it by myself in order to control what ingredients in my breads and sizes of loaf. I made bread by hand in the past, but it took me such a long time. A Bread machine is easier and convenient.

Maybe you have thought that buying a machine just make bread is wasting money, bread machine is not only for making breads. It can replace many other appliances in your kitchen. If you live in a small home and don’t have the space to put the different appliances, a bread machine is a versatile tool for you. You can use this as the hand mixer, stand mixer, and oven to make many different delicious foods. You might make dough for cookies, pie, pizza, croissants, and cake. Most bread machines can make jam, too. What can be better than a multi-function bread machine?

You are considering purchasing a bread maker. However, you don’t know what you should base on to choose the best one. Therefore, I would like suggest some tips for choosing the best bread maker.

Tips for choosing the best bread machines

  1. A timer and delayed timer

Making breads may take you lots of time and you don’t want to just wait for pulling your breads out of machine while there are too many other jobs to do. And the hand-calculated method sometimes works inexactly so you should pay attention to a timer when looking for a bread machine. Nearly all machines have a timer on bake cycles and mix. It can manually calculate to set the timer on a bake cycle in order that you just arrive at the right moment to take the bread out. Beside a timer, the delayed timer is also great function which you should care. This allows you to select the time you want your breads to start baking. For example, you can put the ingredients to your bread machine before going to work and set the timer to start baking at 10 a.m. in the morning. As soon as you coming back home, you will have already baked bread.

  1. Brand

There are many different bread machine brands out on the market that makes you confused. How can you pick the best one? Basing on my knowledge, the companies often make the best bread machines also have high-quality rice cookers because the technology is similar. In this case, Panasonic and Zojirushi are both Japanese companies which are famous for rice cookers and they are also widen known as the best brands of bread machines. Besides, you can consider other brands which are highly recommended by using, but let read reviews on products carefully before make decision to purchase one for yourself.

  1. Bread shape

Do you want a traditional rectangular loaf of bread, or round or square shape? You want your bread to be horizontally long instead of stand vertically long. Bread machines has produced for all sorts of bread shapes, therefore you can choose the right shape as you like. Just keep in mind that if you buy a machine to makes a horizontal loaf, it should have two kneading blades as other machines in order that the ingredients can be properly kneaded and mixed.

  1. Programmable options

I think that the price of each bread machine depends on its programmable options. The more programmable options it has, the more money you have to pay for. Programmable options are very useful if you want to control as well as use it for different aims. For instance, how light or dark you want your crust to be, how to knead the dough without baking it, or how long you want it to knead, rise, or bake.

  1. Noise

The noise level is different among machines. When looking for a machine, make sure you choose one which is introduced to make little noise. Higher end models often use better materials and are sturdier to make less noise and not move around when working.

  1. Kneading paddles

Kneading paddles have different shapes. Most machines come with one paddle, but I recommend buying one which has two to knead the bread well. Dual kneading paddles work as well as kneading by a stand mixer or by hand. You should know whether you can remove the paddles after kneading cycle if you don’t want bread with a hole at the bottom of your loaf because of being baked with the paddle.

  1. Bread size

Bread machines often make 1-3 pound loaves. A 2 pound loaf is enough for a family of 4. Therefore keep in mind to make bread size which your family can eat within 2 days because unlike store-bought bread which can be stored for a week.

  1. Bread pan

Most of bread machines on the market have a removable bread pan. But there are some ones not come with removable bread pan. Make sure you purchase one that’s removable because it will be easier to clean. When choosing a bread pan attached with bread machine, remember that machines with thick cast aluminum pans often make thicker and darker crusts than aluminum bread pans which make thinner and lighter crust. More importantly, you should look for a pan with a nonstick coating because if there isn’t it, the dough can stick to the pan or not knead properly.

  1. Reliable address

I like Amazon.com as the best reliable address to order and purchase many different type of products. Many customers reviewed that they often bought products on this address with the better service as well as price than others. And in general, the more money you pay, the better the product.

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10 best bread machines

  1. Zojirushi BB-PAC20

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 bread machines

Zojirushi is a reliable brand and its product is well-made, too. This bread machine is the best suggestion with all the customizable features and possible to make a delicious classic loaf of bread enough for a family of 4. It has a wide range of pre-programmed settings which will satisfy your cooking passion with different delicious foods.

  1. Panasonic SD-BMT1000

Panasonic SD-BMT1000 bread machines

Panasonic is the famous brands of both cooker and bread maker. Panasonic SD-BMT1000 is well-made product. It is so versatile with 4 more menu settings that will make you use it every day to make your favorite foods at your kitchen and especially to make some Japanese foods. The removable bake pan with two kneading blades is easier for you to clean this.

  1. Breville BBM800XL

Breville BBM800XL bread machine

This product is considered as the best bread machine in terms of capacity, customization, and technology. Breville BBM800XL has beautiful and stainless steel design. Especially, it is also designed with the automatic fruit and nut dispenser which is not available in others and great for those who don’t want to turn back their bread machine in order to manually insert the ingredients. It is worthy with money you paid.

  1. Cuisinart CBK250U

Cuisinart CBK250U bread machine

This has 12 preprogrammed modes and is slightly thinner and shorter than some other bread machines on the market with an interesting looking. It also comes with advanced features such as delay timer, a nut and seed dispenser and touch controls with 3 key features: it’s removable paddle, the machine’s inbuilt air circulation system and the internal oven light. Read more information about this product at another post.

  1. Morphy Richards Premium Plus 48324

Morphy Richards Premium Plus 48324

This second most expensive model of Morphy Richards has five crust settings so it is ideal for fussy crust eaters. It also has three loaf sizes as well as 19 19 different programs. According to many users, this machine is easy to use. Morphy Richards 48324 Premium Plus is also designed a 12 hour delay timer as the main advantage of this product in the comparison with others. There is much more interesting information about this machine. Let read reviews carefully to decide if you should buy or not.

  1. Lakeland My Kitchen Compact

The Lakeland Compact Bread Maker is miniature gleaming white bread maker that makes 1pound loaves. Therefore it’s suitable for a small kitchen and nuclear family that don’t eat much bread. And in comparison with other high-end stainless steel models it is also much cheaper. Despite its cheap price, it still provides users with respectable 11 programs for breads, doughs and cakes.

  1. Russell Hobbs 18036

This model is considered as one of the lowest price bread machine on the market. It provides three crust colors, three loaf sizes and a dozen programs. An advanced feature of Russell Hobbs 18036 is an automatic one-hour keep warm function in case you can’t pull the bread out of machine as soon as it finishes. With this product, you can have simple loaf bake within 55 minutes.

  1. Kenwood BM450 Rapid Bake

Like its name, it can do rapid bake with the 15 preset options. I love its advanced features such as a one-hour keep-warm function, a delay timer (15-hour) and an automatic ingredients dispenser. These provide the most convenient conditions for your kitchen work. The BM450 is significantly larger and heavier than other models of Kenwood because it is the only one aluminum rather than plastic.

  1. Andrew James AJ-BM1O2xJ

This is highly recommended because of its sleek looking. Its outstanding features are ability to make homemade jams, breads, cakes and doughs with 13 hour delay timer and 1 hour keep-warm as well as an automatic ingredients dispenser. There are also three choices of a light, medium or dark crust for you to choose.

  1. Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable

This product is reviewed as a cheap bread machine but has some features which are usually found in pricier models such as a viewing window, delay timer, three bread sizes and three crust preferences. It’s also very easy to use and clean especially has long durability. You will always have delicious baked bread with this.

How to use bread machine?

You have never used bread machine and you often meet difficulties at the first using. Therefore, refer some followed steps to learn how to use a bread machine from start to finish.

  1. Read and follow instructions

Each bread machine operates in different way so you have read and follow the instructions in the manual coming with your product. However, for every bread machine, you should make sure to keep the yeast separate from the liquid until your machine starts to mix everything together that prevents fermentation time from being thrown off.

  1. Clean it before the first use

For any new product, there may be a dust or an odor caused by manufacturing or storage and bread machine is no exception. Before the first use, you should clean your new bread machine by running it for an hour with a cup of water and opening the lid. This will remove any dirt and smell so that it doesn’t stick on your first loaves of bread.

  1. Prepare and Keep ingredients at room temperature

There are some basic ingredients which you need to make bread by a bread machine. They are yeast, salt, flour, sugar, liquids and fats. In case some machines don’t have a resting period before kneading to allow the ingredients to come to room temperature, you should prepare your ingredients and make sure they are at room temperature before starting your machine. Liquids should be also at room temperature or a little bit warmer. Remember never use hot liquids in bread machine because it will kill the yeast.

  1. Use fats

Fats will make the loaf softer, richer, and prevent the dough from sticking on the non-stick surface of the bread pan. Margarine, shortening, oil, lard, bacon grease, chicken fat and butter are all used to make bread. Each fat will add a different flavor, and change the texture of the bread slightly.

  1. Add the ingredients in the right order

If you tend to mix and bake the dough right away, you don’t need to follow the right order to add the ingredients. But if you want to use delay timer to start, the ingredients have to be added in a right way that will keep them inert before the machine begins mixing. You can refer followed order:

  • Firstly, put liquids into the bread machine
  • Next add the flour. It seals the water in
  • Then add the other dry ingredients like dry milk powder, sugar, salt, and seasonings.
  • Finally, add the yeast in the shallow indentation in the center of the flour. This will prevent the yeast from touching the liquid before the machine begins mixing.
  1. Cool bread immediately

I don’t recommend leaving bread inside the machine after finish baking because this will change the optimal texture and color of it. I suggest that you should pull your bread out of the machine and place it on a cooling rack to cool it off as the cycle is finished.

  1. Clean pan by hand

I suggest cleaning pan by hand with mild soap and a sponge instead of throwing it into the dishwasher. This will prevent damage of anything abrasive on nonstick surface.

Conclusion, each bread machine has own advantages with different price. I hope that with some tips to choose the right Bread machine, you will pick a best one for your kitchen and with tips to use it you will have delicious bread loaves.

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